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  1. kellym1220

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Hello fellow losers! You know how you read that Sleevers lose 80% of their desired weight...well, that's me! I would LOVE to lose another 10-20 pounds, but I'm down 82 pounds and feel GREAT! I did not work out and still don't...but I have been so happy with my results. I keep saying that I am going to get serious and start tracking again...and lose a few more pounds, but then something comes up (like visits, vacations, happy hours, dinners out) and I am just happy to stay below 200 pounds! One-derland!
  2. kellym1220

    What are your favorite food go-to's ?

    This is a great thread for ideas...but be careful, not all items will appeal to everyone! I'm looking at you Parmesan Crisps! Favorite Grocery Products - General Weight Loss Surgery Discussions - BariatricPal
  3. Chomps - they are grass fed, no preservative meat sticks (beef, venison or turkey) and 90 calories, 9 grams of protein
  4. I am packing to go to a business meeting and for the first time in a loooooooong time I'm excited and not panicking about what I am going to wear! It's an amazing feeling!
  5. kellym1220

    Alcoholic Drinks

    Have you tried Deep Eddy's vodka? I LOVE Ruby Red (grapefruit) with a splash of soda (about 1/8 of a can) and I hear that the Sweet Tea mixed with Crystal Light is amazing as an alcoholic Arnold Palmer. (I am not a sweet tea fan).
  6. Make sure you have enough protein shakes to last for one or two weeks...I WAY over bought and have had to throw expired stuff away. Even if you like something before surgery, there is no guarantee you will like it after! However, I second the 2 oz cups with lids. I still use those for nuts, salad dressings, etc and right after surgery, I used them for sugar free jello mixed with Genepro protein powder.
  7. kellym1220

    Fine Dining?

    Additionally, the dishes may be prepared with a lot of fats and butter, or something else that may cause the dreaded dumping! You don't want that to happen in the middle of a 7-8 course meal. That being said, if you can limit yourself to 1 -2 bites of each course, and perhaps share the rest with your hubby, you could go and enjoy the experience. I've been out to eat plenty of times, and as long as I don't push it, I have a great time! Now that one time, when I thought I could have nachos by the pool followed by far more sushi than I should have....I had to leave the table and spend about 20 minutes in the bathroom with the "foamies" and then head home to go to bed. Not fun.
  8. kellym1220


    This! Soon (I'm 11 months out) you will be able to eat small amounts of the food at the parties and look cute doing it...making the struggle worth it! The first few months are hard and you do what you can to avoid the triggers! Things will get better, but you have to continue avoiding triggers and learning new strategies along the way! Good luck!
  9. Here was my guidance! Good luck! Post Op Diet Boot Camp.pdf
  10. My son (25) just hugged me goodbye and said "my tiny mother!" ❤️
  11. I was actually prepared to make spontaneous plans to see my high school buddies on the 40 year anniversary of our graduation! I was ready to book the plane ticket and go, when they ended up re-scheduling due to other's conflicts. 80 pounds ago, I wouldn't have even considered going...even with 3 months to "lose some weight"! Now, I'm like "Tell me when and where, and I'll be there!" It felt great!!
  12. kellym1220

    Any tall people who had surgery?

    It's hard to remember, but I think I lost about 50 pounds. The next 30 have been MUCH slower!
  13. Congratulations! You look amazing!
  14. kellym1220

    My New Sleeve experience (so far)

    Congratulations! It gets better every week!
  15. kellym1220

    What's your best post op advice?

    Don't buy EVERYTHING just because it worked for someone else. I spent a TON of money on stuff I thought I would need and have never even opened and now I'm throwing things away because they have gone bad. Try not to measure your success against others...the more you have to lose, the faster you will lose it...and some people are just slow losers. Have faith that if you stick to your program you will get there! Programs are different...very different. When in doubt, ask your doctor. As an example, I love my morning coffee...my line is "I need coffee to MAKE coffee" but my program said no coffee for the first year. I whined at asked my doctor and he said one or two cups a day won't hurt, they were just trying to stop people from drinking coffee all day long. So now I have my two cups in the morning and I'm happy as can be! (I use Fairlife Protein Shakes instead of creamer). Take before pictures!! I didn't and regret it now!
  16. kellym1220


    Good question! I'm down to 100 from 175 and I wonder that too.
  17. I also ate a lot of refried beans at this stage...so if you have a microwave available, bring a couple of cans. If you go out, at a Mexican restaurant, you can order those. Also, obviously check with your surgeon, but my Nutritionist said that any food can be pureed if you chew it long enough!
  18. At six weeks, I measured everything. My diet was as follwos: Breakfast - Coffee with 1/3 of a protein shake and collagen powder (19 grams of protein). Mid Morning - hard boiled egg OR CHOMPS (meat stick with 9 grams of protein) OR Protein Shake Lunch - 3 oz protein, could be deli turkey or ham and cheese, or ground beef/chicken with taco seasoning and refried beans. I would also buy low carb tortillas and make a little wrap or burrito. Dinner - 3 oz protein (chicken breast/thigh, steak or fish) plus small portion of veggies. I tried not to snack at this stage, but snacks would be 1 oz of nuts, string cheese or CHOMPS. And at least 64 oz of water. Good luck!
  19. kellym1220

    Sick of feeling sick

    I would stop the Miralax if I wasn't constipated! Diarrhea is a side effect of too much Miralax!
  20. kellym1220

    Hit goal

  21. kellym1220

    pregnant- 3 months after surgery

    Congratulations! How exciting for you!
  22. kellym1220

    Hello... I’m new here

    Welcome! Good luck on this journey!
  23. kellym1220

    It's an uphill battle...

    You look awesome! Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations!!
  24. kellym1220

    1 Year Post-Op Update

    Congratulations! You look awesome!
  25. kellym1220

    Scared I will fail

    @lizzlosingit...so true! Pick your hard! I will never forget my sister (who is also overweight) saying "Are you sure you want to do this? It will change your relationship to food FOREVER!" And I just looked at her and said "That's kind of the point!" Every weight loss plan needs to change your relationship with food, or it won't work long term!

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