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  1. I started my journey in May. Down to my last two requirements and then submission to insurance. Hoping for Sept surgery. As of now, only my husband, my mom and 3 of my best friends know. Already with one of them I’ve gotten backlash and it’s making me rethink this friendship. Totally the reason I haven’t told many people. Negativity is something I don’t need right now. There is nothing wrong with keeping this low. It’s YOUR journey. Something YOU are doing for the better of YOU. I need this to be about me, for me, not about what other people think of something they know nothing about. 😊 Good luck y’all!
  2. SL824

    Anyone for August 2020

    Im nervous about the vitamins and malabsorption, too, but they told me that unless i can stick to a really strict gym routine the sleeve wont work for me. Did your dr mention anything like that to you?
  3. SL824

    Anyone for August 2020

    I have my sleep study tomorrow night. fingers crossed for you!
  4. SL824

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi...I am prepping for Aug...not scheduled yet, but I am about halfway through my appointments... What made you decide on the sleeve? My Dr thinks I'll be better with the Duodenal Switch, so I have been researching the differences and pros/cons like mad.
  5. SL824

    August 2020 Surgery Date

    Hey y'all. I'm midway to (hopefully) August surgery. Had 2 visits, Ultrasound, Upper Quad X-ray and have my sleep study coming up on June 18. Leaning to the Duodenal Switch after originally going in to start the process for Sleeve, but Dr thinks the DS will give me better results that will last. What surgery have y'all decided on? No comments on this thread in a couple of months...is everyone hanging in there?