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  1. Curious how everyone is doing? Do you have any new challenges or surprises? Unexpected hobbies or loves?

    I’m 5’3” and 130lbs. My weight loss has just started to taper off, which is good, because there are days I feel I look sick (not skinny sick, but like sunken in cheeks and that nonsense). I lost 4 lbs this month. Still eating a half cup of food per meal, but starting to test out a tablespoon more, as I am supposed to be at 1 cup in October and still get really sick feeling any time I eat too much or too fast. Otherwise feeling great! Loving wearing a swimsuit even with my saggy thighs and bum lol! Struggling with night time hunger on days I don’t get my Water in at work. I think part of that is just needing to find ways to get in more calories, and part is that I will stay up super late to finish getting in all my liquids.

    hope to hear from you all!

  2. 5 hours ago, SummerTimeGirl said:

    What about a suit with a skirt? That's all I ever wore most of my life since I was heavy and they are usually very flattering. Or a dress type? Or even a suit that has lose shorts for the bottom. Below are a few examples.




    Thanks for these! I don’t want to hide my body though - I am post op and have a teeny tiny waist and my tummy looks good except for the extra skin at the very bottom. I will look into the skirted bottoms though - I think they could be a good solution.

  3. Hello! I have just started looking for swimsuits, but have run into a road block - my loose belly skin! It hangs out of the leg holes in the front. It is really not that much, but it looks like my you-know-what is peeking through and over flowing 😅. Has anyone with belly skin found a good suit? Please post a link and/or photo! Thank you so much!!!

  4. I would say no, it does not; however, I have always hated drinking (sipping really), and I am a spontaneous person who feels trapped by routines and schedules 😂😂😂. It contributes heavily to me loathing eating. I also hate that my entire day revolves around my next sip of Water LOL. I have to be extremely conscious of my Fluid intake or else I am up until 12 getting all my fluids in. I am 7 months out.

    Sorry to hear about the vomiting! I’m glad you have a system figured out. From what I know of other people in my surgery month, the vomiting part does get easier and stop. Hang in there! You will forget all about it when you are 6 months out and a fraction of the size you were before ❤️

  5. I have been having issues with my upper back since November. I stopped exercising in Jan/Feb, because it is not just pain, it is numbness, and the only thing that helps is resting it. I work on my feet all day so I am getting exercise and cannot fully “rest” my back. I will be starting physical therapy soon. Prior I was doing lots of butt exercise. I think I would still have the issue even if I was lifting, because my butt is so much smaller. On women, muscle is only part of why you get a bubble butt. Most of it is how your body naturally distributes fat. It certainly can look more lifted with more muscle mass, but it doesn’t give it the fullness or shape.

  6. I am almost 6 month post op and have minimal sagging skin so far, which is amazing, but I have lost a lot of muscle mass and my famously bubbly butt is now saggy on the bottom. No matter what’s underwear I choose, I get a four-butt. Anyone who has had Four-boob would understand — LOL. I have a second butt at the top of my thighs that pours out of my underwear haha. It is not all skin, it is just not held up by muscle anymore and is falling. It is not like “white girl butt”, because it still has *some* volume to it (my butt is not flat). Anyone else? Any ideas how to minimize this?

  7. Hi Everyone - Just checking in! I am currently 152lbs (5’3”, 10/19 surgery, 213 Day of Surgery). Stopped doing extra exercise in Feb due to continued issues with my upper back. It got really bad. I had an X-ray and I have a slight curve to the left in my thoracic spine - not big enough to concern the doctor yet (no visible tumors or anything), but it’s probably the reason for my pain and numbness. Going to start PT next week or the week after. My hair is still falling out, although it is slowing down a lot. I chopped my hair to a bob and it looks way better, but I still have to be careful where I part my hair lol! I am not allowed Snacks or more food than 1/2 cup for my 3 meals, so I was wondering how you all are getting in calories? I am anywhere between 550 and 800 per day. I have started having food cravings again, but not hunger (except for the day before my period!!! Eek!). I have tried adding higher fat foods like olive oil, Peanut Butter, real butter, but it doesn’t take me too far. I am not sensitive to fatty foods. I also noticed that peanuts trigger a stall for a couple of days, even during “losing periods” (I stall for much of the month and then lose rapidly for 5-10 days at a time). I wonder if I am sensitive to them? How is everyone else doing?

  8. Are the rashes where they injected you with lovonox? Lovonox gives a delayed allergic reaction. I know most people get injected while staying in the hospital - I had to continue to inject for 30 days after and had a terrible delayed reaction.

  9. 1 hour ago, Yray said:

    How’s everyone doing? My weight is been pretty much the same since December going up and down super weird. I was at 189 for like 3 weeks then started dropping down to 185 went back up to 188 and today I was at 185.6 don’t know what to do with it. Pretty much it’s been like this for 2 whole months. My Water I sake I would say it’s around 50-64oz and food I can’t seem to eat more than 4-5oz at once that includes veggies and Protein. Calories between 600-700 this is having 2 Protein Shake. I’m exercising with no weight lifting just resistance I wonder if this is why? Also my hair started falling :(((

    Oh my gosh! I am in the exact same boat as you. I have been in and out of a stall all month. I have only had 4 days of losses and have gained on quite a few days. Evens out to be a stall. My hair is bonkers!!! I am losing massive amounts and you can see my scalp in the front and sides. I bought Nioxin Shampoo, added collagen and Biotin. It is a big confidence killer. I feel super hormonal - had a bad period reminiscent of my teenage years early in the month and even got an acne cyst on my chin, which hasn’t happened in 6 years. My clothing size has gone down by one this month though, and people are really starting to notice my weight loss, so trying to stay positive!

  10. I have not had a drink yet, but people in my support group say a few things about it: you get drunk really fast and it goes through your system quickly, so it is easy to have a lot of alcohol in one night and not in a good way (when the effects wear off so quickly). They also say it is an easy addiction transfer with bypass. Lastly, some dump with alcohol. Everyone recommends trying it at home at a non-event so that you can see how it hits you. But you might not be able to drink again. I wouldn’t anyway if GERD was an issue.

  11. I like to have bread as a carb, as I do not like most others. I am allowed up to 1 slice per day. I haven’t tried real bread, like a bun or traditional sandwich bread, but I enjoy toasted Ezekiel Bread. It has 5 gm Protein per slice too. Usually have it with an egg or tuna salad. Sometimes with low fat cream cheese if I am sick of meat. They sell it in the freezer section of most grocery stores. If you like multigrain or seeded breads, you will like this one (it is not seeded, but has a similar texture/flavor). Also, pre surgery, when I would go to subway I would get the smallest sandwich possible and get double meat or double cheese. It makes it more filling. Jimmy John’s unwiches are delicious too, and I’m not usually a fan of lettuce wraps!

  12. Erg, I just tried rice for the first time right before reading this lol. I guess we’ll see! I had 1.5 Tbsp. I tolerate noodles ok as long as it’s no more than 2Tbsp. My dietician kept pressing me to try it (I am getting very bored with eating at all - I feel like it’s a waste of time and I hate doing it).

  13. My surgeon’s office has a Zoom support group twice a month, and while it remains positive most of the time, people have been really negative about COVID. Any time it has gotten negative about a person, the moderator offers to do a private call with the individual, which I think is a good strategy. Sometimes people just need to vent or be heard. I would feel the same way as you if the support group took a turn like yours did - I honestly would have not been as patient as you, LOL!

  14. I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but I used to do swallowing with acute care and inpatient rehab patients as an SLP, and we saw strictures all the time with non-Bariatric patients (they were usually esophageal strictures). It might not be related to your surgery if it is this far out. Have you seen a GI? I do think that having an upper GI (barium ex-ray) would tell a lot. Hope everything turns out ok!

  15. 22 hours ago, Nelle512 said:

    So question for my Oct Sleeve people. So I had my surgery Oct 26 of 2020 start weight the day before surgery was 212 and I am down to 177 as of today but ive been 177 for the last 5 days. Anyone else haing this issue? Or am I just tripping because its only been 2.5 months since surgery. I may need to stop weighing myself everyday

    I stall ALL the time. I just came out of a 16 day stall. I feel like I lose for two weeks each month and stall for two weeks. It is always around my TOM. My hormones were out of control this month! Last time I came out of a stall I lost 7.5 lbs in 4 days. It is what it is, and I am about the same as other people with my starting weight and height. It’s hard to compare to others when we all have different body chemistry. Some people lose a lot more in the beginning and taper off after 4-6 months, and others seem to lose less at a time, but more consistently for the first year or two. As long as you are following your plan, you will be where you need to be by the end of the first year, even if it is a different trajectory than others.

  16. Every surgeon/office/insurance is different, so I’m not sure that anyone here can give you concrete answers. My office provided a folder with all of the information about moving forward, checklists of what is to be done and when, and lists of providers who can help me with those things - like psychological exams, etc. My folder was specific to my insurance plan (I am *** and it was the only office that my insurance works with in my area, so they see a lot of people with my insurance). If I were you, I would ask which procedure is recommended by your physician and discuss why you have your preference. I would also discuss seeing any additional doctors that are not required by insurance to make sure everything is planned out and safe. I had to see a vascular specialist. You may want to discuss COVID plans too. My office switched people to outpatient instead of overnight stay if they were young, which I would not have agreed to, because you have to go the ER then if something is wrong, and who wants to sit in a waiting room full of potential COVID patients when they just got out of surgery? Other than that, you will probably have questions as they go through the material during the appointment. If not, most offices are great at answering questions if they come up later. Your success is their success, so I have heard more often than not that doctors/teams are extremely responsive (mine definitely was/is). Bring a notepad to take notes just in case. Good luck!

  17. I have BCBSIL and they wanted updates to make sure I was actively participating in all the pre-op stuff and that it was working (they wanted photos to prove weight loss). I was at 43 BMI at my first appointment and at 38 when I went in for surgery (I think). The Bariatric coordinator said that losing weight once you start the program shows the insurance company that you are ready for the lifestyle changes that come after surgery and that they always go from the weight/BMI of your first appointment. Hope that helps!

  18. 11 hours ago, Yray said:

    Got a question? How much is everyone else eating like I can have maybe 2-3 oz of Protein and very little vegetable or mash potatoes in one setting. I feel like I’m still not where I should be in that aspect.

    My dietitian’s model is: 3 meals per day, no Snacks. one meal - 2oz Protein, 2oz carb. Another meal - 2oz protein, 2oz fruit. Last meal - 2oz protein, 2oz veggie. They want it to be super balanced. I am able to have more protein and less of the others. Often I have veg more than once if I cook with them. I also may have cheese. Right now I am eating a boca burger with fat free cheese and Tomato. I had one egg and 2/3 slice of Ezekiel toast for Breakfast. I can eat 4oz of protein, no problem, but eating more carbs or fruit than 2oz makes me super sleepy.

  19. Thank you for your input everyone!!! Team said they don’t want to see me. I have no fever or nausea, so it’s not a leak, and it feels like they are saying “not my problem!” Never seen this type of attitude from my team, but in all fairness, all nurses, NPs, and PAs in the practice were sent to the ICU (COVID) except one, so I’m sure they are stressed and overwhelmed. They said to go to my primary, or the ER if my pain gets worse. I don’t think my primary will see me right now either, but I will reach out after New Years. This pain is really getting to me. It is now getting exhausting! I need to sit down because it hurts so much. I am hunching over, which makes it worse, but I just don’t have the energy to stand up straight all the time. I think it is making me a bit depressed ☹️.

  20. On 12/22/2020 at 10:26 AM, displacedhoosier said:

    I have had left shoulder pain since surgery that is worse when coughing/doing the breathing activities or sneezing or trying to sleep. It has been my biggest complaint post op! In the hospital I was told it was gas, which made sense. At my one week check-up, there was a bruise on my left shoulder. I thought I bruised myself from trying to press it, hold it. My surgeon thinks a bar was against my shoulder in surgery that caused the bruise. He isn't concerned but said that I'm the first patient he has seen with a bruised left shoulder post-op. I'm now two weeks post-op and it still hurts but not as bad, the bruising has gone away and otherwise I feel great.

    The pain by my clavicle is a lot like my gas pains right after surgery, but it is not gas.

  21. On 12/21/2020 at 8:34 AM, NovaLuna said:

    Yes, I've had pain like that off and on. They checked me for a leak and it wasn't that. They checked my lungs to see if it was a clot, it wasn't that. They told me it was likely just inflammation of my chest wall. I take turmeric and valium and I'm fine after that.

    Mine are like “Oh that’s weird! No fever, no need to check you. Go to the ER if the pain gets worse.” Terrible time to go to the ER. It does get worse with stress! Hmm thanks for the reply! Glad I’m not the only one.

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