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  1. MISTY_CEE035

    Back and Forth, Very Nervous

    Hello If i were you, do your own research first and foremost. Listen and watch you tube procedures. Reflect on the yo yo weight loss Challenges. Lastly stop letting people in your ear. Do what you feel is best for you. I did not tell anyone until the date of my procedure, why? Because people have to much to say and i did not want to hear it. You are the driver in your journey. I hope this advice helps Missy Sent from my SM-G960U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Hello I am so happy for you Lynn you have exceeded your goals. Congrats to you too. Missy
  3. Hello Twism44--It is so nice to hear that we can relate. I have been post op from my Gastric Bypass since 2016 and I am now facing a stall. I decided to revisit my preop liquid diet and I am happy to say that I am doing my thing. It feels good to be disciplined. The pandemic led me to each due to boredom while working from home. But now that the gyms are open in NYC I have included my exercise now and am watching what I eat. Kudos to you with the inspiring words. Thank you! Remaining positive and keeping the faith alive is important. I hope to lose 50 lbs within the next few months. Be well and stay safe.
  4. MISTY_CEE035

    Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op

    Awesome. Keep up the great work. Remain positive and your goal will be met.
  5. MISTY_CEE035


    I am not a runner. I would much rather confine myself to the gym setting rather than run around in NYC. Its pretty wild in these streets.
  6. MISTY_CEE035


    that is awesome. So what do you recommend I focus on doing most in the gym. I am open to recommendations. This is my 2nd week in since NYC opened the gym and I am ready to do other things in the gym. Missy C
  7. MISTY_CEE035

    Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op

    THIS MESSAGE IS FOR SLOWNSTEDY-please show empathy for others. They know that they made a wrong move. This is an area where you can vent and seek some tips, recommendations and advise. JUST BE NICE. It is not nice to be MEAN with your words.
  8. MISTY_CEE035

    Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op

    I agree. I hope you feel better.
  9. MISTY_CEE035

    Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op

    Hello It is okay. Please stop beating yourself on the head. It was one time and you learned your lesson. The goal here is to feel better. How do you feel today? What sensations are you feeling that maybe I can give you some tips with a home remedy? Missy Cee
  10. Hello From my experiences when I underwent the Lapband procedure in 2009 and my revision WLS Gastric Bypass in 2016, I did not wait for the office to tell me anything. I got on the phone and asked if my insurance covers WLS. The other question you want to ask the insurance company are there any particular medical requirements in effort to be approved for WLS? You may want to ask also at the time of admission if approved do I have a copay at the time of admission? There are some insurance companies that require a copay ans some donot. I have never heard of a surgeon perform WLS and not receive an authorization for the service that is rendered. I hope my information is helpful and do not hesitate to ask anything. I am Post Op 11 years and still in the journey. This is a longterm journey of challenges. Missy Cee
  11. MISTY_CEE035

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Good Morning I want to start by saying that I am happy to see that your surgery is a success and you are back home recovering. I would advise that you try to avoid computers and electrical devices for the next few days in order to alleviate the blurriness. As for the tiredness, reach out to your surgeon and ask if you can begin to take your B12 vitamins now or can he refer you to go in for a B12 shot. You are fairly new to the recovery stages so let's see how you feel on Monday. I think that a lot of rest will bring your body into formation. Missy Cee
  12. MISTY_CEE035


    Hello The gyms were reopened in NYC eff 9/2/2020 and I was In there. Currently, I am doing the treadmill 3.0 speed, 3.0 incline to burn fat. or sometimes I get on the treadmill. In 2 weeks I plan to start doing light weights and abs. If you are interested in working out more, find a workout that you like to do. There are tons of different types like Zumba, dance fitness, kickboxing with billy blanks etc.
  13. MISTY_CEE035

    Wind issues

    Hello Yes it is early for you to eat so little and have winded pains. Can you please describe thoroughly? Because from my experience I was unable to eat the toast. I used to feel like I heavy pulse on my chest and I needed to run and purge. Missy C
  14. Oh wow that is awesome that you are not required to do a liquid diet prior to surgery. I wish you all the best in your surgery. Look forward to chat with you during your journey with us. Missy Cee
  15. MISTY_CEE035

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    Oh one last thing for protein get the plain non fat yogurt which is a serving of protein. I am happy to meet you, I look forward to chat with you as you begin your journey with WLS. Welcome to the portal. Missy C