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  1. Congrats!
    Libra758347 got a reaction from 1GardenGirl in July 2020 Surgery anyone?   
    I just got my date today it’s July 2nd ! Starting my liquid diet next week Thursday. Im so anxious and nervous at the same time.
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    Libra758347 reacted to Alandra in I have a date   
    My surgery is on the 1st.
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    Libra758347 reacted to Emi2020 in I have a date   
    We are in the same boat!! , I start liquid diet in the 16 of June 👀 I gained about 7 pounds on the three months I’ve been on Lockdown 🙈 so I’m hoping to lose enough to be back where my surgeon saw mi when he gave me surgery date plus what I need to do for surgery
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    Libra758347 reacted to JRT Mom in I have a date   
    Wow that is soon! It'll be here so quickly your head will spin. Good luck to all of our July surgeries!
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    Libra758347 reacted to Healthy_life2 in 6 years   
    Happy Sunday!
    6 year sleeve anniversary. Quick photo before my morning run. Still keeping the weight off.

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    Libra758347 reacted to TakingABreak in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    I was 332 when I started the preop diet. I’m 4 mons post op, and I’ve lost over 90lbs. The challenges are that it takes awhile for you to really see a difference. I was nearly 80lbs before I started getting compliments. My stomach is holding on for dear life. My legs, arms, and chest went right away.

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    Libra758347 reacted to danielleleigh90 in July 2020 Surgery anyone?   
    congrats love!!!!
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    Libra758347 reacted to IAmGrace in Failing w the Sleeve   
    I wish people would take the time to spell out a word or two rather than NUT and GB, - like that. There are a lot of us new to the website who aren't familiar with all the abbreviations.