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  1. So I was sleeved 5/18/2020 and I have lost about 100lbs. I was at 180 in November and then Jan 160 and now 150.. so weight loss obviously slowed down lately. However about 5 months out I noticed my periods were 30 days apart and then 28 as of March last month was 27 and now I am at 21 days between. Should I be concerned? Is this related to my weight loss? Has anyone else gone through this?
  2. So I had surgery 5/18/2020 and my highest weight was 248, 238 before surgery and 191 as of tonight. I feel like I’m not doing as good as I thought I would. I feel like I was loosing a lot but the further out I get the less I’m loosing and I get discouraged and loose motivation. Please I need some advice/encouragement from others. my biggest issue is breakfast. I’m tired of protein shakes, I don’t like hard boiled eggs and I cannot find a protein bar that I like. I’ve tried the new built bar “coconut chocolate” and a few quest bars. The problem is I like crunchy and everything I have tried is soft. I’m feeling super discouraged and I was to get out of this rut!
  3. Kristi schumann

    Chewing gum?

    I know it’s frowned upon because of the gas issue, is there any other reasons you know of that it isn’t okay to chew sugar free gum? I was avid gum chewer as a kid and it helped with anxiety and stress and kept me from grunting my teeth and am wondering... what is everyone’s experience with it?
  4. I had the sleeve 5/18/20 and I am returning to work tomorrow. I also am starting my soft solids tomorrow and am wanting to meal prep and need lunch ideas. Do y’all have any suggestions!?
  5. Kristi schumann


    I got one of the 1L bottles of smart water down and it took my pulse down to 70s.. WOW that’s crazy! Definitely going to try harder to keep sipping. I see my doctor tomorrow
  6. Kristi schumann

    Struggling 4 Days Out

    I had my surgery 5/18/20 our dates are close. I’d love to switch numbers and be partners through this journey.
  7. Kristi schumann

    Surgery on Monday...

    Thank you guys, I’ll try changing the protein up

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