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  1. Hi everyone! I'd like to get the gastric sleeve, I have Medicaid and I know it covers it. I told my primary a few months back that I want to discuss weight loss surgery and she immediately brushed it off and said I wont qualify. I'm 5'3 and my BMI has been above 35 for the past 4 years. I've tried phentermine and now my EKG's are messed up so I dont want to go back on that. I have fatty liver, but my primary has never checked me for diabetes, my cholesterol hasn't been checked for about two years, haven't had a sleep study despite me telling her I've been very fatigued lately; so it's frustrating that she would just brush me off like that. I called my insurance and they basically just said I have to have my Dr send in the letter, but to at least try with the fatty liver. I now have an appt with my primary next Monday to go over this (unfortunately not a lot of Drs take Medicaid so I cant change my Dr). However, I don't know where to start, do I get all the tests and sleep study and do the six months of supervised weight loss first, or do I have my Dr send the letter to start the process, then do all of that? Or do I just go see a weight loss surgeon and go from there? Currently my BMI is right at 40, so I want to see if I have any problems in case my BMI goes back down a little over the next 6 months, also because the insurance representatives that I've spoken to don't sound too sure of fatty liver qualifying. Any help or advise would be great. Thank you!
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    Perfect, thank you so much!