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    Belly button?

    Did you ever figure out what caused it? I just noticed mine has a ring around it today too and all the way inside. Though the color is a definite dark pink, not a light pink, and goes all the way into the belly button. I’ve lost 70 lbs now, but I’m nervous as to what it could be? It doesn’t itch or hurt, and I’m not sure how long it’s been like this bc I have to kind of lift my skin to see the inside of my bellybutton but I noticed it when I got out of the shower today. I hope it’s not an infection!!
  2. @Xx1jpt5xx thank you for answering! Have you had any gall issues since surgery?
  3. Thank you! Have you had any issues with your gall bladder since? I may just be super paranoid, but if I can avoid having another surgery, I want to!
  4. @Xx1jpt5xx thank you for answering! Have you had any gall issues since surgery?
  5. Hi! I just got my sleeve March 17th. A few other people I know that got the sleeve (from a different surgeon/hospital) were prescribed medication that reduces the chance of getting gallstones and a gallbladder infection (and consequently lessens the chance of having to get your gall bladder removed) since rapid weight loss can cause gall bladder issues. My surgeon and his assistant did not prescribe these to me. It seems common to get them for Atleast the first few months post surgery. I sent an email to my dr last night through the portal requesting them, because I’m an anxious person and I’m sure I’ll just think I’m getting them constantly if I don’t do something to try to prevent them. I’m just wondering if anyone else was not prescribed a medication for it, or if I’m the only one? Makes me kind of question my doctor. I’m hoping they will answer Monday and write me a prescription. Thanks! LC