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  1. curvytiff

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    That's great to hear! Good luck tomorrow!
  2. curvytiff

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I had questioned that and she said that if I was getting tested later in the day she would rush it, but since I was coming in early they would have time. I am the first surgery of the day on the 14th, so hope she is right. I feel the same about getting the news. My husband has been congested, so got him tested on Friday. He won't get results for 5-7 days through CVS testing.
  3. curvytiff

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    My biggest fear as well! I get my test 7/13 the day before my surgery on the 14th. Fingers crossed all will be well!
  4. After much stress and a couple of tears, insurance is approved! Surgery in 6 days!

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  5. curvytiff

    New Member! 11 months Post-op....-122lbs

    Very inspiring!! We have the exact same height and high weight. Glad to see your success and looking forward to surgery day!
  6. My insurance paperwork was submitted on Tuesday and I was told it would take 3-5 business days fingerscross and hopefully we hear something back soon! The coordinator has blocked off July 14 as my surgery date.
  7. curvytiff

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I have my last nutritional appointment Thursday, but called the office to make sure my coordinator had everything she needs. She went ahead and gave me a surgery date of July 14th!!!! Hope it sticks, since my insurance hasn't even been filed yet, but she sounded confident and said I'll need to start my preop diet on 6/30th. So excited!!
  8. curvytiff

    Covid Test!

    I got mine on friday. Was surprised they were able to get me in within 30 minutes of calling. Horrible feeling and now I've been symptom checking all weekend 😅.
  9. That's tough. My first thought was just to tell her the truth in case she had some tips to get you back on track.
  10. curvytiff

    Pre surgery workouts?

    Thanks for posting this! Curious on hearing the responses on this. I have not had the surgery yet, tentatively planned for July, depending on how covid impacts. I have started a workout program to try to get toned and more energy before hand. Really enjoy Les Mills on demand classes and a lot of squats and ab work. Here's hoping it reduces lose skin :).
  11. curvytiff

    New Tentative Surgery Date

    I wouldn't think it's pestering to check in and see where they are at. Depends on how many times you have already called :).
  12. Congrats!!! Good luck!!
  13. curvytiff

    First (tele)visit tomorrow

    I had my first appointment as a tele visit too and my 6 year old talk to my doctor. my psych evaluations and my first nutritional visit were virtual too. It has been super convenient, but not sure if we are getting the most out of the appointments vs. being in the office. Hopefully you can get your next appointments set up the same way, so there won't be a delay in your process.
  14. curvytiff

    Psych Evaluation

    My appointment was on 3/31st. I had to do a 300 question personality test and watch 5 preop videos prior to my appointment. The videos were between 20 to 40 minutes long and had a quiz for each video. Since we are under quarantine, I did a virtual meeting the day of my appointment, which lasted about 30 or 40 minutes. She then said I would be cleared and give her some time to get the paperwork to my surgeon. Surgeons office confirmed they received paperwork on 4/8th.
  15. curvytiff

    Insurance verification

    Agree 100%. I called my insurance to ask if I was covered, and they provided the full coverage policy for gastric sleeve. This helped a ton! When my bariatric place did the initial check on the insurance they said that I was not covered and would have to be self pay. I told them that I had already checked with my insurance and that they should try again. Come to find out I was covered and the person she spoke to thought she was checking on plastic surgery vs. bariatric surgery.
  16. curvytiff


    I had just started the process when the virus picked up and so far have been able to have my initial consultation, psych evaluation, and 1st nutritional meeting all within 2 weeks of first contact. I hope I am not missing out on too much by not doing office meetings, but they have been doing everything virtually and I am hitting all my action items. Have my 2nd out of 4 nutritional meeting in a couple of weeks, so have been working on eating better and trying to tone up prior to surgery, which would tentatively be in July. It makes it easier when I can't just run out and get my normal fast food :). Hoping those with surgeries coming up can get in soon. So excited for this journey!