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    Gastric Sleeve Post Op

    Thank you guys, for your positive responses to date. I had a really rough day today, as it was the beginning of week 2 post op, where I have to incorporate protein drinks in my liquid diet. My first two sips made me feel so ill and really, I felt so terrible that I was in bed most of today. I forgot and took two large mouthfuls of my first protein drink and that is what made me ill. Thanks for the support with regard to my best friend's comments, who up to today called me to carry on with her rhetoric. They do extreme regimes of marathons, triathlons, 60 miles cycle runs, Tough mudder, year after year and believe that everyone should be like them. They are very wealthy and can spend a lot of time on themselves (self indulgence) and have no worries at all. Self righteousness plays out and always calling anyone who is a size 12 or more fat. I have lived with that for 3 decades plus and it really impacted on me psychologically. My main reason I decided to do the sleeve was that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in 2017. Added to that I have sleep apnea and asthma. I researched the option I took to have the sleeve for a few months and made a final decision to have it. The weight loss is a plus, but I have now been provided with an opportunity to have my diabetes reversed as I lose the weight and I am already getting a better night's sleep since my Op last week. Prior to that I have not had a good night sleep in over 3 years, which fed my high blood pressure. I am so glad you guys are here to support me and rest assured, I am here to do the same. Thank you all so much for your kind words.
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum. On 10th March 2020 I had gastric sleeve and am on the last day of my liquid/broth diet. Tomorrow I start my protein and liquid diet for one week. My pre op weight was 213lbs (96.8kg) and for the two week pre-op weight loss, I managed to lose around 12.5lbs (27.56kgs), which brought my weight down to 200.5lbs (90.9kgx) on the day of my Op. 7 days following, my weight is 194lbs (88kgs). Not sure if that is good. Today for some reason, I am feeling hungry, not sure why, but it only lasts for about a couple of minutes. Is this normal??
  3. JA Lenny

    Gastric Sleeve Post Op

    Hi, Sammi, Thank you for the reassurance. I was getting worried that the surgery wasn't working for me. I have had a few health obsessed friends that I did not tell I was doing the surgery, because I knew what their reaction would have been. I did, however, tell them over the weekend and the reaction was the same, the only difference being is that I did the Op. They told me, nothing is going to change, that the Op is a scam and I suppose mentally, that stayed in my head, that's why I was wondering if the estimated 6lbs post op weight loss was a good thing. It is as if I have to prove something to them. I am due to go to my first post op appointment next Wednesday and was feeling that I would be disappointing my doctor (the one that did the surgery) and also wanted to ask him how soon I can start to exercise. When did you start yours and by the way congratulations on your tremendous loss to date.