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    Isopure drinks - good or bad?

    These are what they gave me after surgery and by far my favorite. My active teen boys fell in love with them, too. Unfortunately, our favorite is lemonade which has recently gone into backorder, but we’ve tried most of the other flavors and they are good, too. We add them to smoothies drink them straight and have even made ice cubes out is them. i sent a request (and encourage everyone to, also) to the company to develop a powdered version which would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly so we aren’t shipping the liquid.
  2. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Fallen off track

    I haven't but definitely feel it has been an adjustment and not sure if my Dr. will want to adjust my meds next time we meet (it's been 4 1/2 months since surgery.) I lost my mom about six weeks ago, and it's been a big adjustment. So not sure if my feelings are due to that or the surgery, but still feeling low energy and having a hard time w/motivation. Wish I could be of more help, but wishing you great health and happiness ASAP. ❤️
  3. Yes, I had this, too. It was very alarming. I called my doctor and they said it was normal, a side effect of getting back Into normal activities. Now I’m 4 1/2 months from surgery and I only get tiny tinges occasionally when do an extended reach. So I assume it’s mostly healed and not a problem. HTH
  4. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Severe mood swings

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I too had this, but primarily Monday, and a bit of exhaustion from the crying/moodiness Tuesday. Thankfully it cleared today. Not sure what to suggest. I journal a lot when I’m deep in feelings and walk, especially when it’s nice out so I can soak in some Vitamin D. the sleeplessness is the hardest part though. I truly feel it perpetuates the problem. i take a half a melatonin tab If I go more than two nights without decent sleep. more than a half and it can make me weepy or in a fog at work the next day. Wishing you all the best for some peace and happiness! 45lbs is great!! Slow and steady is the best for long term success so perhaps take your measurements to see if those have changed to celebrate something else other than the scale?
  5. Stinkerbells2ndact


    Sounds like we are about the same spot. My surgery was 3/9. I just had a couple bites of bacon with my Easter bfast and it’s not sitting well. Lots of burping and gas. Not worth it. My Dr. didn’t say anything about avoiding them, so didn’t occur to me.
  6. Stinkerbells2ndact

    When does energy return?

    @Lily66 sounds like we are in the same boat exactly. Surgery 3/9, so about 3.5wks and I struggle with energy, too. I force myself to walk 1.5 -3miles most days. Calories 600-800. I will admit that yesterday I messed up my counts and ended up eating way more and had quite a bit more energy today, so thinking that is definitely part of it. But I’m not willing to do it again since I’m not willing to risk gaining or stalling to do it 🤪. Guess it’s just going to take time and patience.
  7. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Look, Look!

    💪🏻🔥Congratulations!! 🎉🎈
  8. So glad it’s going as well as can be. I’m sure they must be so glad to have you back.
  9. Sending you & your family prayers for health and safety. I’m so sorry you can’t stay home longer. I hope your work takes every precaution for your care and wellbeing.
  10. Stinkerbells2ndact

    How often do you weigh?

    I’m weighing twice a week. Wednesdays & Sundays. Originally was trying for once a week, but couldn’t hold back. Super frustrated since I actually gained a pound this time! WTH! So unfair when I 🤮 yesterday due to vitamins not settling. Seems like I’m checking all the right boxes, so, who knows? Trying to not obsess, but don’t get it. As Scarlett says...”Tomorrow is another day...” although in this case it’s a Wednesday since I’ve got to wait til next weigh in for hope, lol.
  11. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Newbie Saying Hello...and asking questions :-)

    Hi and welcome, I’m relatively new too. Just joined a couple days after my surgery 3/9. If I remember correctly you put your stats in under your profile under “My surgery” tab towards the bottom. I remember some stuff being laid out very different in a computer vs. your mobile device. Hope that helps. If not, lmk and I’ll do more investigating. Best of luck ❤️
  12. I’m a week behind you, and scared and stalled, too!
  13. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Every multi vitamin makes me sick

    Hmm idk. I had an extensive allergy test years ago but not since doing all this. But I never had any issues with One a day pills before surgery, so hoping it’s just this powdered drink version? but thanks for the tip I’ll keep it in mind next time I talk to dr.
  14. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Every multi vitamin makes me sick

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Having a hard time. My doc has me on the Celebrate MV drinks, but even tho I add tons of water it still does me in and I rarely am able to finish it all. I keep trying diff times of day, etc. w/o luck.
  15. Stinkerbells2ndact

    March 2020 Surgery Folks Come On in!

    Thanks, @Mello1. I told myself that on a Wednesday’s “count”, but of course can’t help being a little greedy. Gotta count the blessings and remember to keep playing the long game. 😊
  16. Stinkerbells2ndact

    March 2020 Surgery Folks Come On in!

    Post op - Week 2 - started Purées which is great, but in a slump & kinda bummed. No weight loss since Sunday. Going to be tricky adjusting to real foods. I know part of it is also I’m not walking enough. Gotta get it moving. Just tired and it’s grey and cold. But those are excuses. I’m limiting weighing myself Sundays and Wednesdays so I don’t obsess too much. Here’s hoping for progress Sunday!
  17. Stinkerbells2ndact

    Stomach making noises

    Sooooo noisy!
  18. Oops didn’t mean it to sound like I was suggesting a pregnancy, just saying maybe the popsicles would help similarly. But yes, hope Doc can help. Sounds so horrible! Wishing you felt better @HLsleeve ❤️
  19. Stinkerbells2ndact

    WLS instagram

    Sorry, somehow didn't see this notification til now. Weird! Talked to Zare for my 2 wk check up today via phone due to the virus, even though Monday is technically 2wks. Took total of 3 mins since I"m so lucky thinks have been going well. I blended up some cooked mushrooms last night to add to my chicken bullion and was in heaven! And today had a little bit of bolognese with my lunch tomato soup So far so good, but won't push it beyond that. Just felt so weak after walking workout. You're totally right, the hunger seems to be related to water intake, so pushing that as much as I can. I'm having trouble w/the daily vitamin mix they gave. It seems to activate my asthma a little which in the early days was a big deal since the coughing killed, but now the incisions are almost healed. I'll probably switch to some other version, although it does force me to drink more water. So sorry to hear about the shots! Haven't heard about those before, but sound miserable! I start the gallstone meds on Monday (eek.) Well, hope you and yours are staying healthy through all this & thanks for the encouragement!
  20. Oh no, I'm sooo so sorry! I wish there was something I could say to make it better, but hopefully this passes soon. I had horrible nausea in pregnancy and lived on lemon popsicles. Maybe give those a try? Sorry can't be of more help, but wish you well!
  21. Stinkerbells2ndact

    WLS instagram

    Great! Following you now
  22. Stinkerbells2ndact

    March 2020 Surgery Folks Come On in!

    Oh no, sorry Casey, that does suck. Was really nice to have him to lean on to walk around, but I will say the nurses were awesome at my hospital so hoping you have the same at yours. I know you’ll do great! You’ve wanted this for a long time and worked hard for it, so I’ve got tons of positive vibes for ya girl! Keep us posted and ask any questions needed. The people here have been sooo helpful!
  23. Stinkerbells2ndact

    March 2020 Surgery Folks Come On in!

    Sending you love and healing hugs. You’re so strong and will get stronger every day through this hard time.
  24. So sorry Cammy! What a bummer!
  25. Stinkerbells2ndact

    March 2020 Surgery Folks Come On in!

    Sending you lots of well wishes & good luck!! You’ll do great!

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