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  1. Just got the medi-tape off my incisions and OMG they are so tiny! They look fine like little scratches- I've had worse scrapes from my cats! I doubt they'll even scar. 😃 

    1. yumna.zafar


      Sadly mine are getting darker! and the biggest one seems like it won't ever vanish. *sigh* although i am making sure to moisturize and i have a cream the doctor suggested for scarring. Fingers crossed the big insertions don't leave a mark!

  2. I finally figured out why my weight loss has slowed to a near halt- got a letter from my pharmacy that the manufacturer of my thyroid rx has issued a recall because the pills have less medicine in them than they ought to. Combine that with RNY malabsorption, and voila! I've got a follow up with my Dr. tomorrow.  

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