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  1. Circlesis

    Just Had DS - feel no different.

    By reducing the calories absorbed from food. I revised because I had some regain 6 years after sleeve. By the way, butter is not going to hurt you with DS because most of the fat you eat will not be absorbed. In fact, you want to eat some because otherwise things will be way too dry. Were you able to do much research on the DS separately from talking to the doctor? It is important to understand exactly how it works.
  2. During the healing period you will feel a little odd in the gut area but after several weeks, no.
  3. Circlesis

    Just Had DS - feel no different.

    In my experience, that has not been the case. I have had the sleeve, and was later revised to DS. There is no food that puts me on the toilet immediately. I do get gas more frequently but that’s about it. Sometimes these surgeons oversell.
  4. Circlesis

    Just Had DS - feel no different.

    Can you be more specific about what you mean by test the waters? If you mean by eating a piece of fried chicken, I don’t think you can safely assume you will have a massive reaction to deter you. I guess it is possible but I would not count on it.
  5. Circlesis

    Nervous and unsure

    After a couple of years you will be able to eat a significant amount at a time. At that point it becomes much easier to regain weight however. Research long term out comes.
  6. You will have some scars on your abdomen, they will become much lighter over time but they will be there. Which surgery are you planning to have?
  7. Thank you for sharing this. I have been on these forums for many years and in my opinion these types of issues/the negatives don’t get nearly enough airplay.
  8. Circlesis

    DS 11/13

    Congrats on your surgery!
  9. My experience was that at 2 years out (currently past the 6 year mark) my sleeve capacity increased a lot. I think it relaxed over time. I became able to eat a full meal of food in a similar portion size as before sleeve. The sleeve will not stop you from overeating except in the very early stages after surgery. I think it is important to get that fact out in the open. Good luck!
  10. Somewhere around day 4 felt just ok, then by day 7 big improvement felt pretty normal for much of the day.
  11. If you drink milk you can try the fairlife milk for 12 grams per cup.
  12. Circlesis

    Terrified- surgery Tues

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you stay overnight if you need it. If you are relatively young and good health you likely wouldn’t need the clot medicine. I was pretty paranoid about clots too but in the end it was good because I was up walking a couple times every hour. This helps you feel way better, faster.
  13. Circlesis

    Food Before and After Photos

    In my experience, end of year 2 is when I first had some weight gain. It seems like that is when the last of the sleeve magic wore off for me. The years after that were just like normal non-sleeve for gaining/losing weight (which I did several times). Capacity increased a lot too.
  14. Circlesis

    Struggling :/

    Which procedure did you have? Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium, by the way.
  15. Circlesis

    Pre-Op Questions

    Yes this ^^ The liquid barium is so intense. The taste and texture of it and how it stays with you workin itself through your system for a few days as it comes out the other side!
  16. Circlesis

    I feel like I’m not doing all I can

    I like what you said about using real food to meet your goals and about a plan for after the weight loss stage. Curious if you would like to share your approach. I’m coming out of soft food stage right now after DS revision and my protein drink days are very much numbered. I think I have 3 shakes left in the house, and that will be the end of it.
  17. Circlesis

    I feel like I’m not doing all I can

    Yes to all of this. You are not obligated to give out your personal business to anyone just because they asked about or complimented your weight loss. Periodt. Congrats on your success so far!
  18. Circlesis

    Severe LPR 3 years after sleeve

    Yes, I believe the j is short for jejunostomy
  19. Circlesis

    Severe LPR 3 years after sleeve

    There is another procedure called gastric j that apparently is meant to solve the problem as well without needing to go to bypass. I have not had this procedure, but the practice I go to is doing a lot of them and the patients seem very happy and many showing added weight loss after as well. May be worth checking into it.
  20. Circlesis

    Trouble Urinating

    About 5-6 days to normal with improvement each day.
  21. Circlesis

    Food Before and After Photos

    I like this recipe! Are you using fresh tuna or this is canned?
  22. Circlesis

    Over ricotta need something new

    Baked sweet potato with cottage cheese and cheddar was surprisingly tasty
  23. 4 week post DS conversion from sleeve update. Have we entered the stall portion of the program? I wonder. Until today and yesterday I have lost steadily something each day. I have also moved to soft foods, so probably a correlation there. Able to eat small amounts of meat, veg, fish/shrimp, rice, potatoes etc fine. No issues to report this week. Total pounds lost is about 18. Onward!
  24. Circlesis

    Over ricotta need something new

    Which food stage are you in?
  25. Circlesis

    Coronavirus: to mask or not to mask?

    @numbheart please cite your source. Also curious if you think cloth or other masks cause cancer as well. Meantime I will be over here just being *virtuous* around other people.

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