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  1. does anyone know if you were to weigh-in on surgery below the BMI that you got approved with, if insurance will deny the surgery? When I started this process, I was 252 at 5'5, just barely qualifying with a 41.7 BMI. I am waiting on my surgery date (pre-op nutrition class is tomorrow) and I just weighed myself and I am at 245.7 which is a BMI of 40.9. I'm worried that if I drop too low before surgery, that when the surgery is actually submitted to insurance-it will be denied. I was approved already, but anyone else go through this or do they just use your starting weight? Thanks in advance!
  2. SpecialK92

    Roux-en-y vs sleeve HELP!!!

    @JomaraElizabeth girl, if you have ANY kind of reflux now, go with bypass!! You got this. Let me know how you make out!!
  3. SpecialK92

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    @TexasHeathen did they look at your gallbladder during your endoscopy and determine you needed it out then prior to surgery? I have my endoscopy next week and am wondering if they see it during that procedure.
  4. SpecialK92


    @catwoman7 YES! I was thinking omg, I lost two pounds, so that will look like I can lose weight on my own and maybe that will disqualify me. I wasn't too sure what they look at as "past weight loss attempts." If it's weight history, I think I'll be fine. In my adult life, I've never had a BMI below 41, so I don't think it will drop below that for my last weigh in on July 6th. The office had told me from the very beginning to just maintain. Thank you so much for this!!
  5. SpecialK92

    Insurance Question

    Will do!! I’ll call the insurance again today! I’m hoping I can get by the end of this year, since I’ve already met my deductible for the year. I spoke to the center earlier and since my insurance doesn’t have time restriction, they will do three month supervised diet with clearances. I don’t have an appointment yet for the consult, they will contact me after the session on the 25th I’m told. I’m excited to get the process started!
  6. SpecialK92

    Insurance Question

    Yeah, when I called the first time, the rep told me a letter of support from my PCP should suffice, but I likely will call again and ask to speak to a manager for further clarification, I want to be well informed early!

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