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  1. Chelsea0604

    New surgery date!!

    My doctors office called & I officially have a new surgery date!! July 16th ❤️
  2. Chelsea0604

    Surgery cancelled

    I’ve officially been canceled until further notice. While I totally understand, I’m still bummed. I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy! 💕
  3. Chelsea0604

    Liver lesions

    Im waiting to schedule mine currently! I have surgery scheduled for April 7th. I’m hoping all turns out well for you!! 💕
  4. Chelsea0604

    Liver lesions

    I had my ultrasound of my gallbladder today, while doing it, they found a lesion on liver. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. Chelsea0604

    Liver lesions

    All they said was that tney found a lesion. They believe it’s benign, but they want to an mri still.
  6. Chelsea0604

    Hospital bag

    What did you guys pack or take with you? Anything you wish you would have?!
  7. Chelsea0604

    I’m so nervous!

    I have a surgery date for the beginning of April! I’m so excited and completely overwhelmed. I’m expecting some pain or discomfort? Did it hurt? What was your pain level? I’m not a huge veggie person, so I’m nervous about that too. Anything to help ease my mind would be wonderful!
  8. Chelsea0604

    I’m so nervous!

    Thank you so much!!
  9. Chelsea0604

    April 1, 2020

    I do! 04/07!!