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  1. It's time.

    60 years young and having surgery

    I'm 65 and just had it done. I was supposed to have it done 10 years ago but two weeks before surgery, while getting all my doctors appointments taken care of, they found breast cancer so had to deal with that. Then I moved and needed a pacemaker, But I feel great. I didn't have one side effect or problem from the surgery or after. I've asked myself if they actually did anything, then I see the incisions. I've waited so long for this that I'm going to do everything I can to be successful and be the active person I am supposed to be.
  2. It's time.

    COVID and Gym-ing

    Michigan's gyms are closed. i wouldn't go back yet anyway.
  3. I wouldn't think anyone would buy them if the bottles have been opened. Sorry.
  4. I'd be more concerned about covid at a party when I'm pre-op.
  5. It's time.

    Not hungry, hate eating

    what is your current weight?
  6. It's time.

    Weight gain.....

    Not everyone is sitting around with nothing to do. Some are trying to work with kids home, there are money issues, maybe aging parents, friends they can't see and yadda yadda. I am watching my two grandchildren( a newborn and a 3 year old) almost full time so my daughter and husband both try and work from home. I have a 30 minute drive each way and come home exhausted only to have a scrambled egg for dinner and collapse on the couch. I don't see any of my friends and still have to shop and do my housework like everyone else. I'm retired and didn't expect to be working full time again with no pay and I worry about everyone. Don't judge people you don't know.
  7. It's time.


    Gyms are closed here, but I am a member at one and look forward to going back.... when it's safe to do so. Right now I'm doing these and other on line work outs. https://www.youtube.com/c/OFFICIALBOSSFAM/featured I do what I can and feel whatever I do is better than sitting on the couch.
  8. It's time.

    Under 200

    Weighed in today at 199 pounds !! Can't remember when I was under 200. I am so thrilled.
  9. It's time.

    First Post-Op Visit

    When I had my very first meeting with the surgeon, we talked about the different kinds of surgery, the pros and cons of each and the typical weight loss that could be expected and a time frame. Your doctors never talked about that? I'm so surprised.
  10. It's time.

    Can fruit cause dumping syndrome??

    I was told no fresh fruit for 8 weeks, but I could have fruit in the little containers which I haven't tried yet.
  11. It's time.

    Possible Bloodclot?

    I lost a lot of muscle in my legs very quickly after surgery and they were weak. My legs were crampy from not moving around. It took a few weeks to get back to normal. You can work out in a chair if you need to. You should contact your doctor for real medical advice.
  12. It's time.

    I can’t wait...

    Play with my grandchildren on the floor and be able to get up by myself. ha
  13. It's time.

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    They put me on a medication to prevent kidney stones for 6 months.
  14. It's time.

    Open incision

    I had the same thing, it looked exactly like that. I sent a photo and then had a video chat with my doctor who said the incision opened, but wasn't infected. It was healing from the inside out so would take awhile . Keep it clean, apply Neosporin and wait. It's been 5 weeks and it's much better but no scab yet. Send this photo to your doctor anyway.
  15. I told my daughter and a handful of people I thought would be supportive. Now that I've had the surgery, I will tell more people as needed. It's not a secret but if they ask, I will tell them. And I don't care what the nay-sayers will say now that it's done.
  16. I'm finding with some weight loss that my pacemaker isn't snug and I can feel it more. It won't affect it's function, but it feels weird. Guess I'll have to do more weight workouts to tighten up the chest area. Anyone out there with a pacemaker and have similar experience?
  17. It's time.

    I can’t stop crying!!!

    Excellent and a great shirt! You look lovely!
  18. I too was alone after my daughter got me home and settled. I had set up everything so I didn't have to do anything but sleep and sit on the couch. She checked on me several times a day and came over on the third day to scoop litter.
  19. It's time.

    Protein from Food.

    Isn't there a protein water?
  20. It's time.

    Surgery wound weeping?

    One of my incisions wasn't healing, so sent the doctor a photo, also had my friend, who is a nurse look at it and everyone said it's not infected. The doctor told me the wound opened and it would have to heal from the inside out so would take two more weeks to heal. This was at my two week post op video chat. So, a total of 4 weeks to heal. He told me to keep it clean, apply Neosporin and cover only when I was going out . I'm at 4 weeks now and it's much better but I'm still following his instructions for another week. Oh, and no swimming or pools etc.
  21. It's time.

    VSG PostOp Bad Experience

    I too am sorry this happened to you. Hospitals do take extreme care to ward off complications, but they do happen. It will get better. I was working out a lot before surgery and now feel like a weak slug. I have an incision that is taking it's sweet time to heal so I'm being very careful that it doesn't get infected. I've had my fair share of surgeries, open heart took 12 weeks. This is a moment in time, it will get better. Take the time you need to get healthy.
  22. It's time.

    Hospital transportation

    I would tell a friend so they can help you get home, settled in and check on you for a few days. They told me in the morning that I was being discharged so I called my daughter and she came over. We left about 11 am.
  23. It's time.


    Weird question... did your feet get smaller when you lost weight?