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  1. Thank you for this, I decided to take the stool softener instead and then once I feel regular again, I’ll add some fiber. It’s been such a journey because of the new balancing act with nutrients, water, electrolytes, fiber.....it’s definitely a learning curve to figure out what works and doesn’t.
  2. Thank you all, I have a morning shake so I will definitely add some fiber. I’ll be fine for a few days and then it shuts down again and I have to get aggressive. Guess my system needs some help now.
  3. Hi, hope everyone is well. sorry if it’s TMI...but I don’t know what Is ok to do besides increasing water. Btw, I always have a water bottle with me and drink often. I’m thinking of taking a stool softener. Any other recommendations? I’m watching my portions and focus on protein and struggle to get in fruits/veggies. I’m just wondering if others go through this. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I had my surgery 2/18. I went for blood work 5/9 and was shocked to find out my cholesterol jumped from 130 to 190. I’ve lost about 40 pounds between blood tests. My B1 is non-existent so I will need to take Lipitor and a thiamine supplement. Just wondering if this has happened to others and if this will improve. Thanks!
  5. GinaFigz

    Waist Trainer

    Check out Halle Barrie’s instagram page, she posted about gym waist trainers in her effort for a 6 pack.
  6. I’ve never had banging boobs and would love to know what that’s like. I’d always wish the fat from my belly would go up to my boobs instead. So unfair. Yes to the turkey waddle!. I’ve always had a double chin and then the weight gain made it worse. Now that we are all in virtual meetings, it’s all I see! I looked up exercises and even ordered a chin lifting mask from Amazon to see if it will help. I am not consistent with the roller and exercises so once all the weight is gone, I’ll see how I feel. Honestly, Ive had feelings about my boobs, tummy, thighs, back and upper arms and chin but I don’t take surgery lightly, it scares me but I know so many who have gotten surgery and look so good so I’ll see....but in the meantime I’ll keep using all the gizmos and gadgets I’ve bought over the years lol. Best wishes if anyone goes for it, share pics!
  7. GinaFigz

    Waist Trainer

    I think some can help But like anything you need to eat clean (as possible no one is perfect) and exercise. I find when I do even simple cardio with a waist shaper, over time my stomach tones but you have to keep it up.. Some have boning to shape, others will make you sweat plus you will be aware of your posture and might suck in your stomach which makes me aware of my stomach muscles. Mine are lax so when I wear my shaper consistently I do note a difference. I also fascia blast and use a foam roller and I feel the combination of it all helps.
  8. GinaFigz

    Waist Trainer

    Hi, so I have a long history with them. It’s also a cultural thing and I have a whole collection. It’s a problem lol. After my surgery my doctor recommended a binder so I used one of my post pregnancy bands (Ive had 3 c sections) that was firm and it helped because I have a weak core and it also smoothed me out. It also makes me more aware of my posture. I have a few of the rubber ones with hooks, (my hubby calls them my bullet proof vests) And some are looser than others so I would start with those and as you get used to it build up to those that offer more compression. Also, if you suffer from heartburn it can make it worse. But you don’t eat as much, I find I feel full quicker so I can eat light meals and not feel as hungry if that makes sense. I think it’s all personal preference. I do love how they make me look and like I said I have all types for different outfits/weather.
  9. I use the fasciablaster on my flabby parts as I am still losing. Also old school leg lifts (like Jane Fonda did back in the day), squats and the fire hydrant pose can help build up the muscle to make it tighter and then the blasting could help smooth the skin. I don’t go hard, I oil and just blast to feel it but not hurt it. I didn’t know about not feeling anything in the area after a tummy tuck. That’s where I held the most weight so I’m very curious to see how I end up. My dr said not to worry because some people lose so much weight that there is nothing left to pinch. I’ve had three kids and I’ve been cut in all directions but I guess I’ll know in a few months how the losing will affect me.
  10. GinaFigz


    I use maidenform flexees from Amazon. They are inexpensive and work well.
  11. GinaFigz

    Scared about hunger

    I have felt hunger since having the surgery. I also have gastric reflux which I think makes it feel more pronounced but I am losing so I am happy with my progress. It is all so odd because it is not like anything I have ever experienced. I read what is posted but know that our experiences may be different. I am trying to find the right balance because I do want bread, rice and pasta and I have tasted it so I know I can eat it but I dońt want to undo my progress so I found thejoeduff on YouTube and he has a lot of great keto recipes. I learned to make toast and some pancakes.The funny thing is that now my kids eat MY leftovers and it used to be the other way around! So usually my first meal of the day goes down rough and Ím burping and its all so noisy. I also find I get hungry later in the day. I was doing IF before the surgery so I dońt know if I became used to eating more later in the day in that window of time. Anyway, my point is for me this has been a lot of trial and error. Someone posted earlier to practice mindfulness and to listen to your body which I think is the best way to approach it. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to the cues and monitor what you can. If you get off track, forgive yourself and get back on. Wishing everyone health during the difficult time!
  12. GinaFigz

    What kind of pasta are you eating?

    I would think a small portion of vegetable pasta should be ok, they can be found in the fever section.
  13. GinaFigz


    It was tough for me at that point as well and it’s gotten better now that I have progressed to soft foods. Have you tried decaf coffee with sugar free creamer? That seemed to help.
  14. GinaFigz

    4 Weeks Out

    Hi,I think you might have to wait for your stomach to heal some more. I had my surgery a week before you and what I eat is still soft. It will be soon though, I think in a few weeks.
  15. So I have a question, how is the social isolation going and is your diet affected? My kids school is closed for two weeks. I have to work Monday but the kids are off for the week where I work. I am sick of broth so I'm enjoying eggs and meatballs (in moderation). I still drink my protein and I can drink my decaf without running to the bathroom. I do plan to revert to my jello and broth if we have to stay in for some time. How is everyone doing?

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