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  1. I had my surgery feb 6th 2020 as well as my mom did. I found this program and I made sure my mom and I would be in the same room and they confirmed it multiple times!! This program has extremely high reviews bc THEY DONT ALLOW BAD REVIEWS ON THEIR PAGES. We get there and we are separate. It’s very scary being somewhere especially out of country (I’ve never been out of country) with just my mom and now being in different rooms under going a serious surgery I called Joanne and she told me that she never told me that... pisses me off bc she confirmed it a few times (I woulda never gone if I knew we would be separated) Anyways The nurses (night shift) turn your beepers off and act like you are putting them out, took them about 2 hours for them to finally respond to your call when you push the button. My mom was leaking out of her incision and she told about 4 people her bed was covered in blood (we took pictures bc we knew they would deny it ) and still no one did anything about it until 4 hours later someone just threw a towel over the bloody bed. I finally felt good enough to go in and check on her. We were terrified to continue to ask for help bc they were already making us get our own ice and we’re turning our room monitors off when we kept calling for help The next day the day shift finally changed her sheets. The women at the front desk don’t help with anything. They never gave my mom a breathing machine until a day and a half after her surgery. One was a asleep and the other was playing on her phone the whole night. The stay was bad. Anyways the part your probably more concerned about was the surgery it’s self... they woke me up in the recovery room and I was in Excruciating pain! Worst pain I’ve ever been in in my entire life. I slept on and off for 24 hours that day bc I just couldn’t handle the pain. My mom was in bad pain too. She coughed and she said she felt something ripped and I ran as fast as I could being in so much pain the tell the nurse and he had to go get a coffee and enjoy it before he checked on her which was about 2-3 hours later while she laid there in Tremendous pain. I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone I’m shocked it had such good ratings! There also was another women getting the same thing and had the exact same problems and they just left her and didn’t help with anything. Also thru the entire process the founder of Beliteweight or anyone in that program never once called to check on me or my mom or the other lady! They just want your money.. DONT DO IT