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  1. Thanks for remembering Good luck and I wish you well.I have had a few glitches..I had a gastrophy and it showed that I had a hiatus hearnea ..a yorchered oesophagus and gastritis.now I have to wait and have another test ..memanotory which has a long waiting list..so here I wait!!..Hood luck though..exciting for you
  2. Thankyou for writing your experience..it really helps
  3. Hi there.I am having a sleeve .The rheumotologist recommended this as a way of getting the old girl up and moving.I m a bit scared as I am frustrated that i havent been able to manage my own diet..but I cant seem to..so I roll in on April 21..in Perth W.Australia.I am doing a lot of reading and sometimes it seems scarey..but i take hope when I read the comments of others success.I hope i have the setermination to stick with the diet.I am a chocolate fiend..and all things sweet.Just had my bloods done surprisingly good..and the white count has dropped..so here is hoping...AND BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE OUT THERE

  4. Oh yeah!!Just a tad ..questioninf myself and wondering if I am an idiot..and why i cant manage my weight more naturally.Truth is..i cant..Good luck.
  5. Puddin pie

    Lipedema and VSG

    Amazing..really wonderful.Gives me hope as I wait.
  6. Hope you continue thriving.Thankyou for your comment as it informs others of us moving along the same path.
  7. What a beautiful mum..always a mum
  8. Wishing you the best.I m in April and i m scared and feel guilty that I cant do it myself.I m sure you have done the reading and checking..so you have done what you can I got a book called."The Bariatric Bible"..very good tips.I live in W.A. Wishing you well
  9. I feel the same fear but i think we have more to loose if we dont reduce weight for long term living.
  10. I wish you the very best and will be thinking of you on the other side of the world.May everything go smoothly..best wished. Pud
  11. Good luck ..it is a big change in every way especially when it has never been experienced before.Mine is April 20.
  12. Hi there My time out is April 21..but dont have to do any prep ..Good luck ..its a bit daunting eh!!
  13. Thats wonderful..i wiah you success and all that you want C
  14. Thats wonderful..i wiah you success and all that you want C

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