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  1. Hun, you are not alone. The truth is, once you gain a certain amount of weight your hormones in your body completely change. It’s not you. I know you see ppl on Facebook or YouTube who “naturally” lost however many pounds. But you have to deal with the facts based on your situation. I wasted five years of my youth trying to resist this surgery and trying to lose weight on my own. I knew I was depressed. I knew I needed help. All I got were stretch marks. I can’t get that time back. But I know I will never waste time blaming myself for not being a superwoman instead of getting help to achieve my goals when I need to.
  2. Hey! I just allowed myself to sleep that week. I tried to drink as much water as possible and walk every time I got up to use the bathroom, lol! Tomorrow April 5th will be a month and I’ve lost 45 pounds. I’m happy with that. I haven’t progressed past purée soups though. I tried king crab legs today and I couldn’t keep it down. Other than that I’ve been ok. It took 3 weeks for me not to be exhausted after taking a shower. Yesterday I was jogging a bit playing catch with my dog.
  3. Hey surgery twin! How are you???
  4. Awesome!!! Me too! I have this AMAZING the psychiatrist I’m seeing and I’ve been reading and watching so many videos!! How are you? How is your progress?
  5. I can already say that that is true!!! I feel amazing!!!
  6. Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you. I live in NY and all of the surgeries after March 12th were canceled. I’m so glad u didn’t have to wait
  7. Hey guys! I got my surgery March 9th. At home hanging out with my dog. How is everyone else doing?
  8. Me too! I’ve been watching Dr. V on YouTube and I love him. I’ve also been seeing a psychiatrist so I make sure I don’t Emotionally sabotage myself. I’m not afraid of the surgery or anything.
  9. Hey Anxious_mumma, I hope you are well. You will be just fine. I used to work on a Bariatric unit in the hospital as a nurse before I gained weight. It is such a routine and brief surgery. You have a higher risk of passing away from being overweight than from weight loss surgery. The best thing you can do for your daughter is be healthy and alive for her as long as you can. Show her that if you try really hard to do something (like losing weight) that you are not afraid to get help to make sure you reach your goals. Teach her how to love herself by loving yourself. That is what real love is.
  10. What is everyone doing to mentally prepare? Even though I’m excited and I have no doubt I’m making the right decision, I’m having a lot of anxiety about it.
  11. I scared and excited!!!! Like, can I get the surgery and then be put to sleep for a year? Lol!
  12. Bari Babe

    Arm flab

    green teal I saw your after picture. CONGRATS! And thanks for sharing. You don’t look loose at all. Did you get the skin reduction surgery?
  13. Really? That’s a relief! Did u start before the surgery?
  14. Bari Babe

    Emotional eating

    I’m soooo sorry for your loss. I agree, at this trying time when you must also perform to get the best surgery results, I would see someone that will keep up with you. I was worried about the same thing for myself because I have anxiety and depression. I ended up reaching out to my counselor at my college and he is helping me a great deal while I am searching for someone to see regularly. Remember, we all got to this weight and maintained it for a reason. Especially during times like these, drench yourself with self-care.
  15. Bari Babe

    Anal sex and will it cause damage

    Yeah, and don’t get greedy either. I knew one guy who “fell” on a Cosco-sized shampoo bottle 🧴...
  16. Thanks so much for your post! How did you cope with not eating and drinking at the same time?
  17. Bari Babe

    Tomorrow is surgery day, question!

    Yes check with your Dr. But if he/she said clear liquid that means only things you can see through. If you can’t reach anyone it is better to keep it safe and avoid the shakes. You don’t want the doctor to have any issues giving you a fresh start☺️
  18. Yes!!! March 9th!!! I’m starting the pre-op diet February 24th. I’m also trying to see if I can drop a few before then. I’m also trying to wrap my head around eating without drinking.
  19. Hello, I hope you are well. I have been a registered nurse for over 12 years and my Bariatric surgery will be in March. When I was in shape (all of my life except for 5 years ago), I used to think the same thing as your wife. 5 years ago I fell into a depression and gained over 100 pounds. I’ve been trying to get it off ever since. Now, I have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux and pre-diabetes. People in my family say I should not do the surgery. They say I can do it on my own. But as I said, I have been trying to lose the weight for 5 years and my health is actively declining. Should I wait until I am fully diabetic so I can meet the approval of my family? No. Obesity is one of the most unhealthy modifiable conditions you can have. Despite how widely accepted it is, it’s worse than smoking, drinking, and quite a few illegal drugs (arguably combined). It damages every organ. Fat puts pressure on your organs, making them secrete hormones that alter your ability think and function properly. I know your wife is concerned about the risks of surgery. But what about living long enough to go to your child’s wedding? What about being able to play with your child in the park? What about setting a healthful example for your child so the cycle does not continue (I come from an obese family so I know how hard it is to break free from bad Family eating habits)? I hope my comment helps.

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