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  1. The esults of the biopsy during the scope last Friday showed there are a few h. pylori critters nesting in my stomach (“several” specifically). ☹️ I have not had any GI symptoms other than some minor increased gas in the last several weeks and there were no ulcers found. I would love to know your experience if you had the same happen to you. My Gastro ordered the 3 usual meds - amoxicillin, claritbromycin, and Protonix (although I do not yet know how many days it’s for, it could be 7, 10, or 14). 1. How many days were you prescribed the medications? 2. Did they get rid of the bacteria? 3. Did you feel rotten or was it not that big a deal? 4. How did your Bariatric surgeon react/or what did he/she say about it? 5. Did it delay your surgery? Were you required to retest? i would so appreciate any info you can offer. I have been busting my butt to get everything done as fast as I could because some travel pre-paid may put me in a surgical squeeze play! But now I am worried this bacteria will slow me down ( I was told that they could fast track me once I got 3 dietician visits (weight loss) completed, the scope / biopsy done, and the psych evaluation (the last two are now complete). THANKS 🤗
  2. I think he is expressing fear, but not doing it in the best way for you to hear that. Note that I have no examples of him being abusive, only this statement, but this is my thought based on the statement above. And he isn’t wrong in his fear - there are very high rates of divorce (and addictive behavior for that matter) following Bariatric surgery. Fact. He would not likely know those stats, although he could, but his fear may be based on more reality than you or he realizes. I often note this to my patients in helping them come to a decision about Bariatric surgery. He seems to be doing something similar. People should be clear minded and have all the facts (not just the ones they are happy to consider). It is your decision, but what you do (positive or negative for you) does in fact effect him and vice versa.
  3. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    Thanks! The whipped mixed berry from Philly cheese is also very good (25 calories for 2 Tbsp if I recall correctly!).
  4. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    We have Aldi’s but not Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods... I will trade you!!!
  5. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    The “just crack an egg’ brand ones are very good. I am staying under 800 cal per day and so I use the ones that with an egg are under 200 calories each (there are 3). Pretty yummy!
  6. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    The Hershey’s SPECIAL DARK cocoa powder is a for less caloric method 😄 I think it’s 15 calories for a TBSP and is delicious in oatmeal (with the sweetener of your choice!). Also good in the various mug cakes, etc.
  7. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I am scared of having anything that is 80 calories for 2 Tbsp in my house 😂
  8. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I ordered once from Aldi, they had only 50% of my order and the “fit and active” bread was mega bitter. Work would keep me from getting an order super early. But best for me to avoid bread anyway, I like it FAR too much!
  9. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I can’t figure out if this is the bread that I tried from them. It tasted a little bitter to me BUT it was toasted and underneath a turkey and veggie version of sloppy joe’s so it wasn’t a fair chance even if that bread was the same one. I will try it 😊
  10. AlwaysCruising

    Favorite Grocery Products

    @Starwarsandcupcakes I love the numbers for those tortillas, but those were the first of any type that I tried last week and I felt as if I swallowed a fishing boat 😣 I am now 2 months, so hopefully at month 3+ I can manage them better! @GreenTealael Where did you find the bread? I haven’t been eating bread, but my go to was Nature’s Own light version (pretty good). But would love to try these! All - Below are some of the products that I love through my WW years and post Bariatric surgery 😊 I love the G Hughes BBQ sauces also, but the ketchup is like you made it at home for almost no calories; the sausages are yummy and way low calories (check the directions, you must cook them on 50% power!), and the Fudgepops take better and seem more “substantial” than the SF popsicles to me.
  11. AlwaysCruising

    GERD before surgery advice

    @S@ssen@ch hi - I didn’t say this because it didn’t seem pertinent at the time, but I’m a health care provider and fairly aware of the options overall. I wasn’t specific, but of course the LINX procedure is the one my surgeon now does. It is too soon for the second scope in my view, and normally would not have posted about it at all, but the topic was already started 🙂 I so hope some of this remits sooner and not later. I appreciate your effort at helping.
  12. AlwaysCruising

    Exercise for loose skin

    @Lynda486 it was late when I posted (which is why it says “I normally do this” vs. “don’t do this” LOL). But I did want to add this - I was heartbroken when I read this in your post - “until this past week when my husband and my son separately told me that I need to do something about my loose skin.” I cannot imagine anyone saying that to you, much less beloved family members. I can’t imagine the callousness of it nor someone thinking you could just “do something” about it. You must feel you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t 😣. I hope you have people in your world that will be there for you and help you during this journey ❤️
  13. AlwaysCruising

    Exercise for loose skin

    I’ve got to be honest, there is no exercise for loose skin. If someone has lost a little bit of weight and has no muscle tone, they could gain a little muscle to push out the skin. But for significant weight loss, skin and exercise are completely separate issues. Unless someone is quite young or won the DNA lottery of skin, there will be loose skin. I’m not trying to be Debbie downer, but those are scientific facts and I hate for people to spend a lot of time and money on things that won’t work (and there are people who will lie for their own reasons, including the beauty industry trying to make money). I wish that weren’t so (but I spent $20,000 on surgery because it is). But there is still looseness on my lower legs and arms that surgery can’t fix. It is just part of the journey. I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to attach a before and after picture of my arm surgery (after my 100 lb loss 7 years ago). There is nothing that would’ve fixed that skin but surgery. 🙇🏼‍♀️
  14. AlwaysCruising

    Eating little and lots

    I totally understand. From the very start I was able to eat more food without something stopping me than I felt I should have been able to eat. The nurse practitioner said that was the case for some people. She talked about it being a positive thing that I was able to eat without pain and nausea. So I’m trying to see it that way. 😊 I think it can be frustrating when you see people bemoaning the fact they can’t eat much and happily chatting about their lack of hunger when neither is your experience - it can be a truly scary thing! I wish you all the best 👭
  15. AlwaysCruising

    60 years young and having surgery

    I was 59, 1 month from 60, when I was sleeved 6/18/20. My recovery was really easy except for the pain from a gas, I healed quickly, and have had virtually no nausea in these 8 weeks. I would compare it to a robotic hysterectomy (I would compare it to a robotic hysterectomy (which I also found pretty easy). Wish you the best!
  16. AlwaysCruising

    BCBS Illinois

    Let me first say that the insurance company doesn’t really tell you very much. I know this because I am a provider who gets paid through insurance and I am a little too familiar with all of it ! For 500 people who have a policy from that insurance company X, 500 different policies will likely exist. That is the case for any insurance company. The insurance company isn’t the one deciding the policy provisions, it is instead the employer who contracts them for certain policies and they makes decisions about what they will offer. That said, they are more than the typical number of policies written by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois by large corporations like AT$T that seem to have the fast track option (3 mo vs 6 mo). You still have to meet all the requirements of the surgeon and the other requirements of the insurance company, but fast track means that you do three months of nutritional visits instead of six. Good luck!
  17. AlwaysCruising

    GERD before surgery advice

    I am in a similar position, but earlier in my journey. I had Gerd before surgery but it’s been much worse after. I was slaved on 6/18/ 2020. They did an upper G.I. last Friday and I will reflect three times within like a minute of her watching. I didn’t realize it was that often, although I have realize there was more acid in my stomach that there needed to be because it creates a sensation of been hungry for me. The nurse practitioner for the surgeon called me and she said (a) it could get better as I today am just 8 weeks out and not fully healed (per her) and (b) a future fundoplication type procedure might be needed (he does some beaded ring version). I asked about the option of switch to a Bypass instead and she said she would talk to the surgeon about which of those 2 would be the best future option. Notably he does a lot of the fundoplication so maybe will lean that way? She also suggested that they do another scope but with two special procedures with it. OY. Please keep me updated on your progress, I wish you luck!
  18. AlwaysCruising

    30-30-30 rule with water

    I am thankful my surgeon only requires a 30 minutes after a meal - that is hard enough, I can’t imagine trying to do 30 minutes before a meal also. I feel like I would spend the entire day watching my watch!
  19. I think of you being more typical than those with huge losses early statistically speaking as you are more typical than those big losers are. I am 7 weeks out and have lost 28 lb and that is quite on target for my starting weight and BMI. I also had hunger and my surgeon said about 1/2 of patients do (and nooooo I am not talking about head hunger). I also could eat 6 oz from early on and now eat most days 700-800 cal per day - the NUT said that wasn’t bad that I felt so little nausea. That was a very long phase of purée for you and those foods tend to be more caloric and that couldn’t have helped. But calorie wise many of us are the same. I too was disappointed initially and surprised by all the things you bring up as surprising you. I am not sure it always helps to see all the bragging kind of posts online, unusually large losses may make you feel like you are doing something wrong even if you aren’t. 😊 Good luck on your journey! ♥️
  20. AlwaysCruising

    How soon do you feel full?

    my silly iPad and I posted twice, please ignore 😀
  21. AlwaysCruising

    How soon do you feel full?

    My experience was almost exactly the same (except I have a sleeve). I have had virtually no nausea in almost 7 weeks. And that’s a great thing. But, I also don’t really ever feel satisfaction or actually feel full. At most, the burp/cramp feeling. From the beginning I felt that I could eat more than others. Talking to my nutritiousness about it she seemed to think that was really kind of positive since a lot of people can’t keep food down and I can. She also said the low calories that most people are eating early on is because they couldn’t eat more (but not because they should not eat more). I have been losing weight at the right rate for my BMI and from what I can tell I am slightly ahead of average despite all of this. But I so understand how it is frustrating to feel as if your situation is 100% different from most others! 🤗 Fyi - I have an upper gi tomorrow (lots of acid) so we will find out if indeed I have a banana sized stomach! 😂 Actually that little suspicion in your head is really common with people after weight loss surgery! We don’t really think it, but...
  22. Yes, it is quiet. To be super honest, I stopped really looking at the posts here since it was from the start this thread was so strongly dominated by a very few people (some with such frequent or long essays that it seemed to be less sharing and support going on and more heavy reading). I was sleeved in June and would likely have shared more here, but felt I should look elsewhere for support during that crucial time 0-30 days out. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well 😊
  23. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I thought “My, that attitude seems very familiar!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  24. AlwaysCruising

    Balancing calories with exercise

    I agree with @Sammi_Katt - Last year I had been working out at an aerobic/anaerobic level for 60 minutes and didn’t burn but 300 or so (and I am 5’8” with a good deal of muscle). Our daughter runs 15-20 miles at a time and she would burn at that level, but few other workouts could do that. The most accurate readings are with the chest strap - I use the wahoo TIKR (about $50) that will track with iCardio or other fitness programs. The worse option, however, are the exercise charts (like those in my fitness pal) that seem to seriously overestimate calories burned.
  25. I have been at 650-800 daily since week 3. The Nutritionist for my surgeon said that was fine and that I was losing at a rate greater than the average (she said at 4 weeks the amount expected is 10-25 lbs, I was at 22 lb and at a 35 bmi which is the lowest BMI to have WLS). She said it was not that they wanted people to eat very few calories, it’s just some people were sick and nauseated so often they could not actually eat more. She said it was positive that I had not been ill and could take in nutrients (since just getting in 64g protein requires consuming a decent amount of food).

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