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  1. Michele_DS

    Constipation issues after WLS

    Hi JennC92, I am 4 months out now. As an update, I have been taking 1 Colace tablet once a day and I have not had any more constipation issues. I am not knocking Miralax, because it has helped me. At first I was taking Colace and Miralax but it became expensive and I decided to see what would happen if I stop taking one of them. Colace has been a life saver. It is not a harsh supplement and I am able to use the bathroom daily.
  2. Michele_DS

    Constipation issues after WLS

    AJ Tylo, do you mind sharing which fiber powder you use? Thanks.
  3. Michele_DS

    Constipation issues after WLS

    Thanks catwoman7!
  4. Hello. I have read many threads with constipation being a problem after having wls. Many wls patients have stated they have been drinking plenty of water, taking fiber supplements and exercising and still have constipation. I am almost 2 months post op (DS) and been having constipation issues. Milk of magensia relieved my constipation but causes diarrhea. My nut suggested taking Miralax once a day with 1 Colace tablet. Is this safe? What are you guys doing to prevent constipation?