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  1. Lyndor

    Did I get shorter ???

    I grew by 2cm! People said i looked taller! Maybe because youre a big guy, and theres less of you, its a feeling of you taking up less space
  2. I went through a real low mood period post op where i cried a lot and felt very depressed. I thought id never enjoy food again. My relationship with food is very very different now - things can be too sweet! Never thought THAT was possible, I hate meat, it makes me feel uncomfortable in my stomach and grosses me out. I dont generally enjoy food unless its actually something really really good. And i mentally have to know its healthy too or the joy is all gone. Head hunger is 100% real and probably the most difficult part - even though i dont necessarily want food, when im bored i just eat. Ive learnt the way to help me say no to things is to think about their taste (weird concept i know!). For example, theres a chocolate cake on the table in the staff room I know what choc cake tastes like... so i dont need to eat it! Works well for me
  3. My stomach, although quieter now than when immediately post op, has had a hell of day back talking me! I had veggie loaded miso soup for my dinner and even before i finished it was creaking and talking away! Especially when i lie down in bed at night! Does anyone else have a chatty stomach? Anything in particular that sets it off?
  4. Pouches naturally stretch out over time.. but i think that old habits and being "comfortable" are more to blame? Im at the same stage and have had a 4lb regain (whilst being trapped at home with a broken wrist) so i have been calorie counting and weighing myself daily to keep accountable! Your stomach hasnt regrown, we still cant make ghrelin AND you have no where near as far to come! Dont let it sneak up!
  5. I completed the couch to 5k run programme and worked my way up to running 5days a week and completing a lot of races. I also mountainbike. I clean and garden and work. I really enjoy cooking healthy food for other people.
  6. Lyndor


    No regrets. 18 months out, secret sleever. Currently dealing with a 4lb regain, but now i have the control and tools to manage. (Up to 74kg from 72kg, still under my goal weight) Stay on top of your weight, understand that surgery is a choice and a tool only, it doesnt stop you putting rubbish into your body. You are the only one who can do that. Plenty of idiots blending up mcdonalds to make it fit. Educate yourself and exercise. The thing is, that this is massive though and if you want to change your life that means it all has to change after surgery and it has to be a life long change.
  7. Lyndor

    TPN anyone.?

    I understand what TPN is, im a nurse, but you havent explained the reason behind its use or whats happened to get you there?!
  8. Vegan, 18 months PO VSG. Today I got 120g protein in. Shakes bro!
  9. Lyndor

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    I record all my food in a diary for the day - not the volumes or calories, just what I've eaten so I know if I'm overdoing it. I chew everything a lot. I also can't stand people that eat quickly! And sugar makes me feel seriously ill.
  10. I don't want to be rude or abrupt, but as you've already failed on your VSG 5 years ago, why are you not fully invested in this second chance?? All WLS stomachs stretch out over time and it seems like you are blaming it for your gain, when in fact that's a natural process and it'll certainly be sped up if you continue to make terrible nutritional choices. The only person who can stop you eating KFC is you. I am 18 months post op sleeve and everyday I record my nutritional intake, because I am an ADDICT but there is no way I'm going back. I was so miserable, and I am completely free now. The VSG just gave me the push out the door, I have to do ALL the work. Forever. That's the deal. Exercise and eat well. I still have treats... like a chocolate date. Not pasta! I would suggest you take a long hard look at yourself, and realise that you're the only on who can change this. You need to acknowledge you have issues around food and not blame your surgery for your failure. Seriously. Get some support around you, TRACK your food using a calorie app religiously, start exercising and get yourself to a psychologist pronto.
  11. Also this guy, whos instagram also features plant foods aplenty. Hes australian. Ive just realised you asked fot bariatric cookbooks.. to be honest i own zero bariatric books and just track macros myself!!
  12. I 120% recommend two cookbooks you wont have heard of! But are on book depository and VERY popular here in new zealand where i live! One is VEGFUL by nadia lim - and it lists full nutrition and calorie content of all meals and ways to adapt the recipes to make them plant based. The other is the RAW SISTERS cookbook by margo and rosa Flanagan. Again kiwi chefs bringing the wholefood health. Vegful is an exceptionally easy book, with fast easy recipes.
  13. Lyndor

    Looking for help...

    Hello! I am also a happy runner who is building to her first marathon in may (Toronto! But i live in New Zealand). I find I bonk hard out, and i tend to overdo my race day nutrition, i do take gels (when i normally dont take anything processed!) I use the gu vanilla variety. I eat a clif bar for breakfast, and will eat my usual healthy diet the days leading up to a race as i find "carb loading" just makes me feel like a giant blueberry with all that excess glycogen fluid. I plan to do bananas during my marathon and using other electrolyte fluid so i dont have issues there. I hope your training is going well! How are your long runs? Remember running is a celebration of what youve achieved!
  14. Hi everyone! Im a sleever who achieved goal weight 9 months post op. Im currently under goal but would like to loose another 10lbs.. but thats not the point of this post! Love to hear from anyone who has ran a marathon, im aiming for a 4 hour goal time and currently running 5 days a week and increasing distance by 10%. No injuries yet (except my currently broken wrist from my downhill mountainbike hobby!). Im a plant based runner who is more or less a veggie. I do not eat processed foods - and by processed i mean food with anything on the label that is not an actual food. No ****. I live in New Zealand, so thankfully we eat very differently here and this has been easy. Any tips from experienced runners very welcome. I have an excellent baseline of fitness as I've been running since 6 weeks post op and credit it with my success.
  15. Lyndor

    OMG Shin splints!

    Good shoes that fit your feet! Compression socks or leggings, which will need to be replaced as you shrink. Ive completed a few half marathons in the last 18 months post VSG and these methods do not fail me!