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  1. Lyndor

    TPN anyone.?

    I understand what TPN is, im a nurse, but you havent explained the reason behind its use or whats happened to get you there?!
  2. I don't want to be rude or abrupt, but as you've already failed on your VSG 5 years ago, why are you not fully invested in this second chance?? All WLS stomachs stretch out over time and it seems like you are blaming it for your gain, when in fact that's a natural process and it'll certainly be sped up if you continue to make terrible nutritional choices. The only person who can stop you eating KFC is you. I am 18 months post op sleeve and everyday I record my nutritional intake, because I am an ADDICT but there is no way I'm going back. I was so miserable, and I am completely free now. The VSG just gave me the push out the door, I have to do ALL the work. Forever. That's the deal. Exercise and eat well. I still have treats... like a chocolate date. Not pasta! I would suggest you take a long hard look at yourself, and realise that you're the only on who can change this. You need to acknowledge you have issues around food and not blame your surgery for your failure. Seriously. Get some support around you, TRACK your food using a calorie app religiously, start exercising and get yourself to a psychologist pronto.
  3. Lyndor

    Looking for help...

    Hello! I am also a happy runner who is building to her first marathon in may (Toronto! But i live in New Zealand). I find I bonk hard out, and i tend to overdo my race day nutrition, i do take gels (when i normally dont take anything processed!) I use the gu vanilla variety. I eat a clif bar for breakfast, and will eat my usual healthy diet the days leading up to a race as i find "carb loading" just makes me feel like a giant blueberry with all that excess glycogen fluid. I plan to do bananas during my marathon and using other electrolyte fluid so i dont have issues there. I hope your training is going well! How are your long runs? Remember running is a celebration of what youve achieved!

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