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  1. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Fantastic work, well done. You must be so proud and feel a million times better!!
  2. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I was so upset when I had a stall week, but knew I was doing what I need to do and it comes back. My dietician has said that I need my 3 month B12 booster injection, but can't have it because of the current situation so I am taking double dose B12 pills, Calcium and Iron tablets as well as my multivitamins to keep the balance up. Keep going, you'll do great. I am sure you feel better!
  3. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Looks like everyone is doing well, no matter how small the loss, it is a loss. Well done all. Like everyone, isolation is harder when the kids have so much rubbish in the house to eat, but I have adpated to having smaller versions of what they eat, so we may have hot dogs, but I don't have a bun, I may have a corn wrap, and if they are having fries, I will have 3 or 4 and no more. Had a stall last week of -0.5lbs, but back to losing 3-3.5lbs a week every week as of today. So 83lbs down since the op, feeling strong, cycling loads, doing so much gardening and lifting etc, I feel great, my body looks so different and lets just say my wife is very very pleased, says it is like having a new man!! Pic on the right was NYE 2019 (4 months ago in fancy dress Run DMC gear at an 80's party), the pic on the left is me today. So shirt off pics I am afraid, didn't do that. The best thing I have ever done. As a big drinker before, I have not had a sip since NYE and I feel great. I will have another drink soon, but at the moment I am not bothered even though my wife is having a G&T or fruit cider most nights. Just being a better me. Love it. Stay safe all.
  4. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Checking back in after a few weeks off the app. I am doing well, eating is a lot easier now, I am able to eat most things and apart from some gentle pain saying I have eaten too much (corn wrap with chicken, cream cheese and some diced onion almost destroyed me). Loss seems to be going well, was signed off by the surgeon. Went swimming at the weekend but wore a pair of old shorts that haven't fitted me for 3 years, they almost fell off as soon as I got into the water... awesome! Felt good. Keep it up January Folks, looks like everyone is doing well.
  5. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Thank you Sarah, I have done Cali a few times but do NY every Feb (not this year for obv reasons). Have skied Heavenly, Tahoe and Breckinridge in Colorado too so know what a beautiful place you call home. As a side role I am a trustee for a Military based charity and have been invited to Pendleton Camp in San Diego to run some classes and talks for the Marines. Looking forward to it.
  6. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I had a sleeve on 01/15/20. Breath and tongue... yep. Brush 4 times a day and have mouth wash too.... Enjoying sending clothes to the homeless shelter and charity shops. Here are my stats / terms - Surgery Date: 01/15/2020 Height: 6 feet 2 inches Starting Weight: 427.7 lbs Weight Lost: 58.7 lbs Current Weight: 369 lbs Goal Weight: 252 lbs BMI: 47
  7. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I've been cleared to eat what I like, but I am still being good. 58lbs down since the 8th of Jan and 53lbs down since the op on the 15th of Jan. I had / have a lot to lose but I am being good. Been told I can exercise now as well today so going to get on the WattBike I have hired and start lifting some 5kg dumbells, should help with firming too, which actually is not too bad so far, belly is shrinking well. An average day for food for me looks like - Breakfast - Shake - 25g of protein with vitamins and minerals & cup of decaf tea Mid morning - either a 20g protein yogurt (low sugar) or 1/2 a 30g Phd Smart Protein Bar Lunch - Chicken breast cut up with a few carrots or beans Mid afternoon - either a 20g protein yogurt (low sugar) or 1/2 a 30g Phd Smart Protein Bar Dinner - 4oz steak or chicken breast or cottage pie or scrambled eggs & either low salt / sugar baked beans, refried beans, veg mix I am pushing down as much water as possible and having my vits and supps. Feel good. Some discomfort if I eat too much or too quickly, but on the whole it has been good. No reflux or vomiting. A little loose out back if I eat too much dairy (possibly sugars) but otherwise good. Doc told me to only weigh myself once a week to help overcome any negativity of slow loss days, which I now do and is working well. Losing about 4.5lbs a week now. One thing I have noticed is my breath stinks, I am sure this is ketosis as I am eating mainly protein-based foods, but is this something anyone else has found. Hate it! Working hard to look good on a trip to the US (Pendleton Camp, San Diego and Santa Monica) and I am going on in June, need to look my best!
  8. Miles in the UK

    Before/After Male Pic

    Well done pal, cannot wait for a few more months!!
  9. Miles in the UK


    no regrets, ever. Get it done and start living again! x
  10. Hi guys, my scars are pretty much healed and I fancy going and having a bob in the water, a steam room and maybe jacuzzi at the local country club. Would this be an issue?
  11. Miles in the UK

    Swimming - 3.5 weeks after sleeve op

    Thanks guys, my doc and dietician both said wait until week 6..... chemicals are not great with the scars. Mine are pretty good, the glue came away last week on all. Will do what they said. But they did tell me I can start on mashed food stage so Cottage Pie tonight. It will be nice to chew something again after 3.5 weeks.
  12. Miles in the UK

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    Hello all. Had my Sleeve on 01/15 or 15.01 if in the uk! Followed my pre-op diet and op went well. One night in ICU then one night in my private room, then home with a carrier bag of drugs, injections and bits. Loss went really well in the first 2 weeks, then I have stalled a little this week, but put that down to the 3 week curse, however I have been told to introduce scrambled egg, baked beans, slightly chunkier soup as i suffered from diarrhea for the first week out of hospital. Wounds healing well and everything else seems ok. A few pains here and there but not had any pain killers since day 5. I am struggling to get 2 litres of water down me though, so need to work on that. Well done everyone, big steps towards a better life for all.
  13. Miles in the UK

    January Guys

    first post chaps. I had my GS on 15th of Jan. So far ok. 8 days in. 2 days in hospital. Losing well and no real pain now and not been sick at all. Just a lot of burping still and still have loose bowel movements. Anyone else finding this? Was told by the dietician that I should progress a little early onto slightly bulkier soups, scrambled egg, etc to help with the diarrhea but still here now. Taking in about 550-650 cals a day, minimal carbs and almost no sugar. Anyhow, nice to join and hope to be an active member