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    February 2022 Surgery Buddies

    RNY on 2/8 for me! I am worried there will be a delay due to COVID numbers, but hopeful.
  2. Curious if anyone has done the carnivore WOE, especially combining carnivore and bariatric recommendations. I have had decent success with keto a couple of times, but my sugar cravings always pull me back in. I am hoping carnivore will help me break the addiction. (I am still pre-op, but will hopefully have RNY mid-2021).
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  4. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Life changing! I can't find a way to search for providers on their website, but there are some providers listed as they become certified. https://www.aabc-certification.org/blog/category/national-board-certifications/
  5. Talkspace and BetterHelp are great virtual resources that let you look at bios and pick someone you think will be a good fit. They only do telemed visits which is not always great, but they can let you expand your net of potential therapists wider than your local area. For me it's a lot of trial and error. One of the most important things in having good therapeutic outcomes is to have a good relationship with your provider, which you won't know until you give them a chance. Don't be discouraged if you try a couple people and it's not a good fit. You will also probably have a credential preference -- anyone who is a PhD in psychology, licensed counselor, licensed clinical social worker, licensed marriage and family therapist, etc, is a possibility, but each education path kind of has a different focus. I prefer psychologists, mainly because I am a clinical social worker and feel like they are the only ones smarter than me. 😂😂 I think it is important to go in with an open focus -- have a couple questions or ideas, but also let their questions or feedback help guide you. All that said, I have had a helluva time finding a therapist that has been really helpful regarding weight. My therapist that I LOVED was more of an accept-yourself-at-any-weight-don't-diet kinda person. The following one that was more interested in health/weight stuff was not a good fit in other areas. I am trying a 3rd one now. I am not sold yet, but I have only met her once, so we shall see.
  6. +1 I was trying to find a way to say this but you did it for me.
  7. orange_lily

    New week! What are you thankful for? - 9/7/20 to 9/13/20

    I am grateful to have gotten a staycation with my wife over the weekend.
  8. orange_lily

    What are you thankful for this week? - 8/31/2020

    I am also super grateful for summer's end being in sight and for the rain we got recently! This may be controversial, but I am grateful for movie theaters re-opening. I am grateful for being prescribed an anti-depressant that seems to be helping lift the veil a bit. Great post idea!
  9. orange_lily

    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    So I work in a hospital for severely mentally ill folks. One of my patients gives people nicknames. I have been waiting to see what he decides on for me. I think it has been decided... today, he has called me "Heavy", "Ms. Heavy", and "Heavy Bear". He also asked if I weighed a thousand pounds. He is not malicious at all. I played it off with a laugh (as we learn to do), but it freaking hurt.
  10. orange_lily

    Food Before and After Photos

    I got mine a week ago and have used it every day! Have fun!!!
  11. I have had difficulty finding a therapist that is supportive talking with me specifically about weight loss. Most seem to focus more on acceptance, which is nice in most situations, but not when my obesity is going to kill me. This made me curious about other people's experiences have been and the real question... What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you? These are a couple of similar things I also saw recently that might be inspiring. Reddit: The most effective weight loss "magic pill" I've found? Therapy. Buzzfeed: People Are Revealing The Most Unforgettable Advice Their Therapists Ever Gave Them
  12. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    My therapist and I talked about something similar a few years ago! I had to work to get rid of the fairy tale belief that if you work hard and achieve success, the hard work is done. Some things, like weight management, will always require work. We don't get to to the top of the mountain and just get to sit there, but it is still worth it (since my next thought is "Well, if it's always going to be hard, what's the point?". Thank you for sharing!! ❤️
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/FoodAddiction/ https://www.psychforums.com/food-addiction/ (doesn't look super active, but might have helpful info)
  14. My team specifically warned us that the gas usually moves to your shoulder and not to be surprised by weird shoulder pain. I think you are safe!
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  16. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    We all benefited from this one! I am so glad you are here!! ❤️
  17. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    @Sassafras1 I really like that!
  18. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    @Foxbins- Agreed!! I like to use the budgeting tip -- if you want something, wait X number of days, and if it is still worth the (monetary or caloric) cost, then have it. Usually during that time, the urge passes!
  19. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    I hope your appointment is good! Come back and tell us if they tell you anything wonderful!
  20. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    I so relate to this! When I first started seeing a psychiatrist, endocrinologist, and spine specialist and realized that almost every single thing I hate about myself has a medical component... I wasn't just fat and lazy and all the other things I had been told and told myself. What a powerful moment!! Inspiration from a strange place, but there is a Savage Garden song that says "I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do". My mom is still emotionally unhealthy for me, but I have come to believe that they harmful things she did to me were not malicious and not because I wasn't a worthy or good kid. When I was complaining to a previous therapist about how my mom always tried to buy me things or send my money when I just wanted her to accept me, my therapist said "Maybe that is the only love she knows how to give." Love this! I loved your rambling! Thank you for sharing! ❤️
  21. orange_lily

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    I like this! Kinda like gratitude journaling - challenging yourself to find something that is good even when it feels like everything sucks! Congrats on your progress, complications and all! ❤️
  22. I did the seminar and consult appointment with Banner Estrella (pre-Covid). They are the same program, just 2 sites. The seminar is very low pressure. You will fill out a packet of info with questions about your health and demographics, including you insurance info. You have time for questions, but don't have to talk or share in the seminar. I did my consult with Dr Heller. I weighed in, he talked about my health history, and discussed which surgery would likely be the best option for me. He was very kind. Everyone at the office was. Both in the seminar and consult, weight was talked about from a completely normalized and non-judgmental way. You got this!
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    I love your style! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️
  24. I am scheduled for 4/15. As of right now, my program is not cancelling surgeries that far in advance, but I can't imagine that they won't. It took so much balancing to get things in place for this, and I am pretty defeated (in addition to insurance requirements, I had to switch jobs to make sure I could get time off). There is no one to blame really -- who could have predicted a global pandemic? But it still sucks.

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