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  1. Hello New to site ... Last band May 2013 SW 255lbs CW 146lbs Mostly maintaining for 3 years, with some +/- 5lbs Since band I’ve had burping all the time. And reflux PBing on and off ... good spells and then bad spells, resulting in two emergency de-fills. Followed by re-fills after a few months. Never been able to eat fruit, some salads, egg white or anything firm or chewy ... now cook veg to soft. No digestive issues pre-band. In Sept 2019, I started struggling with regurgitation, so I started taking Omeprazole, which has helped, but not cured the reflux etc. In the last few weeks, I’ve also started struggling to drink enough water, and some days I’ve gone back to blending my food. We are long term travelling in Europe, so it’s not possible to see my consultant. Plan to take myself to local hospital to see if they can do a barium swallow, to check to see if the band has slipped. BUT, started to think that the band may not be a long term solution .... I’m only 55. Wondering if I should go for a sleeve. Just concerned about reading posts on here, reflux may not be cured by a switch to the sleeve. The bypass worries me as more severe. I will have to pay, so not a decision to be taken lightly .... Would those of you who have gone from band to sleeve describe your changes to reflux, burping and bringing up saliva? This wold be most helpful ... thanks in anticipation. K
  2. Be interested to hear how you get on longer term ...
  3. curvee gêne rosa

    Vitamins, gummies and pills. oh my!

    Thinking about a bypass (band in 2013), interested to know how effective taking all these supplements are. How many have had blood tests to check your levels? Do they give you sufficient nutrients given your smaller appetite? Thanks for answering.
  4. Thank you all. Only had reflux since being banded, hoped it would go away if I went for a sleeve. No way could I manage without wls... greedy gene still strong!