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  1. I had a lapband on 30 July 2007 and had it removed in 13 November 2007 due to slippage. In 21 November 2008 I had a gastric sleeve. The sleeve was not a true banana shape due to scar tissue. I started at 133 kgs and plateaued at 102kgs. In 2015 due to constant reflux I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia around my port entry which has given me a permanent gap at the LES. Since then I had put weight on due to menopause, HRT and stress by 4 kgs. Then in June 2018 I had a mild stroke due to BP and now I am 116kgs. So options are to have sleeve revision with hiatus hernia fixed or gastric bypass. But I’m not sure of the complications about a bypass.
  2. What tests did they do and why did you choose the bypass?
  3. Has anyone had a gastric sleeve revision? 

  4. Hello All Just a little history I was banded on the 30th July 07. On the 31st July I had slight pain when swallowing Water and had a Barium swallow/xray which was fine. I had my first fill of 4.5ml( totally done by the doc of how much and when) on the 6/9/07. I had 2.0ml removed on the 22/10/07 after complications (refluxy with pain after crackers, funny noises in throat, hardly drinking water). I then still had problems with the noisy throat and inability to eat with major reflux/nausea and then being sick in my sleep caused me to fly to Perth to get the rest of the fill removed. The Doc only got 1.0ml out on the 12/11/07, I then had again had another Barium swallow and it showed I had contractions in the oesphagus and a slippage. The option was to get it removed on the 13/11/07. I feel so much better than I have in weeks since the first fill. My questions are: Did you get another band placed? If so was it a different type? Did you go to another surgeon? Did you find out why it slipped? Was it due to too much fill? I have booked another appointment next year with the doc to investigate the band as an option or something else and I am not sure whether to continue with this path. I am very dissullusioned, sad, pissed off, blaming myself for the slippage as I could have flown to Perth sooner etc. Has anyone else being in the same or similar situation?? Outback Jo :help:
  5. Did anyone else do a Barium Swallow before Surgery?? I after only 15 weeks with the band I had it removed on Tuesday the 13th November due to two things, my oesphagus was contracting and the band had slipped. I am not sure if they are related but I was not eating at all and throwing all the time. Can anyone help with this question as I am very disappointed in the band process and now the doc is looking at more severe options. Not once was I asked to do a Xray before surgery I was asked if I got reflux. Any Ideas????? Jo
  6. Does any one have that constant restriction around their voice box/throat and is contantly feeling like throwing up or is throwing up after meals? I had 4.5ml put in my first fill and suffered for 5 weeks with not eating or drinking much before I had 2ml removed. but I feel I may need all of it removed. I again can't eat much without that constant nausea feeling, funny noises in my throat and the throwing up. A couple of weeks ago I was so thirsty that I drank 600ml of Water to quickly on an empty stomoch and threw it up while driving in my work 4WD about 1/2 later. GROSS. I dont eat at all during the day now other than a biccky or two but even thats hard to swallow without the orchestra. I am requesting the doc take out all the Fluid in a couple of weeks at my next appointmnet but I feel that I should have some in. I cant handle this anymore with the not eating... I'm tired, hungry, grumpy, embarrased by throat noises and tummy rumbles in meetings. I feel like I made a big mistake but the only win is that I am now 111kg. Am I weird not to have any fill at all? Has anyone got any ideas. :help::hungry: Cheers Jo
  7. Hi everyone thanks for your replies I didnt wait 2 weeks to see the doc as I was feeelinbg really unwell. So I flew down to Perth on Sunday night and after a barium swallow/x-ray it showed that not only was I having contractions in my oesphagus( causing the bad nausea and reflux) but the band had slipped as well. No pain thou, very weird. Thanks for your replies. Cheers Jo Cheers Jo
  8. Hi All Just a question, as I fell really abnormal, does anyone else get funny throat noises like tummy rumbles in the back of your throat after drinking or eating? I had my first fill on the 6th Septamber(4.5ml) and it obviously was too much as I didn't eat or drink much after that and so I had (2.0ml)removed on the 22nd October(Long Story-remote location vs doc Location). Since then I can now tolerate food & Water without puking or stuck pains but the throat noises are still there and they are louder than my tummy rumbles. EMBARRASSING!!!!!! Outback Jo
  9. OutbackJo

    Aussie Bansters Chat Thread Part 2

    Hi Bronnie I havent been on the website for a while but once I read your post its a relief to see that I am not alone with this problem. I really felt like I had done something wrong as well. Shortly after I had my first fill, I got something stuck and then after that I couldnt tolerate water or 2 crackers with out feeling refluxy with heavy pain and the funny noise in my throat. I threw up a couple of times as well and had immence pain nearly every day. I actually resorted to icecreams for energy. I have had like you a few bad weeks of no energy and being very grouchy. Last week I had 1/2 the fluid removed from my band. I was told that some people cant tolerate much in their band or even none at all and its a balancing trick when you start. Also I was told that it takes 4 days to recover from something being stuck or a puke from the band as it creates swelling. yep its a vicious circle. After my first fill and this removal I now do believe it takes a week to recover from a fill. Right know I believ i may need a weeny more, so I am going to do 0.5ml at the next fill time. I made the grave mistake of not flying to see my doc when I thought something was wrong and I shouldnt suffered for weeks with it. So please see your doc ASAP and do a barium swallow to see if everything is A OK. Cheers Jo
  10. Hi mms83, I would'nt stress as I had 1/2 bottle of Moet with some mates as a last fizzy drink toast before the op. It was ~ 3pm the day before my op which was ~ 11am. I didnt tell the doc as it should have gone through the liver and system during the night. Outback Jo
  11. Hi Raph I am from Outback WA, and yes the optifast is disgusting I suggest your try Terry Ferguson much nicer. The wrestling sounds intersting my Doc said that after 6 weeks I should have no problem fighting fires as I am a volunteer fire fighter and that using the 4WD for work should be good. I hope that helps. Rice well I think I am odd as I have had no prob as long as it is cooked.. sushi mini rolls fantastic......I believe the softdrink is because of gas getting behind the band and casuing pain. Trust me that hurts. I actually dont like fizzy drink but I love champagne & I havent yet tried that. I hope this hepls cheers Jo
  12. On the 6th Sept I had my first fill of 4.5ml and I still feel really uncomfortable. At the time I was suffering from an asthma/flu and the Doc just thumped the needle it into me. The band was tender for the first 24 hours but ok. Since then I have had a lot of tablets. On Monday 18th I ate a small can of tuna with olives and had my first blcokage at work. I was refluxy, gaging some salvia and had immence pain in the chest area. I had a little Water which didn't help at first but the second settled it down. Ever since I am now unable to tolerate more that 100ml of fruit puree or yoghurt. Have I really stuffed it? Any suggestions? Cheers Jo
  13. I was banded on the 30th July and currently in the mushie stage and like you, I am eating more than the cup of food recommended... probaby about 1.5 cups over a 1/2 hr period but also I am hungry a couple of hours later and need another nibble. I have added extra fibre to everything to help with the hunger but its not working. My dietician progressed me to the mushie stage early and I feel I may have to do to the next stage earlier than the 5 weeks recommended. If by the end of the week this still progresses I will be contacting my dietician to see what I can do. I have my first fill of the band in a couple of weeks and hopefully that will help. I have twice been uncomfortable with the amount I ate but everything else is OK. I am trying very hard to maintain the six small meals but I am falling back into the grazing habit again. I was even told that in the Mushie stage 95% of patients can't tolerate scrambled eggs.....hello I can do that too. I have had one accident with lumpy food when cooking for my family . I nibbled as I went without even thinking. That raw mushroom just slid down itself. I was in pain for 1/2 hour but ok after that. I have never felt nauseous or have vomited. I am avoiding soups and anything liquid to the point my mushies are nearly solid. It is hard to explain to people eat work that I must eat in the 3-4hr mark or I am ravenous with very loud magaphone tummy rumbles. All I can say is you are not alone..if this continues by the end of the week I will be contacting my dietician for help. Maybe you should do that too? Regards Jo
  14. OutbackJo

    Port Placement????

    My port was placed dead centre just under the breast bone. Occassionally my bra irrates it but so far so goo. cheers jo
  15. Hi All, I spoke to my doc & she said that the pain/knot/tightness is normal between day 5 to 7. I had it to about day 9. She said it is because all the other pain has gone and your body is getting used to something inside your body. She said with the walking taht I didn't over do it only that I noticed it more. She said my wounds where good It is now Day 11 and I feel Ok. I only get sore if I bend over lots and if I over endulge in my new found puree diet ... REAL food.... Have a great day Jo
  16. I am 7 days out now from my op and I am still in pain. It feels like a big knot which starts at the middle of my back and is connected to the port in my chest area. I well like I have been rugby tackled. It is very uncomfortable and I have it 80%of the time. Is this normal? I seem to get it more at night as well.
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    Mushies Stage Recipes

    What is a scallion?
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    Anyone Interested in a Virtual Walk

    WOW. I defintely need to catch up. I want be starting mine till I am home on Saturday But WOW well done Cheers Jo
  19. OutbackJo

    Anyone Interested in a Virtual Walk

    Hi Barry I think maybe towns close together may be better. The distances to the nearest towns where live are approx 300 to 500km unless when we do the walk around Australia we do sy 1km = 100km on the map. How about we do a winery tour either in Margaret River or The Hunter Valley or the Borossa. In Margaret River we could also stop off at the chocolate factory, the brewery, maroon farm, etc. Do it like a gourmet trail. LOL
  20. Well I had my banding op on Monday 30th July I am now in Day 4 of fluid diet. I am bruised, sore, tired and feeling a tad unsure whether this is the right thing.Yep I am moping. The Hospital was wonderful and the staff supportive, lovely and caring. The 1st 24hrs was tough as they definetly want you to be up and about pretty jolly quick. Also treat your dinner tray with suspicion as they still serve (on a clear fluid diet) jelly which is a NO NO. But now I am in a hotel, 1000's of Kms away from my family and I am feeling alone. You know when you watch TV and you see a commerical about FOOD and thats you can think about for hours to the point you can smell it. I realise I cant eat anything real for another 2 weeks but I miss real food not liquid favourless stuff. Does everyone do a last meal because if you did I hope you did it WELL as mine was a very disappointing Qantas airline meal and it was not something to write home about. There has been some funny sides with my 3 yo running in demanding to see my 4 bandaids and wanting to see them at any time or place. Wounds I believe are a great trophy to admire with awe. The antheisist assured me I was having a good Moet with my injection & the nurse trying to crush up tablets and mixing it with honey and trying to convince me it tastes great. Yep thats as good as it gets. The only gripe I have is the in effeciency of my surgeons staff in telling me of the steps once you are approved for surgery. So to all newbies my advice is get a timeline/time frame of what is happening in regards to appointments as they forget to give that out unless you ask.:hungry::tired:cry Cheers Jo
  21. Thanks guys I will ring my doc tomorrow. I do have also an appointment with her on thursday. Cheers Jo
  22. Hi Lauri (sorry I called you Laura) Today was better as I walked into the city and sat on chairs where ever I went (yep like an old granny). I even stop to get some Soup (stop 1), espresso (stop 2)and a wheatgrass shooter (stop 3). That actually helped having little nibbles/sips as I went along. Now that shooter from the Boost juice Bar which was supposed to give you energy and Vitamins was the grossest thing I have ever had, I feel like I ate the lawn.. don't try it. Staying in Perth was not a choice as in Australia these ops are only done at major hospitals which are in capital cities. Due to fact that I went private it was completed in a large private hospital. Also where I live all it has is a small hospital manned by one doc on call & one nurse and therefore is really a nursing post. So all emergencies actually get flown out by RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service). My surgeon preferred that I was close to ammenitites such as x-ray & op threatres. I must admit I am cheating a little.... the homemade fluids are getting a tad thicker... guilty as charged. I find I am not gulping things down as quick but slowing doing it with a straw which at times I forget and then the burps are painful. But the banana smoothie with wheatgerm, King Island Yoghurt, cinnamon, milk & honey was a dream. So purree chicken hmmm I do remember doing that for my daughter and it was not that successful as it looked weird in the bowl. Try it though and tell me what you think? I keep thinking that when we get to puree foods whether other people have tried blending anything up like roast dinners, garlic prawns etc. A friend of mine was not discerning when it came to baby food for her children. Whatever was in the fridge or for dinner got mashed up in this weird conglomerate. (hummas, roast vegies & advocado). I was thinking maybe I might go for a creamy scrambled eggs .. not good for weight loss but comforting on a Sunday Breakky. Catch Ya Jo
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    How many WA Bandsters?

    Hi All I have just had my op in Perth on the 30/7/07. I will be going home soon after a stay in Perth. Cant wait to chat to you all. Cheers Jo