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  1. You need to increase your calories a little bit and add some carbs. Stalls also happen bc of it enough calories or carbs. I’ve avoided most of the major stalls by constantly varying these two things. I’ll swing high and low in cals and carbs in any given week. From 800-1200 cals and from 50-120gms of carbs. The trick is to keep your body guessing.
  2. ronjsteele1

    Big trouble 3 years out. Please help

    These are all really common symptoms of gallbladder issues. I would recommend an abdominal ultrasound.
  3. ronjsteele1

    Tubal reversal?? Replies are appreciated

    Not me personally, but my best friend had hers reversed after 15yrs and went on to have 3 more kids.
  4. ronjsteele1

    Desperate for some answers

    I have one word for you ..... homeopathy. I highly recommend www.maryjoaloi.com. you need to try homeopathy. It is safe, non-toxic, and way cheaper then anything medical. And more importantly, it works.
  5. Floradix comes in a liquid too. It’s nasty, but it is liquid and gets the job done.
  6. ronjsteele1

    Post Op Weight Gain

    Increase your calories to 900-1000 on days you work out. You’re not getting enough on those days.
  7. Consider using an iron free multi and then adding in floradix herbal iron tablets. It’s non-constipating. Iron in vitamins is not absorbable. That’s why it constipates people. Herbal iron is 100% absorbable and won’t do that. You can also add mag oxide to your vitamins and that will help as well.
  8. I find I have to switch things up drastically. I’ll do a super low carb low calorie day (like 700-800 cals), then a higher carb, higher calorie day (like 1200 cals), then back to 900 cals. Doing that almost always keeps me from stalling. I just never let my body get use to the same thing. It’s also what was recommended by my surgeons office/dietician if stalls happen.
  9. I had reflux pre-surgery due to an undiagnosed hiatal hernia. They found that during my EGD and repaired it during surgery. I’ve had zero issues with reflux post surgery. I think it might depend on why a person has GERD to begin with. If it’s hernia caused, it will likely not return due to the hernia being fixed. If you don’t have a hernia and have GERD I suspect it would be an issue post sleeve. The first is a mechanical issue (hernia) the second is something else (usually not enough enzymes, eating too much, etc).
  10. ronjsteele1

    How Fast is Fast Track

    Blossom can be as fast as two weeks or longer if you can’t schedule right away. It seems like their average is 4-6 weeks though from first contact to surgery.
  11. ronjsteele1

    When does energy return?

    This pretty much describes me. I’m 40 days post op.
  12. ronjsteele1

    Shoulder Pain 9 months post sleeve

    it sounds like gas and reflux and eating too fast. If it’s improving over time, my guess is it will continue to improve.
  13. ronjsteele1

    How Fast is Fast Track

    Blossom actually does take insurance. In order to by pass the insurance requirements I did out of pocket with blossom. I was 6 weeks start to finish but that had to do with when I could get scheduled. Afterwards, they billed my insurance for out of network benefits and my insurance paid out. I actually paid less then if I’d tried to do it locally with insurance. And I didn’t have the 6-9 month wait.
  14. You might consider going cash pay to blossom bariatric in Las Vegas. I also had a high deductible plan. My out of pocket was 9999 and they billed my insurance for out of network coverage and my insurance still paid $5k out of pocket. That 10k covered literally everything including 5 nights of hotel and daily transportation. Blossom is amazing! And so worth it to stay in the US. They do require you have someone stay with you but you can actually pay $350 and they’ll have someone stay the week with you. The surgery is worth it. Do it! I’ve not read of one person regretting it. The only regret I’ve heard people have is that they didn’t do it ten years earlier. I feel the same way.
  15. ronjsteele1

    Blossom Bariatrics

    I had surgery at Blossom on March 12. I am currently 24lbs lost at 38 days post op. All I can say is, that place is amazing! My sister is a healthcare worker and went with me. She was so impressed with every single thing they did. After surgery there is a fb group that you can join that is just for blossom patients for support and access to blossom employee help. Worth every penny and flying for. From the hotel, to the drivers, surgery staff, etc. 100% perfect with zero complaints. I haven’t met anyone yet that was unhappy with them.
  16. I had the sleeve. I just had steri strips over my incisions. My doctor took the strips off yesterday as my incisions are healed over. I ate a scrambled egg with 1 tbls of real bacon bits mixed in. Didn’t feel any different. I actually wasn’t full afterwards which was disappointing. However, others have said when you start to eat the full feeling kicks in and they were right. This morning I made an egg and one chicken sausage. I could only finish 2/3 of each.
  17. Had surgery 3/12. Right under the radar of when cancellations started to happen. I had surgery at Blossom in Las Vegas and saw my local MD for follow up today. He removed my steri strips and pronounced me well healed. I ate my first real food in three weeks today and that was glorious. I’m looking forward to getting this show on the road weight loss wise. I’m down 17#’s since surgery. And starting into the 3 week stall that others have talked about. Hoping for a quick return to normal so everyone can move on with their surgery plans.
  18. I had surgery yesterday, the 12th. Yeah, that gas is pretty miserable. I could kiss my tube of homeopathic carbo veg! I started taking that immediately and every time I walked I had my sister pound my back. Between those two things we got rid of the gas pretty quickly (relatively speaking). The doctor said 24hrs and I think we had it gone in about 14hrs. So I can’t complain. Drinking plenty of water but very small amounts at a time. I’m actually hungry. 😩 Beyond that, I get on a plane tomorrow so hoping to rest up today and be able to walk through the airport.
  19. Leaving on a plane tomorrow for Las Vegas. Surgery Thursday. I can’t believe this is happening. I hit hangry yesterday after 10 days of liquids and I’m hormonal as all get out. Oh, and due to cycle on the day of surgery. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ But I am so ready. Except I’m not packed yet..... 😂😱
  20. ronjsteele1

    Cold & Flu Medicine Options?

    Boiron cold calm and sinusalia for cold/sinus symptoms. For coughs Chestal Honey.
  21. ronjsteele1

    Nausea after 28 months

    My understanding is the sleeve can develop narrowing once in awhile that can create what you’re describing years later. It sounds like you need to see your surgeon.
  22. ronjsteele1

    Liquid diet struggles

    I start my pre-surgery diet in just over a week (one day before my 50th birthday). Blossom requires protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a lean meat for dinner. My biggest fear is how to survive on that few calories for two weeks. First, I don’t sleep if my stomach is growling. Second, my blood sugar is going to tank which makes driving unsafe bc it makes me want to fall asleep at the wheel (I have reactive hypoglycemia). How on earth do people deal with these types of issues on so few calories?! If I could subsist on 600 calories a day I’d have been doing it a long time ago. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ So I’m more worried about the peripherals then anything. Forging ahead no matter what but a bit concerned about the pre-diet.
  23. ronjsteele1

    How to start?

    I’m paying out of pocket through Blossom Bariatric and it’s $9499 bc they are estimating they can get our insurance to pay the difference up to their $15k fee. The deal with Blossom is if your insurance doesn’t pay the difference then you only pay the amount they quoted you. If you’re 100% cash it’s $15k.
  24. ronjsteele1

    I f**ked up

    Mine said they test for smoking. Probably depends on the surgeon.
  25. March 12th and very nervous. Struggling with not just letting it all fly now that I know I’m having surgery. Food funerals? Stress eating? Definitely. Considering a few days of pre-op diet to try and see how I do.

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