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  1. KS Mermaid

    5 month post op

    I had bypass Y/R on 03/05/20. Started surgery day 271lbs, Today I am 192, only 32lbs to go!!!! We have this!
  2. KS Mermaid

    6wks post op need recipes sick of egg & ckn salad

    Ok the Tofu sounds so delicious. Going to try this weekend.
  3. Im 6wks post op. I've eating mash potato, scrambled egg, egg salad, chicken salad and refried beans. I am sooooo sick of these choices, I need some new suggestions! I am not a chef and work 2 jobs so time limited. Any help you guys can give me I would love! I saw a stuffed mushroom, which sounded yummy but not sure if I can have that yet??
  4. KS Mermaid

    6wks post op need recipes sick of egg & ckn salad

    Yes. About to graduate in 4 days
  5. Anyone else scared of doing soft food because it will be more calories? I am, I have stayed the same weight for the past 10days, Only taking in 500 calories. My protein is around 75g. 80oz of water ea day. I log everything I eat, its the same everyday and i exercise everyday with a 2-3mi walk. But the scale wont budge. Tuesday is when i am supposed to start soft foods. I'm scared I will start gaining. Any advice?
  6. update: I added one more 3oz meal into my diet, and I dropped 1.5lbs! I added a soft scrambled egg. Not sure if added more kicked up the weight loss or if it was the added protein or if it was the end of my plateau.
  7. KS Mermaid

    3lb weight gain om a day?

    yes i lost 1.5 lbs the next day. "1 step forward, 2 steps back"
  8. I had surgery (bypass) on Mar 5. I have steadily lost .8lb each day. I have written down every calorie and every gram of protein. My question is On Thurs I ate 400 calories and 75g of protein walked for 25min. On Fri I copied everything to a tee from the day before except 1 sugar free popcisle at night and my exercise was doubled but I gained 3.8lbs. Anyone explain the abrupt weight gain? Sat I went down 1.5lb (same) food intake but less exercise only 45min. I know alot of ppl stall at 3wks but this wasnt a stall it was a gain....
  9. Does anyone have any issues with constipation at 2wks post op? I have taken Miralax but no avail! Any other suggestions?
  10. called Dr's office, he said since Miralax didnt work, to try a supository
  11. KS Mermaid

    1 week post op

    I am down 11lbs since surgery. I didnt drop any for 2 days but then I dropped 1.5lbs. Patience. If your walking or exercising every day, your gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. All the protein your taking in is burning the fat when your exercising. Start taking measurements of your abs, thighs, upper arms, measure that way and you will see more progress. I, too am guilty of the "love/hate"relationship with the scale. My doctor said not to weigh everyday but i am guilty of that too. Just keep it all in perspective!
  12. I had my 1st post op Dr visit today. Dr was excited that I was averaging 1.3lb loss a day . I've got one more week of liquids then I can do pureed. But I have been released to go back to my desk job! Start back on Monday. Looking forward to that. Here's my question, I feel that I swell up or retain alot of gas at the end of the day. My chicken and beef broth seems to bloat me up but I crave savory taste by the end of the day. Does any else experience this? Does walking relieve this or just exhaust me to the point that I dont notice?
  13. 1. It will be alot cheaper costs in the long run. 2. Im scheduled in a hospital and My dr told me I could expect to check in 1p on Thurs and be out Fri by 10am (around 22hrs). You will be fine.
  14. KS Mermaid

    Sleeve vs C-section

    I have had C Section, Hysterectomy (davinci robotic), and now I am having Bypass. My sugeon does all his WLS robotically, if this applies to you will have 5 small incisions on your belly very similar to a hysterectomy done robotically. *old fashion way of WLS was to cut you open and stitch you up. A C Section unlike this, is a large incision in the lower abs where they cut your abdominal muscles, to pull a baby out. The pain/discomfort you experienced from C Section is more on the incision and muscle being cut which is numbed by alot of the times by an epideral. When you have the WLS done robotically the 5 incision are approx 1cm long. The discomfort your going feel is from the actual inside of your body ie: stomach sutures and gas they pump in your body. Your recovery will be alot quicker than that of a CSection. My surgeon said that if you work a desk job you can go back to work 1 week later with weight lifting restrictions.
  15. Good luck! Viva Las Vegas! Im on day 7 of clear liquid diet surgery tomorrow. Originally I was petrified of the liquid diet, because food is my comfort. But my dr said I could have protein shakes, in which I choese Premier Protein, they are super rich and filling. I have lost 11lbs in 7days on the preop diet, after day 3 I wasnt hungry at all. I wish you the best, see you on the loser's bench!
  16. Good luck! You'll do fine. Everyone I have talked to is up and moving around fairly independently by day 3
  17. I have the same fears! I had really good results from HCG, but the moment you stopped it (it was super expensive) I started gaining 1lb a day. Now I at my largest in my whole life. After the HCG it seem to be stubborn fat that wouldn't budge, when in the past I used to lose and gain super fast. I have been on the 7day liquid diet and have lost 8lbs on day 6... So i have renewed hope!
  18. Goodluck! I will be rooting for you, mines on the 5th (Thurs).
  19. KS Mermaid

    March 10th surgery date

    I can have 1-3 premier protein shakes, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, chkn/beef broth, crytal light w/caffeine is my friend. (1) fruit and (1) vegetable a day
  20. Good luck let us know how it goes! Mine is this Thursday!
  21. KS Mermaid

    March 10th surgery date

    I am March 5th! Im in the middle of the pre-op clear liquid diet phase or as I like to call it "About to eat one of my kids phase" lol!
  22. KS Mermaid

    Three Months now! w/pics

    You look amazing and your inspiring to us newbies! Keep up the good work!
  23. Does anyone have a list of "Ok'd liquids" during the pre-op/post-op liquid stages. I am looking for a variety. My pre op liquid diet starts in 9days, I would like to go out and get what I need now.
  24. KS Mermaid

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I met him on the first consultation but your correct haven't seen him at any of my other appointments.

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