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  1. Hello all! I had Gastric Sleeve surgery on 4/9/19. I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary but I am still 20lbs or so away from losing 100lbs. At month 6 I experienced a 3 month stall that I just recently broke after trying intermittent fasting. I'm kinda bummed that I probably won't meet the "100lbs down in a year" goal. Did anyone else NOT lose 100lbs in their 1st year? If you didn't, were you upset or discouraged about it?
  2. Miss Liss

    When did you stop loosing weight?

    I stalled at month 6 and continued to stall for 3 months until I tried Intermittent Fasting. It helped get the scale moving again!
  3. Miss Liss

    3 Month Stall. WTF?!

    Well I tried IMF and it helped! It broke the stall but now I think my body is used to it smh. I've been fasting everyday for about a month now and have lost 8lbs. My 1 year surgery anniversary is coming up in April and I am still 20lbs or so from losing 100lbs. I am bummed that I will not meet that goal. Did anyone else NOT lose 100lbs in their 1st year?
  4. Miss Liss


    Definitely. I'm 9 months out and still experience this 😂
  5. OMG I'm so thankful for this thread! I thought I was the ONLY one! I had a total abdominal hysterectomy back in April of 2017 and I was sleeved in April of 2019. I have lost 71lbs in 9 months. Although I am grateful, I feel like I should be further along. I'm almost certain the hysterectomy plays a part. It's so frustrating ☹️
  6. I'm so glad I found this thread! I'm actually 9 months out but started stalling at 6 months out. I've only lost 6lbs since October! I've just started intermittent fasting this week and am hoping it helps to get things started again. I also saw something about a "pouch reset". What does that consist of? Willing to try anything at this point! I still have 30lbs to go before I reach my 100lb weight loss and only have 3 months to do it 😕
  7. Thank you! So in your experience would you say IMF helped to break the stall? I'm starting to get frustrated so I'm willing to try anything at this point lol
  8. Just started IMF on Sunday and I plan to do it a week and see how it goes. I have been experiencing a long stall and am hoping this ends it! Welcoming suggestions as well 🙂
  9. Miss Liss

    3 Month Stall. WTF?!

    Thank you for this! I see you had gastric bypass in 2018 and passed your goal. That's awesome! I know they say after a year the weight loss slows down tremendously. Would you say you're still losing almost 2 years out?
  10. Miss Liss

    3 Month Stall. WTF?!

    That's exactly where I'm at now. I have an appt next week and I have switched my foods around and am doing a week of IMF. I will keep you all posted! Lol thank you!
  11. Miss Liss

    3 Month Stall. WTF?!

    Hey all! I am frustrated! Can you tell by the title of my post? Lol! I had surgery on 4/9/19 and although I am down 71lbs, I have been stalled for 3 months now! I've only lost 6lbs since October. I'm not sure what is going on. I will say, back in April of 2017, I did have a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy so maybe my hormones are all over the place. I need advice BAD. Has anyone experienced this long of a stall? If so, how did you come out of it? I am grateful for this tool and am trying to get all I can out of it. HELP!
  12. Miss Liss

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Hello all! New member here! My surgery was April 9th and I've lost 71lbs so far. I've been experiencing a stall for the last 3 months and am very frustrated! 😔
  13. Miss Liss


    What's the longest stall you all have experienced? I am 9 months out and am currently in month 3 of a stall. I'm getting so frustrated ☹️. In another thread someone suggested intermittent fasting. I may try that
  14. Miss Liss

    App isn’t working on iPhone

    My app is working but it's hard to see things on it. The background is white so I can't see anything I'm typing or selections I'm trying to make. Side note, where do you all get the cool signatures that show your progress? Lol
  15. Miss Liss


    Good morning everyone! I am SO glad I found this forum. I have been in what seems to be 3 month stall. Trying not to get frustrated but I am. I am going to see a Bariatrician at the end of this month to see what's going on. I have changed the way I eat and exercise but to no avail. What are some things you all do when you experience stalls?