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  1. Congratulations!!!! You have lost so much, it must feel amazing!!!! You look so cute in your new dress!
  2. lotzasunshine

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    I am so sorry you have had such a hard year. I lost my Dad to cancer in april of 09 so just before you lost yours. I understand what you are going through!! :grouphug: You are still doing amazing!! Congrats on the 80 lbs down!!
  3. Congratulations! Dr K is wonderful! You shouldn't be nervous! It will go so smoothly! The surgical team there is great! Good luck!!
  4. lotzasunshine

    Leaky Port :(

    ok, so I am almost 2 weeks out from my port replacement and doing fairly well. I did have to get my lortab refilled. I had trouble sleeping. Still am not losing. But I figured I would have to get a fill right away anyway. I am wanting to ask you all your opinion on something. Dr K said he would be going after the manufacturer for the cost of the surgery and such. What I was wondering, is should I make a case for extra? With all the flights, hotels, recovery time, weight gain, wasted time etc.? What do you all think? I have obviously never been in a position like this before and would love some input. Thanks! <!-- / message --> <!-- sig -->
  5. lotzasunshine

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Hi Becca! Yeah, I get the double edged sword thing! But it really is worth it! Welcome t our thread. I just rejoined about a month ago. These guys are wonderful, and very supportive! A note on me this week. Still sore, and limited to what I can do. For some reason I thought I would be back to my exercising already. Then I thought. "It hasn't even been a week!" I just need to calm down a little. I am excited to lose again, but I have to wait for my body to heal.
  6. lotzasunshine

    Anyone with a leak and revision?

    Just an update. Ok, I am at our hotel and doing very well. I woke up a lot easier from my drugs than I did last time. I noticed right when the nurse had me sip juice that I have restriction! YAY! Not a lot, but a lot more than nothing! Also Dr k showed the port and tubing to my mom and it has a 1/8 in tear in the tubing. This is the 4th time it has happened to one of Dr k's patients. He told her that he is meeting with the company that makes them on Friday to discuss how they should be financially responsible for not only the part cost, but the cost of the patients replacement surgeries as well. So we may get our money back for this one! Too bad I can't make them magically lose the weight I gained in the mean time. Oh well. I did really well my first year and plan on doing that well again this year. Plus I exercise a great deal more now than I did then.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!:thumbup::thumbup::tongue::laugh:
  8. lotzasunshine

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Sorry about your sucky boss!! And the UTI suck too! When it rains it pours doesn't it? I suppose it's just another lesson to learn in life. I think patience has to be the biggest lesson I need, because it keeps popping obstacles in my way. Feel better!!
  9. Thank you so much! You are wonderful! I do still have your number, had to go to my PM inbox, as I left my phone in a pair of pant and washed them, so lost all my contacts. You are so sweet! I really appreciate it!
  10. lotzasunshine

    Im a newbie

    I never had one done before or since. If they require one talk to your surgeon about how you feel. It is likely that they can give valium or something to help with the nerves. I am terrified of the dentist and that is what they give me. It is great stuff!! I really helps. It can't hurt to ask!
  11. lotzasunshine

    all of the fluid in my band is gone!

    I have had a similar problem come up recently. I was supposed to have over 6 cc's and the Dr could only pull out 1.2. he gave me a fill right there, and tried to pull it back out. Not all of it would come. I am scheduled for a port replacement on the 17th. Hopefully yours is just a leak in the tubing. It is pretty rare to have a leak in the actual band. Good luck!
  12. lotzasunshine

    Ice Cream

    Exactly. Not everyone is the same. I had a bad day once, and got a chocolate frosty from wendy's and lost a pound the next day. I thought it was a fluke, so wrote it off. Another bad day several weeks later and the same exact thing happened. I found out then that I needed to take in more calories than the 800-1000 that so many people think is the limit. I have to eat over 1500 to keep losing. It just the way my body works. Does it mean I eat a frosty every night? No. Do I justify eating frostys? Nope. I just make sure I don't do it often. But I don't beat myself up about it either. We can't deny ourselves everything because then we are just on another diet.
  13. lotzasunshine

    Ice Cream

    Sorry!!! He!!! I just see a lot more women on here than men. Sorry again!
  14. lotzasunshine

    Ice Cream

    Now beating your dog with a stick is something to get up in arms about!! LOL! Seriously though, some of the earlier comments were from people who haven't had their band very long. Don't stress too much. I like your attitude that you will do the band the way it is meant. Everything (you can tolerate) in moderation. That one of the reasons I chose the band in the first place. I wasn't going to have to force myself to diet all the time. That is pretty much torture for me.
  15. Part of the stuck feeling, like you said could be that you ate too big of a bite, or it was too dry. But I would suggest that you call your Dr and let him/her know that you are losing, and having stuck episodes. They may decide to push back your first fill as you are losing still. But a lot can change in 2 weeks. Since you are still in the mushies stage that could be the reason for your loss. Once you get back to solids, you will learn very quickly when a bite is too big or too dry so as not to get stuck. Plus, when you go back on solid foods, you take in more calories. Also, you may still have some swelling from the surgery itself, which is giving you restriction. That may be gone in 2 weeks. Maybe wait a week or so, and then if you still have the same problem, let your Dr know that you don't think a fill would be a good idea. you can always push it back a week, just to give your body more time to adjust. Good luck!
  16. lotzasunshine

    Leaking, and needing to talk

    Thank you! I am not on the boards a ton anymore, but am trying to be better about getting support. I am glad to know the problem. I have been talking with my husband and he feels that the right direction to go is to have the surgery. I agree with him, so I will be having it the week of the 14th. My Father used his bonus to pay for my surgery in 2008, but he passed away the next April. My Mother has the insurance money and insists on paying for this one as well. So all of my worries are starting to work out.
  17. Kohl's has some great dress pants! But I only shop the clearance racks, so I only paid $7.90 for a $50 pair of slacks. My kohl's is super small though, so the plus size section is TINY. I am going to the one at the south end of the Salt Lake valley so that I can really get some use of my 30% off this weekend. Sorry about jeans! I seem to have the opposite problem. My waist is a lot bigger than the size my thighs would fit in, especially since I started working out on my elliptical. So if i went by thigh size I might even get into a 16. but not gonna happen for a while!
  18. So I had a great NSV today! I was trying on slacks at Kohl's and tried a 24 which was huge (I am normally a 22 now but slacks can run small) And then I tried on a 20 because it was the only other size and I wanted to see how close I was. IT FIT!!!!! I officially bought a size 20 because it fit!! YAY!!!!!
  19. lotzasunshine

    July Butterflies Master Thread

    Sorry your mother is sick! You both will be in my prayers.
  20. lotzasunshine

    Need Advice

    Can't help you with texas and mexico drs, but my doc in Denver did it for just under 10,000. Good luck! I hope you find someone closer to home for you!
  21. lotzasunshine

    i am soo mad!

    Sorry your Dr sucked so bad!! You should definitely leave a bad review here on the boards so other bandsters are warned. Good job finding a doc that cares and is glad that you are taking control of yourself, and not just sitting around waiting for the Dr. Sorry about the wasted time, but you are back on track now!! Good luck!
  22. lotzasunshine

    Average cost of a lap band

    I paid just under $10,000 for mine. I was self pay as well, and my surgeons office has financing available to help make it easier. Dr.Kirshenbaum is in Denver Colorado and his website is lapbandrockies.com
  23. Well, I haven't been updating much, but I am going in for a fill on the 27th. It has been about a month and I have felt hardly any restriction. I have gained some, and I know Dr. K won't be happy that it took me so long to come in. But with my husband still being out of work, and my job ending next month I had to wait for our tax refund to get a flight. On the plus side though, I did buy an elliptical machine. I LOVE it! I have always liked them, and it is great to have one now. I didn't go all out, I only spent about $300 with a 2 year warranty and got it at walmart. It is great to have something that is easier on my knees. Well, now I just have 10 days to not gain any more. Maybe I should go back on the preop diet. I went crazy on it and had NO carbs and NO sugar, but I did lose 9 lbs. Maybe I should do it. I started using the Kellogs Protein water mix. It is making me get more protein and all my water in. 5g protein and only 30 calories isn't bad. I like the pink lemonade and strawberry kiwi flavors. Well, just thought I would update. How is everyone else doing?
  24. Sorry that you are feeling so nervous about failing. But you know yourself best, and if you are committed you will be able to follow the rules. About the water. When I go in for fills Dr. K does have you drink some water out of a small paper cup. I want to say there are 4-6 ounces in it. He likes you to be able to drink that without any problems because he says everything is thicker than water. You may still have to sip shakes and things, but water should go down easy. He is very concerned with not overfilling because that will just make it harder to follow the rules, and painful for you. He is great about that. I had a perfect fill, and then went through a really stressful time and my body made it feel like I was over filled. He took out a little, and left me with some restriction so I wasn't completely on my own. When I felt that I was ready he filled me less than my perfect fill to make sure I wouldn't be too tight. I do highly recommend Dr. K because he is so careful! Good luck on going through your process. And if you have more questions, call his office and ask! They are very friendly, and you can talk to the nutritionist about the preop diet to get more specifics. Good Luck!

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