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  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to reach and out and see if anyone has experienced neck pain after eating. I had VSG Dec 16, 2019. By the time I was cleared to everything, I started noticing that I would get pretty sharp neck pain if I ate too much or too fast. This is really starting to get bothersome as now I notice it at every meal (which I can assure you I do not over eat)... and the pain is quite unsettling. I am hoping to do a virtual chat with my surgeon but it’s very difficult to get a hold of him. any one else experience this type of pain? Would love your feedback. thanks! Neda
  2. Hey gang, I started having some relatively sharp/stabbing pinch like pain in my stomach... more to the left of my stomach under/below my rib cage Yesterday. I had my surgery December 16th 2019 and haven’t had this pain since a couple of weeks after surgery... do you think I should worry? Maybe I picked up my 35 pound daughter too much? Or ate too much ? I’m freaking out but I’m too scared to go get it checked because of covid! Thanks for your help/feedback! Neda
  3. Hi everyone! Would love your feedback... I will be 8 weeks Since surgery (starting tomorrow) and I accidentally lifted my 33 pounds toddler just now and I feel a little pain and some pulling on the left side my abdomen/belly. Should I be worried? 🥺😢
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    Grainy Hummus

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I was totally fine. Didn’t feel anything.
  5. Hi everyone! hoping for your help! I am one day away from being four weeks postop (VSG Dec 16, 2019) and I made myself some hummus today but the consistency was very grainy and I only had a couple of teaspoons but then I got super scared that The grains or the skin of the chickpeas might get stuck in my stitches and cause a leak or something...so I stopped eating....but now I’m freaking out!! Help!! Thoughts? Should I call my nurse tomorrow? Thanks! Neda Vancouver, BC