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  1. RainbowBrite57

    Surgery day

    I hope everything goes smooth with your surgery & recovery! You will do fantastic!
  2. RainbowBrite57

    just a little encouragement

    As someone who is just a few days away from getting her surgery date, I really needed to hear this! Thank you! You look amazing and I'm so glad you feel amazing too! I hope to check out your YT channel!
  3. For the puréed food stage did y’all use a food processor or a blender? I have a mini blender with a 20 oz cup that I was thinking would work but I’m second-guessing myself now. Thanks!
  4. RainbowBrite57

    Food processor vs Mini blender

    I purchased a little 3 cup food processor so I’m hoping I’ll have the counter space for it, at least through the purée stage. I think I’m going to be using my mini blender a ton! I actually bought the 3 year protection plan for the blender since it’ll be used so much, ha!
  5. RainbowBrite57

    Popsicle Molds

    If you use popsicle molds, what are your favorite ones? I'm overwhelmed by the choices on Amazon! I was hoping to find one that will make the typical Popsicle brand popsicle shape but I'm not having much luck so far. I'd like to make my own because I don't really care for the sugar-free Popsicles. I'm also hoping to make pudding pops if anyone has a hint on a good way to make those!
  6. RainbowBrite57

    Popsicle Molds

    I thought I’d see how they do with the walmart water powder packs. I like the idea of the sugar-free Hawaiian Punch or kool-aid!
  7. RainbowBrite57

    Food processor vs Mini blender

    Thanks so much! I didn’t even think about the hot food. I just bought a food processor. 😀
  8. RainbowBrite57

    Popsicle Molds

    Thank you, I will give those molds a try! I'm glad you reminded me to put protein powder with the pudding pops & popsicles. I'm such a newbie that I may not have thought of that. 🤭
  9. RainbowBrite57

    ms.sss legs evolution

    Awesome!!! I have a friend who I meet online several years ago who said she wanted to be a "sunshine girl". Her grandma would call ladies who had a thigh gap "sunshine girls" because you could see the sun shining between their thighs, ha! So you are definitely a sunshine girl now!!!
  10. RainbowBrite57

    Good surgeon in the north Alabama area?

    My cousin had surgery with Dr. Todd Foreman at Alabama Surgical Associates in Huntsville. She said he did a wonderful job & he's very to the point. She does feel like he could've provided her with more guidance though. He seems to have good reviews online. Good luck with everything!
  11. Has anyone had surgery with Dr. David Diaz or Meridian Surgical Group located in Carmel, Indiana? I'd love to know your experience. I've only seen him during the initial consultation and I should be getting my surgery date soon. I was very impressed so I'm hoping that'll still be the case come time for surgery & post-care! Thanks!
  12. RainbowBrite57

    Good surgeon in the north Alabama area?

    I'm grew up in Athens so hello former neighbor! I'll ask my cousin where she had hers done. She lived in Athens at the time.
  13. RainbowBrite57

    Nausea from protein shakes/powder

    OK, I feel silly. It just hit me that as soon as my doc upped my diabetes medication is the same time I started trying the protein shakes. I'm going back to my regular amount of medication so I'll try the shakes again in a few days. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
  14. Hi y’all! I’m a few weeks away from starting my 2 week pre-op diet so I’ve started replacing breakfast or lunch with a protein shake. Every time I get nauseous after. The whey protein isolate I’m using is lactose-free. I’ve done some research so I know the sweeteners could be the culprit. But I’m wondering if it could just be too much protein too soon since I’m just starting out. I’d like to explore that route first. Has anyone else slowly increased their protein powder intake to avoid nausea & it actually worked?
  15. RainbowBrite57

    Nausea from protein shakes/powder

    I haven't tried that but I certainly will! Thank you!
  16. RainbowBrite57

    Nausea from protein shakes/powder

    Even though I've been experiencing nausea, I can say that the self-made shakes are so much better tasting than the ready-to-drink ones in my opinion.
  17. I had my pre-surgery blood work & tests at the hospital this morning. I also received the 2 week pre-surgery diet I will need to follow. Of course, it follows a very low carb path. I was diagnosed w/diabetes in January & I feel very nauseous if I don’t eat enough carbs so I’m not sure how this is going to work for me. I plan to ask my nutritionist about this but I was also hoping other diabetics could weigh in with what they did. My diabetes is controlled with Metformin. Thank you!
  18. RainbowBrite57

    Diabetes + 2 week pre-surgery diet

    Thanks y’all! My doc may end up lowering my Metformin some or stopping it. I love beans so I’ll try that! I’ll follow the plan & see how it all turns out. Thanks again!
  19. RainbowBrite57

    Diabetes + 2 week pre-surgery diet

    That makes total sense, thank you! It would be SO nice to kick the metformin to the curb. I’ll keep my fingers & toes crossed for you!
  20. RainbowBrite57

    Still Winded

    I can’t provide insight because I haven’t had my surgery yet but I’m curious about this as well! I hope you gain more energy every day. Nap if you can, that helped tremendously after my hysterectomy! 😃
  21. I'm so excited! I bought some unflavored protein powder to up my protein intake before surgery. Since I have diabetes, I drink the Boost Glucose Control for now but I know that will change after surgery. Anyway, I added the protein powder to my Boost shake and it made the shake taste better! I mean really, really good. It was almost like a vanilla milkshake! I'd recommend this stuff in a heartbeat! Yay! 😀
  22. RainbowBrite57

    Hi, noob reporting in!!

    Hello, I wish you the best of luck!
  23. RainbowBrite57

    First Post-Op Visit

    Cream of wheat comes in those instant powder packs like oatmeal now if you ever want to have it again. It tasted just like stovetop cream of wheat!
  24. I certainly won't judge you!!! I'm not to that stage yet, but I can only imagine drinking liquids only for days when our stomachs are still regular sized! As long as you keep to liquids only now, I think you'll be a-ok as long as you don't have a fatty liver. Otherwise, I'm not so sure. Good luck! 😊
  25. RainbowBrite57

    Under 200

    That's wonderful, congrats! I can't wait to celebrate that milestone! 🎉