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  1. 40 pounds is actually pretty good. My surgery was on 2/19 and I have lost only 25 pounds.I know it is discouraging but be patient. You are learning a better way to eat a slow weight is healthier. I concentrate how I am feeling rather the numbers.
  2. Hi I live in AZ too, in the Phoenix area. Seems to be warming up early this year. I just had my surgery this Feb and have lost about 25 pounds.I am very sensitive to heat and have not noticed a difference as yet. It will be interesting to see if that changes as I lose more weight. We are retired and usually travel in our motor home during the summer. With the corona still upon us,we don't want to get stuck getting sick while on the road so we are going to stay home this year. We will see how we do with the heat.
  3. DB in AZ

    Wondering WHY I did it!

    Grace,It's good to see your post. One thing you have to remember is that we who are older and I am 73 will not lose as fast as those who are younger and a bit more active. Other things that affect weight loss are the medications that you are on and a lower metbolism. I had my surgery about a week before you and I have only lost 15 lbs. While it is frustrating I am okay with that and will be patient. It is a process. I do I'm eating between 6 and 700 calories a day which is where my doctors want me to be. I make sure that I get the prescribed amount of protein as well as fluids. My stomach definitely tells me when it's full and that's when I stop.So that is the advantage of your tool.Although you and your sister are both losing weight right now here's what's going to be different for you. You have a lifelong tool now a smaller stomach that's gonna help you maintain proper portions to lose your weight and to maintain your ideal weight. We have all experienced the ups and downs of weight loss and weight gain because the body tries to throw everything at us to regaining that weight (Hunger changing metabolism at cetera) And that's what your sister may go through again and you won't if you follow The rules. The surgery Lowers your setpoint For your body weight. Hang in there and try not to get too discouraged. And stay safe through the corona virus.
  4. It's from the gas that they had to open to you to do the surgery. And yes it does manifest as shoulder pain. It should diminish over the next few days.
  5. I am 16 days out now from the February 19 surgery.I think everything is going pretty good.I went for my 1st post op visit on Tuesday.For the 1st 2 weeks I was on for liquids and pureed.I have now been cleared to go to soft foods. Can't tell you how good the 1st couple of meals tasted. I can only get about 2 oz down at a time and definitely have to eat slow. My stomach definitely tells me when it's full and that's when I stop. I still have about 1 protein shake or smoothie each day to get the required protein. Been averaging about 450 calories per day.And he told me I could start regular food in about 3 weeks. I can't wait to have a salad. I have been taking vitamin since in the hospital. And my doctor Said to go ahead and start my full regimen again.I was really surprised that if they have us on liquids and pureed that we are able to swallow pills okay. I've been a little frustrated With the scale. Have lost only 6 lb since surgery. I am not obsessing and I know things will change. I am probably just in the slow losers club.
  6. I am definitely in the slow losers club. I'm 2 weeks out today and have lost only 6 lb. I am not obsessing. I know it's a process and my body will lose on it's on pace. I remain positive.
  7. DB in AZ

    Stalled for a week

    To lose 30 lb in. the 1st few weeks is phenomenal. Don't get frustrated. I am 2 weeks out today and I've lost only 6 lb. I know it's a process so I'm not obsessing.
  8. DB in AZ

    Tomorrow is the day!!

    Relax you are in good hands
  9. DB in AZ

    Cramping after surgery

    Yes, what you feeling is normal. I am 13days out and it's so much easier now. The first days your stomach will feel raw and spasm or hurt. You just need to take it slow. Take tiny soups especially with the protein. Over the next few days you will start to learn when your stomach is full. Don't push beyond that point. It may take you over an hour to get 6 oz down. I just went for my follow up, I can now start soft foods. I just had 2oz of cottage cheese and avacado, was delicious. It will get better for you.
  10. You maybe restricted from driving initially. I was cleared after 1 week.
  11. DB in AZ

    What Would You Do?

    Regardless of whether the caffeine that you consumed in this product cause your GI bleed you definitely need to question the surgical team regarding their policies.To be essentially prescribed a product that contains caffeine while their policy states no caffeine whatsoever is very inconsistent. I'm wondering if there even aware that this protein powder contains caffeine.
  12. DB in AZ


    Grace, From 1 future foxy old lady to another I'm glad to hear your surgery went well.Yes we all do gain a little bit of weight with the procedure.Which is primarily due to the fluids they gave you as well as your organs are swollen from the actual surgery. It will go down overtime. You have to be patient. I'm now 12 days out from my surgery and feeling really good. But I've only dropped 5 lb since surgery date so it gets frustrating. We just need to be patient. Getting the proteins and fluid in daily is getting easier and easier and it's Easy to know when my stomach is full. Hunger has not been an issue but I am anxious to sink my teeth into some real food.
  13. I'm 12 days out from surgery now and things are getting better and better everyday.I've been able to keep up with the protein requirements.I am definitely very tired of the commercial protein shakes. So I've been mostly making my own Using protein powder,Skim milk, and the Toranisyrups. I've also been eating a lot of pureed and water down soups.Haven't had a problem keeping up with fluids, they let us count what we drink in the protein drinks as part of the total for the day. My new stomach definitely lets me know when it's full. And I usually fill up at about 3 oz. Then I just take my time drinking whatever else I need to at that time.I'm glad to hear so many of you are doing well. Let's keep in touch
  14. I am 11 days post off now and have only come down for the £5 and surgery date so don't get too discouraged. You might be in the slow losers club. I anticipate I will be due to my age and the medications that I need to take. It's a process and be patient.
  15. I'm 9 days poke stop now from being sleeved. Feeling really good. Energy up and able to do a lot more. It's been a challenge but I've been able to keep up With the protein and water requirements..I expected to have some stalls along the way but I didn't expect it to be this soon. The scale hasn't moved in 5 days now. I'm not obsessing. I clearly understand my body's readjusting and maybe still retaining a lot of fluid from the surgery. Just a little frustrating. I actually don't go so much by the scale but judge how I feel and I'm feeling great. Glad for my decision and not worried.

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