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  1. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    How to add your surgery info?

    So I’m not to quick on the social websites...so any help is appreciated. Does anyone know how to add the surgery info? I can’t even figure out how to rotate my pic...LoL
  2. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱


    I was wondering when does the tummy swelling and recover from the trauma of surgery really go away? I’m 5 weeks PO and still am very sensitive, and still feel as if I’m swollen.
  3. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Not seeing change

  4. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱


    What member?
  5. You have lost a lot of weight very quickly, your body may need time to just catch up. How much protein, calories and water do you get every day? I was sleeved on the 12th so we are neck and neck. Keep up the good work!
  6. I was sleeved 12/12/19, I weighed myself today, I have lost 27lbs total since surgery day. Whoot whoot !!! That is damn near a pound a day. I have been mainly focusing on fluids/protein shakes. I can only eat about an a ounce of food at a time. Try to do this three times a day. I have decided to go to a plant based diet to maintain my weight loss. This surgery has drastically opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.
  7. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Bone broth and protein powder really saved me during the prediet phase. Also the sugar free frozen pops. You got this, just remember after surgery the game changes. Your hunger goes away, and then it’s all a head game. Hang in there!
  8. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Vegetarians(or Vegans!)

    Vegan meatballs at Aldi’s are so good, we use them in so many meals. Also the plant based noodles at Aldi are super good. Edamame noodles, the hubby liked them, super high in fiber, so carbs turn out being super low. Add that to some spaghetti sauce and another great vegan meal.
  9. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Grainy Hummus

    Hummus is on my soft foods for three weeks post op. I freaked out so much about “leaking” too. That’s great your making your own food!! Processed foods helped get me here, so my big thing now is meal prep, and fresh homemade meals. I order from imperfect foods, fresh veggies, and fruit at a discount delivered to the door. I got a coupon for anyone who wants to try them out. It has helped me learn more about other veggies, how to store them, and cooking and trying more veggies I normally wouldn’t have.
  10. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Recurring Hunger (2 Weeks Post-Op)?

    It must be different for vsg, at 5 days post op, I was still on a liquid diet.
  11. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱


    Your at 2 weeks PO and already eating carbs? Does vsg not need time to heal before introducing meals back in? Is this your dietitian/dr’s plan? I have the sleeve so maybe it’s different. But I’m supposed to be eating protein now. I just started adding fish, eggs, avocado, soft food stage. Two weeks post op I was on thick liquids still. Are you getting all your protein and fluid intake in?
  12. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱


    Struggling eating? Or eating too much?
  13. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Nicotine. Tests

    You said a urine test for nicotine? The nicotine test for cotinine Usually shows positive for 3 weeks from your last indigestion of nicotine. Very important your not smoking for the healing your body has to do eternally. Smoking slows the healing down tremendously.
  14. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Any new toys for after weight loss?

    I got myself a ninja bullet...works great for one-two people.
  15. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    First Day on Soft Food

    I was warned to introduce food variety slowly...to see how your body will react. How did the v8 do? I’m afraid of the tomato acids burning my stomach scar after reading some of these posts.
  16. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    How much soup is too much soup...?

    I was wondering this same exact question last night while enjoying my egg drop soup...cuz it was hella good!
  17. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    7 Months Post Op

    Wow you have done an amazing job Brent. Can someone explain IF?
  18. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    Best tasting protein drink/powder

    I can tolerate the bullet proof unflavored protein in anything... Muscle milk is my new coffee’s creamer...great amount of protein per serving. Your taste buds will change after surgery. I loved the protein water before surgery, but can’t stomach it since the surgery. Same with premier protein, I can’t stomach most of the flavors now after surgery.
  19. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    3 weeks post op from sleeve

    I was told not to worry about the amount of protein in the bites I take, that I still need my 60-70 grams of protein drinks a day. I can only stomach the bulletproof unflavored protein powder. Even the protein water feels to thick on my tummy. How is everyone else getting protein in?
  20. 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱

    I messed up...

    What is your stage 2 diet?

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