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  1. I'm into the second week of pureed foods, and have been trying some soft foods with some texture. I have tried eggs twice and it has been a disaster both times. Turkey Chili pulsed a couple times in blender was great. I have been trying 1-2 soft meals a day, with pureed or liquid in between. Straight pureed after a week was really starting to get depressing. We can always take a step back if we are intolerant to soft food choices.
  2. Mark.olypenn

    Gerd & Sleeve

    I had my lap band removed in large part due reflux and GERDS issues causing tissue damage to my throat. I was on daily medication and changed my diet. When I started researching a revision surgery, I decided a sleeve was my first choice. During my first consultation with my surgeon, he wanted us to consider RNY over a sleeve given by history of reflux and GERDS. When met with the surgeon about month before surgery we were still wanting a sleeve. During the appointment we had a more serious and detailed discussion with my surgeon about having a second restrictive weight loss surgery. His concerns were compelling and to dispel his concern, he recommended endoscopic exams over a two month period to confirm my reflux and GERDS was under control. Ultimately, I had RNY surgery 2 weeks ago because of the risk of a second restrictive WLS surgery failing. In the end, we are all different and we need to understand our bodies. We should make decisions on what will give us the best tool for successful weight loss.
  3. Definitely follow your doctor's direction and what your body will tolerate. My doctor and nutritionist prescribe to the 2-2-2 Plan; 2 weeks Full Liquids, 2 weeks Pureed Foods; 2 weeks Soft Foods. My RNY revision surgery was Feb 27 and my first post op appointment was yesterday. I received the green light to transition to Pureed Foods at end of the week. I had Lap Band surgery in 2005, and I know I made some mistakes and took some liberties following the post op diet, paid for it. I am determined this time to follow the program to avoid the pain and discomfort pushing the diet calendar to get to mainstream foods.
  4. I am 6 days post op and feeling better everyday. The surgery took longer than expected, and I spent 2 days recovering in the hospital. I have lost 10 lbs on the Stage 2 Full Liquids. Has anyone had any issues with keeping warm after surgery. I am normally warm blooded, but not so much since I got home. We live in the Pacific Northwest so the climate is relatively mild compared to the Midwest. I find myself turning up the thermostat and layering more clothes. I vaguely remember going through this when I had my Lap Band surgery in 2005. Also, my blood pressure is running higher than normal the past few days. It is not at crisis level, but is concerning long term. I have been in contact with my surgeon and his staff. We have walked through every key areas after surgery; protein, hydration; vitamins, supplements, exercise. I got an 'atta boy' but no answers. I will be tracking my BP until my follow-up appointment week. In the meantime, I have an appointment with PCP tomorrow. Anyone have a similar experience? My BP should be going down.
  5. Mark.olypenn

    6 days Post-Op RNY

    Saw my doctor's PA yesterday about my blood pressure. She performed a thorough check-up and found nothing unusual. Over the past couple of days my BP has been trending to more normal levels. It looks like I had spike similar to your experience.
  6. Mark.olypenn


    All the best with your surgery and the recovery. What a courageous journey!
  7. Mark.olypenn

    Eight Days and Counting

    Thank you, this is all been helpful. I'm catching myself over-planning to keep my mind busy. Got the post op diet and restrictions from the nutritionist last Friday. I think we are prepared for the return home after the surgery. It is a blessing to have a very supportive wife, family and friends. I am just 4 days out now. I have lost about 6 lbs on the pre-op diet which is a bonus.
  8. I am so ready, surgery is on Feb 27th. Had the Pre-Op appointment on Monday. Next is the appointment with the nutritionist this Friday, then surgery. I am excited and a bit nervous. After focusing on completing all the prerequisites for Medicare, and having my lap band removed last December, the reality that the surgery is just eight days away is hard to believe. I'm starting to think about what to take to the hospital, any thoughts? We live about 2 hours from the hospital, so some planning is involved. Trying to visualize the recovery and life adjustments after surgery even though I've been through lap band surgery. Don't get me wrong, I have read a ton and spoken to close friends about their experiences after by-pass. But now, its me and everybody is different. Never spent a night in the hospital in 60 plus years, that will be new. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  9. Mark.olypenn

    Personal size blenders

    I use a Bullet blender for small batches. Works well for 1 or 2 servings and doesn't take a lot of counter space.
  10. Mark.olypenn

    Anyone a few years after bypass?

    I had reoccurring acid reflux and GERDS issues with my lap band to the point it was removed in December. I was strongly considering revision to gastric sleeve, however, my surgeon presented a compelling case against it, in favor, of gastric bypass. His primary point was the sleeve is a restrictive solution to weight loss, similar to a lap band. Given my history, he was concerned that my struggle with acid reflux and GERDS would return. My gastric bypass surgery is scheduled for February 27th.
  11. Mark.olypenn

    Weight loss before surgery

    I dropped 15 lbs in the first three months of the medically managed weight loss program. I lost 10 lbs in the first month. In the fourth month, I had my lap band removed as the first step to revision to gastric bypass. I stalled at 15 lbs loss, then gained 2-3 lbs back. The first weeks of a diet are usually water weight loss. So, the first few weeks can be encouraging.
  12. Mark.olypenn

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    That's great news all around. Hope the weight management program goes well. I started my pre-op diet today while we are driving home from Arizona. My wife has decided to do it with me which is a huge plus. God bless her for supporting me through this journey. The first day went well. My revision surgery is coming up on Feb 27. Pre-op appointments are on Monday with the surgeon and nutritionist. It is our final meetings prior to surgery. It's been a journey to get to this point, but it is only just beginning. I have been struggling with weight control since my lapband was removed in December. Traveling the last several weeks hasn't made it any easier. Hoping the pre-op diet will get me back my weight las month.
  13. Mark.olypenn

    Upcoming bypass

    All the best! I`m 24 days out from surgery date. I agree read through the posts on the topics you are nervous about, but understand that everyone is different. Filter out the rants, but don't miss the gems of experience and support.
  14. I lost over 100 lbs after my band surgery in 2005. I gained back about 20 lbs over the next three years and then stabilized at 226 lbs for a couple of years. Then the yo-yo weight loss and gain began, more gain than loss. I was up to 260 lbs when I began thinking about revision surgery about a year ago, but did nothing to move forward. My acid reflux and GERDS became worst during that period. After two endoscopic exams, weeks apart midsummer, it was determined my band had slipped and my pouch was very small. Also, I had high potential for developing Barrett's esophagus. I decision for a revision was easy after that. The band was removed in December. After 2-3 discussions with my surgeon, I decided, given my history with acid reflux and GERDS, to revise to gastric bypass scheduled for Feb 27. Honestly, if I was only 12 lbs from my goal weight, I would concentrate on enjoying life.
  15. Mark.olypenn

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    Thanks for your insights. With my Lap Band online resourses like this forum didn't exist.
  16. Mark.olypenn

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    For those that have had revisions from Lap Band to Gastric By-Pass, did your weight loss happen as you expected? What difficulties and advise would you share? My band was removed Dec 10, and the gastric by-pass is scheduled Feb 27. With my band I had already significantly reduced my portions, and eliminated many foods, like pasta, etc. I have been told that the life style changes required may easier due to my 14 years with a band. However, the weight loss may take longer.
  17. I have feeling of accomplishment and relief. I completed the Medicare criteria for my revision surgery this week. It has been a journey, stressful at times. In 2005, when I was preparing for my Lap Band surgery, I worked through all the pre- op requirements at the Bariatric Dept. Back then it was my PCP who gave me the biggest grief, as he was not a proponent of weight loss surgery of any kind. This time it was much different. The psychiatric evaluation and initial nutritional assessment I had done at the surgeon's hospital. But, since I live about 2 hours including a ferry ride from the hospital, I decided to do the Medically Managed Weight Loss Program with my local PCP. In hindsight, I think I should have done it with the nutritionist at the surgeon's hospital. My PCP and his PA have been wonderful, but they have limited understanding of bariatric surgery and Medicare requirements. In the end, I think we helped each other through the process, but it took a lot of explaining and back-tracking each visit. The good news is they are both very supportive. Looking forward my revision on February 27.
  18. Mark.olypenn

    Completed Medicare Criteria, Next up - Surgery

    Thank you, that is good to hear. I'm always a little uncertain working with insurance and Medicare.
  19. Mark.olypenn

    VGS scheduled for February - pain questions

    My after surgery pain centered in my right shoulder joint. Besides what Superman said, I found some relief with a heating pad on my shoulder in the evenings. The pain was gone in about 48 hours.
  20. Mark.olypenn

    Revision Surgery Scheduled

    Traceyringo, My bypass is scheduled Feb 27 in WA. For months, we were sure I would revise to a gastric sleeve. My first appointment my surgeon recommended gastric bypass, but we were set on a sleeve. It wasn't until my pre-op appointment for my band removal, 3 months later, with the surgeon, that he explained the detailed risks of a sleeve given my history. Realizing I might have the same issues or worst with GERDS and acid reflux, we agreed with his recommendation to do a bypass. This site has helped me better understand what I will face with bypass. Honestly, I am comfortable with the decision and looking forward to the surgery.
  21. Is there anyone with a VSG or RNY surgery date at the end of February? My band has been out for about 3 weeks. Feeling good that I made it through the Holidays without gaining any weight. I have been trying to stay within the eating restrictions I had with the band for 14 years. Post op has been much better than expected. I must admit it has been a bit liberating to eat without restriction. I really appreciate the recent posts and comments on the complications with GERDS and acid reflux with VSG. They confirmed our decision to change course from VSG to RNY, because of my history with GERDS and acid reflux with my band. My by-pass surgery is scheduled for the end of February. In the meantime, I have a couple more "boxes" to check off to complete the requirements for Medicare.
  22. Mark.olypenn

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    I was banded in 2005 and suffered many of the same issues. My revision will be in two steps. My band was removed about 3 weeks ago, my gastric bypass is scheduled for Feb 27. The band removal went very well. My post surgery pain was primarily in my shoulder from the CO2 used in laparoscopic surgery. All was manageable with Tylenol. All the best on your journey.
  23. Can anyone recommend a liquids tracking app?
  24. Mark.olypenn

    WLS and Medicare approval

    I'm on a revision path. Due to complications, I had my band (2005) removed 10 days ago. Met with surgeon in first of September to discuss revision to VSG or RNY with Medicare and Supplement. While the surgeon's staff gave me a list of requirements for Medicare, they encouraged me to research the Medicare requirements on my own. I verified the listed requirements were accurate. I called my Supplement plan, and they said they would follow whatever Medicare required. The surgeon also stated that Medicare has no pre-approval process, which seems crazy. He commented, if the hospital agreed to move forward with the revision based on satisfactory completion of the Medicare requirements it would be approved. I still would like to have a confirmation from Medicare for piece of mind, don't like surprise medical bills $$. I have lost 13 lbs. (5%), so far, in the 3 months I have been in the medically supervised weight control program. I have not heard of being denied for losing too much weight, my BMI 40.3. Good luck, it's a bit of a maze to work through.
  25. After 14 years, I had my lap band removed. I feel good, no post op issues, concerned that I will gain weight. My goal is to eat as if I had my lap band in place. About 6-8 months ago, I began experiencing an increase in acid reflux and symptoms related to GERDs. Two endoscopic exams showed tissue damage due to acid reflux, indications of Barrett's Esophagus, and band slippage. After a daily dose of Prilosec, the second exam six weeks after the first, eliminated Barrett's Esophagus concerns, but confirmed band slippage. Post Op of the lap band in 2005, I lost 105 lbs. Within three years, I gained about 20 lbs and maintained +/- 5 lbs for approximately 9 years to 2014. Leading up to retirement and after, I began the yo-yo weight loss-gain cycle, mostly gain. I am still down 65 lbs post op from 2005, but it has been a struggle. I think the acid reflux and early stages of GERDs was a turning point. I had been considering revision to a Gastric Sleeve for sometime, the removal of the band brought the decision to a head. However, due to the restrictive elements of a sleeve and my recent acid reflux and GERDs symptoms, my surgeon is recommending gastric by-pass over gastric sleeve. After several discussions and a lot of research, we are working toward gastric by-pass surgery possibly in March 2020. I am working on checking all the boxes for Medicare approval. The psych evaluation is complete and passed, in month 3 of the physician monitored nutrition and weight loss program, meetings with surgeon and staff, physical evaluation and recommendation from pcp is in the works. Without the restriction of my lap band, I am concerned about overeating and gaining weight during the transition while my lap band sites heals and Medicare approval.