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  1. So, it's been almost a year since surgery. I am down 135lbs. However I just got the flu. I feel like trash I am craving carbs which i havent done. Last three days I've been eating 1400 calories when I nornally do 1100. I've been eating low fat wheat thins, and some other crackers/low calorie toast. I have about 100 carbs a day, but last 3 days have been about 200grams maybe 250 grams. I havent lost anything which is okay. I had the diarrhea for 3 days straight and have been eating pepto chews so I'm sure I'm backed up till Christmas at that rate. I talked to my surgeon since we can call whenever. She said just breath and take care of myself my body is craving carbs for most likely a health and need reason not a binge reason. I've been taking dayquil since this morning and I've been sleeping a lot. Which I feel I desperately need but am reluctant to sleep in. (Old depression with sleeping till 3pm while obese I dont want seasonal depression this year.) Besides this cold I've been doing amazing. I am 15lbs ahead of schedule from what they wanted in a year. I just dont want this cold to become a common binge of carbs so it scares the hell out of me. Anyone else go through the flu and ate more carbs than normal? I need some other peoples stories to help me realize I'm not failing I'm just trying to survive the fly. Love you all by the way ❤️
  2. Maryalice717

    Eating 8weeks out

    Right now I'm eating between 650 and 800 calories a day. I can reach my 65g of protein, and I can hold about 6 oz of food per meal, but I tend to just eat 4oz. 3oz of protein and 1 oz of a veggie. Is this normal 1 1/2 months out? Am I eating too much? My doctor says I'm doing fine, but I just dont want to mess up or stretch my bypass out. I guess I'm paranoid.
  3. It's more no pain as in I cant feel anything when i drink water or liquid to give me any ques if my stomach likes this liquid or that. I'm not pushing it trust me besides that flop I have been extremely diligent in making sure I meet my protein and water goals. I'm not eating anything with sugar ever. Not even during my two week pre liquid diet. I also have never been able to handle meat grease so it's not something I've ever really eaten anyway. Fatty meats kill me.
  4. Lesson learned! I stuck to clear liquids today just in case I made my healing cuts sore or bothered.
  5. I feel it was due to my stomach being cut and no feeling. Since it was puree it didnt do damage thank God, but it's one mistake I'll never make again. Today my tummy was super sensitive unlike it ever was stuck to clear liquids only and am feeling better now.
  6. Maryalice717

    No feeling in my stomach is that normal?

    I do have that uncomfortable feeling too. J use that when drinking water to slow down or stop. I guess its our new way of saying were full right now please stop. Today has been uneventful. Just drinking my fluids and waiting till my doctors appointment tomorrow. I guess that's a good day when nothings happening.
  7. So, I had my surgey and the only thing that ever hurt was that awful leakage tube. That being said I stopped narcotics 4 days after surgery (turns out i was allergic to my hydrocodone anyway.) Took liquid tylenol at night to help with the slight pains here and there. Anyway I can't feel anything going on in my stomach. Is that normal? No full, no gas (except farting and burping, and no pain. I previously posted about eating 8oz of puree with no issues found out it may be to cut nerve endings and soon I'll def feel something so dumb. I learned my lesson 1/4 cup only!!! I'm doing well my Fitbit finally showed up today and I'm excited to track all my steps again. Still get tired and worn out walking after surgery. I try not to push it too hard I dont want to pass put or hurt myself. I also can drink water normally no gulps of heaps of it, but I can drink normal sips without an issue. I'm thinking that maybe also due cut nerve endings. Not sure if it will change, but anyway I have had no trouble drinking anything. I can get my water and protien liquid down every day since I've been home. I guess I'm lucky, but I'm wondering when my nerve endings will be like yea time to feel again? Anyone else gone thru this too? I know I'm one of the lucky ones with hardly any issues, but its scary this way due to not having signs tell you "hey!!! Settle down on that water!!"or "that protien shake isnt working for you heres a stomach ache." I have to go by" gut" hehe no pun intended instinct and following the diet to a T.
  8. It's been two hours and I feel fine. Not gonna do that again though. My anxiety is thru the roof. As far as liquids I've been doing 8oz an hour to meet my goal. I need to remind myself that my new stomach might not be feeling being stuffed right now. I'm just thankful theres not pain or dumping
  9. So, I had pureed food today. I've been doing amazing on my liquid. I feel about 98% right now after surgery no real pain. However I ate a cup of pureed food and it scares me. No pain, no gas, I waited 30second in between bites. I waited 30mins before water. I feel like a GD failure having ate that much. I had 1/4 cup if pureed food the last two meals. I don't know why i risked eating a full cup. i risked hurting my tummy.

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