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  1. I lost my father a week ago. I have been emotionally eating ever since. Fries food, sweets, I make myself sick. I’m 2 months in. Advice on how to stop??
  2. I had the sleeve on 12/9. Lost 23.2 lbs since surgery. 21 on the liquid diet prior to that. So down 44lbs since 11/18/19. I can feel a difference, but can’t see one. And I feel like it’s coming off at a snails pace. But as long as the scale is down, not up, I’ll take it as a win!
  3. Had VSG on 12/9. 30 day out today and down 23 lbs. doesn’t sound so bad when I type it, but it feels like it’s coming off so slow! But feeling better and down a size.
  4. So I moved on to part 2 of the diet, but it’s just adding peanut butter, cheese, and eggs. I have no purée stage? Next I go on to add chicken fish and tuna. No fruits or veggies til after 8 weeks I guess. I’m 2.5 weeks in. Starting protein now. This normal?
  5. Tomkat

    Post your stats

    5’5 HW: 405 SW:381 Surgery weight: 360 12/9/19 CW: 339 GW:180 Female 35
  6. Tomkat

    7 days post op

    Same. I’m 3 weeks out and get that a lot. Dr said it’s from my sipping too fast. I have to burp ALOT.
  7. Tomkat

    No purée stage?

    @mike2019 week one was clear liquids. Week 2 full liquids. I’m in week 3 now.
  8. Tomkat

    Starting my new life

    2 weeks today and I still have that same pain. They said it’ll take weeks to get the gas out.
  9. Tomorrow. Is 2 week post op appt and today I had small chicken chunks in my soup. Maybe a total of 3. Did I mess something up? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  10. Tomkat

    I messed up...

    I believe purées
  11. Tomkat

    9 days post op

    I have. And those soft peppermints. No issues.
  12. Tomkat


    I had coffee as soon as I came home from the hospital. As long as it was sugar free additives, my dr said it was ok.
  13. Anyone experience shoulder pain after surgery? Left shoulder if that matters. No other issues. 8 days post op. Feels like I slept on it wrong.  Hurts horribly. But this has been since day 3.
  14. Tomkat

    Shoulder pain

    @Cheeseburper I spoke with my dr and they think it’s gas pains. We will see over the next few days. I go for a 2 week check up Monday. I also have pain on my right side, abdomen. They said that’s where the surgeon does most of his work and it would be more sore.
  15. Tomkat

    Stomach leaks

    @cathynthesky82 your left shoulder hurt? Mines been killing me like a horrible crick in it from ear to shoulder since day 3 post op. I’m day 8 now. Was that the only symptom?
  16. I had surgery on 12/9/19. So 7 days out and I am experiencing higher than normal blood pressure. Never stopped my medicine. Anyone have this happen? I thought it would help lower it. I have an email into my doctor but they won’t open until tomorrow.
  17. So the staples stay in. Forever? They don’t need to come out?
  18. My highest weight was 405. The day of surgery I was 360. At 349 today 7 days post op. Realistically I see me being around 230. I would love to see 180. But whenever I am healthy is where I wanna be!
  19. @raesavage yessss🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. I’m 6 days post op and was trying to figure out, “am I seriously hungry after surgery? Did I do this for nothing?” But once I get to do something..I see I’m not hungry, just craving. Just wanting to eat out of boredom or comfort or for whatever reason. It’s SO hard. I’m broken down a couple times. It’s shown me how addicted I am to food.
  20. Tomkat

    I can gulp

    I am on day 6 post op and I can almost gulp now....let’s say a good swallow. Where I could barely sip before. Pretty excited about that because I was worried about getting fluids in.
  21. Do you have to have a catheter input for sleeve surgery?
  22. Tomkat

    Eight Months Out

    This makes me so happy. I’m having surgery 12/9 and we have the same starting weight (as of today,lol) and to hear of your lost in just 8 months and where your dr thinks you can get down to....gives me hope. Great job!!
  23. Tomkat

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I’m on 12/9 too!! But I’m on day 18 of a 21 day liquid diet😭
  24. I appreciate you opening up. This is my first journey. 11 days til surgery and I’m nervous. Almost done with week 2 of a 3 week liquid diet. We are starting at the same weight . Maybe knowing what you are walking into will help you. I stay reading things on this forum to know I’m not alone. Someone is always there with the same struggles😌
  25. I am on week 2 of a 3 week liquid diet. I get the point of this, but can I not just have some chicken?? I want to chew!! And that’s low fat, I’ll stay in keto. I’m so desperate. The thought of soup and shakes make me sick🤢

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