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  1. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    I have a leak. I would like to know how other people deal with this problem. Being on TPN is so hard. I’ve been on TPN for 4 weeks now. I would like to know the average time most people have to be on TPN? I would love some responses.
  2. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    Thank you for the information. 😊
  3. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    I just don’t want to make my doctor mad, until I’m better. I would be afraid she would continue to ignore me. I’m a chicken. I’m almost never outspoken. I know I need to be. My husband is really pissed at this doctor.
  4. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    I talked to my insurance company, they suggested a second opinion. My current doctor is the head of bariatric surgery at BS&W hospital in Plano. So everyone there knows her. I have to go to a center of excellence, as per my insurance. All of the other doctors names they gave me know my doctor. This is a nightmare, especially right now during the holidays. I don’t want to gorge on anything, but I would love to taste some. I’m sick of knowing nothing. I just never get answers. Maybe I’m not asking the right questions. I really appreciate your input. It makes me believe I’m not crazy for being upset over this process. Thank You!
  5. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    Call the doctor!! Are you running a fever? My stomach was also swollen where it was leaking into a pocket my body made. You don’t want to have to be on TPN, it’s miserable, especially during the holidays!😢
  6. Cathynthesky82

    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    Hi, Are you still on TPN? I am now on my fifth week of TPN. Today is a Thanksgiving. I’m most thankful that I’m still alive. I’m very tired of not being able to eat or drink anything. I wonder how long this can continue without me going crazy along with not being able to work. I would like a update on how your doing. Thanks Cathy
  7. Cathynthesky82

    Stomach leaks

    Hi again. Someone explained what TPN is. I am not in the hospital. They started TPN while I was in the hospital, but a home health professional came to my house to teach me how to hook it up every night. Once a week home health comes and changes dressing and takes blood. If I was in the hospital, I would really be going crazy. I had gastric sleeve surgery. I realized something was wrong about ten days after surgery. I thought I was having a heart attack. My left shoulder hurt really bad. Also my stomach was swollen. I was also allergic to the derma bond, the glue they use to stick the incisions together. I’m glad you are not having any issues. The best of luck to you.

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