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    Best wishes to the both of you!
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    I had difficulty with this as well because my user name wasn't on the top of my page as others described. If yours is- it is easy. Click on the drop down arrow by your username and it will give you 2 main sections: Content and Settings. Under Settings you'll find 'My Surgery'. Click on that and you will be able to edit that information. You can also find the 'Ticker' option there if you want to create one as a lot of members have. In order to get my username with the drop down arrow-on the top of my page I had to do a lot of clicking around. I believe it was in the 'Activity' selection somewhere that changed my page to one with a 'ribbon' containing Subjects such as STORE/FORUMS/ACTIVITY/PODCASTS/UNREAD with my username above that ribbon. Wish I could give you better instructions on the last part but I was just clicking around and it changed and now I don't remember my exact steps. Good Luck!