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  1. RowdyR3b3l18

    Steamed Chicken

    Question for everyone. A lot of times I am on the road for hours working. My question is that in times when I do not have a chance to go home and have a meal would steamed chicken be ok from a Chinese restaurant? I know of course no sauce but wonder what everyone’s option is on this. Would imagine it would be ok but just curious.
  2. RowdyR3b3l18

    When did you guys start the gym?

    I have my followup today. 1 week and 1 day post op. Hoping to get cleared for the gym to just go on treadmill for a walk only and bike. I would love for that to happen.
  3. RowdyR3b3l18

    When eating...

    Yes!!! Listen to your stomach! Small meals to start. I have been sticking between 1-3oz (Depending on what it is) per meal. 3 X a day I do that and have a protein shake (half for now) between.
  4. RowdyR3b3l18

    Surgery has been scheduled!

    Awesome news! Just had mine done on Wednesday! Every few hours it gets a little better! Once you get home relax! Sleep and drink plenty of liquids. I have found that to be helping me tremendously although the liquids part is just starting to come around. Good luck to you and I am glad to see someone have it done around the same time as me! You got this bud!
  5. RowdyR3b3l18

    Today is the day!

    Thanks everyone. Got home about 12 hours ago. Was very tired, weak, and gassy but slowly getting better. Few things I noticed. Also keep in mind that my surgeon actually moves you to the purred/Soft food diet the day after surgery. I know not a lot do that but for some reason he does. Two friends of mine also used the same surgeon and same thing happened. 1. Yesterday I only took in about 450 calories. Did have some ground chicken with low-fat ricotta cheese which was well tolerated but only about 1 oz total. Had about 50 grams of protein. Doc wants me at 90 per day. plan today is to incorporate premier shakes 2x a day at 30 grams per serving. In reality I know I may only be able to have 1/2 and then another 1/2 later. Not pushing it. 1 scrambled egg for breakfast, a no fat yogurt for lunch, and the chick for dinner. 2. How long does it take for the tiredness and weakness to get better? Seriously the past 48 hours since surgery I think I slept like 30-40 hours lol 3. Gas-x has also been a miracle for me.
  6. RowdyR3b3l18

    Today is the day!

    Slept for about 3-4 hours can’t sleep anymore! Lol I go in in a few hours! Excited, pumped, and nervous! Long road to get here! 😁
  7. RowdyR3b3l18

    Day 4 and Feel Great!

    Yes! You have to stick to it! They asked me to make sure I was gonna be able to do this with thanksgiving I was like absolutely. My wife and I will be working anyway. Come Christmas I may be able to have soft food but don’t expect more than 4oz. Surprisingly my doctor does allow you to move to soft foods after surgery if everything goes well and you can tolerate it. I know a lot of others are still on liquids for another 2 weeks or so.
  8. RowdyR3b3l18

    Day 4 and Feel Great!

    Started my 2 week “liquid” diet Wednesday. I am allowed 1 Egg per day, 4 Protein Shakes, 1 Serving of NF plain Yogurt, and unlimited broth, sf jello etc. I am not gonna gonna lie the first 3 days were horrible! I even had a small pretzel stick on the second day. Today I was quite shocked though to wake up and not be able to finish my broth. I have been having protein shakes and jello but I am nowhere near as hungry as I was and have tons more energy. Do you think I am over the hump? Is this normal? Also lost about 15lbs in same timeframe 😮
  9. RowdyR3b3l18

    WLS YouTubers

    I was actually thinking of starting a vlog on this. Today is my first day of 2 week preop diet.
  10. I am scheduled for Dec 4th as of now. Finished all my prerequisites and just waiting on final insurance approval.