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    It was my doctor that told me that the stomach does not digest alcohol the same way as before surgery. He was the one that told me that your metabolism does not process acohol effectively and yes a sip would affect differently post surgery I don't think anyone is on here to scare anyone. We are just sharing information told to us by our medical professionals.
  2. Kimberly3

    Depression/ Maybe angry

    I definitely felt that way! Now I had mental health challenges pre surgery. I am bi-polar but have been stabilized for years on medication. Post surgery I was miserable for several months, not totally out of it but definitely better. Your body goes through such enormous changes I was snappy impatient sad angry Regretful you name it. My surgery was a few weeks after yours. I still struggle my doctors says it's hormnes readjusting. Hang in there, it will get better!
  3. Kimberly3


    I was told one year out too. Your stomache is so much smaller that even a sip could effect you like several glasses would. You are also still healing.
  4. Just checking on everyone. We seem like a smaller group compared to other months I'm down 42lbs. Its definitely come g off a little slower now. I am 3 months post op next week. How is everyone else faring?
  5. Kimberly3

    6.5 months post op

    Awesome story and successes to be proud about. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with your continued success!
  6. I definitely had spasms but not much pain. Everyday gets easier. I remember looking at cups of water thinking I would never get it down. The first time I finished a pudding cup was cause for celebration. Stay strong it gets easier every day!
  7. Kimberly3


    I was given a patch not a week before but right before surgery. It did nothing for me maybe if I was on it for a week it might have. I was violently sick for about 36 hours post op. Hope it works for you!
  8. Kimberly3

    3 months surgeon check up soon

    My 3 month follow up is this week had blood work done last week saw my cardiologist last week and they are reducing my blood pressure meds! Hoping to be off them all together soon. Congrats on your loss 127lbs is a whole person. Good for you!
  9. I had a BMI Of 40 and many comorbilities. I'm in NJ and have Blue Cross. I was required to have 6 month supervised medical visits. Because I was right At the mark, I was not allowed to lose or gain any weight during those six months. I needed to be the exact same weight. The surgery was easy. Quick and easy healing. Only issue I had was with the anesthesia made me very sick and kept me an extra night in the hospital. Otherwise, piece of cake!
  10. I used Unjury and mixed it into my Mio lemonade. It was yucky. Not sure how others have done but this "unflavored" protein had a flavor to me. I know A lot of people here have had good luck with their's and could probably recommend a better one.
  11. I'm doing pretty good. Down 42lbs. Reduction in my blood pressure meds. I'm sleeping poorly though since surgery. My energy and stamina have increased greatly. I see my surgeon next week. Had blood work done today.
  12. Kimberly3

    Surgery and PCOS

    I have not heard of PCOS being resolved by surgery. Type2 diabetes yes. I have PCOS and was told I would have it util menopause. I was taken off Metformin right after surgery. I still have PCOS.
  13. Kimberly3

    Red jello

    Crazy! My doctor said nothing about red jello. That is the only kind I ate it's amazing how different surgeons are!
  14. Kimberly3

    Nicotine. Tests

    I was a smoker. My doctor didn't have a nicotine test thank goodness. My last cigarette was the night before my surgery. 😬 I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Whatever happens is supposed to hang in there! Quitting smoking on top of all this is a huge struggle. You got this!
  15. Everyone will lose weight at a different rate depending on a slew of issues age, sex, health, dna etc. you're doing fantastic. My surgery was 10/15 and I'm down 36lbs. Seems small to me but that's 36lbs in 10 weeks! You are just at 8 weeks that's amazing. Take in every success, last year I would have been up in weight from the holidays. I celebrate the loss!
  16. Kimberly3


    I miss bread every day too heavy to me right now. I missed salad soooo much! Finally had it around six weeks out. I tolerate it pretty good and I eat cucumbers a lot and love those too. Everything in good time. That belly needs to heal. I feel your pain though!
  17. My gallbladder attacks felt like heart attacks then travelled to my stomach then under my ribs to my back. After it would feel Like I threw my back out. I was told that was a typical attack and I had ten of them. You may have inadvertently pulled a muscle in your side, could be gas or a few other things but best bet is to check in with your doctor who will probably run some blood tests and maybe a CAT scan to be sure. Keep us posted!
  18. Kimberly3

    Starting my new life

    The gas actually releases through your skin. Walking and moving are the best way to move it along. Your body will be taking the next few weeks to readjust. Best of luck with the rest of your recovery!
  19. I had mine at JFK in Edison. My Dr (Abkin) is primarily in Florahm Park has another office in Edison he operates out of JFK and St Clair's in Dover. I don't know anything about Bergen County. Hopefully someone else can give you some feedback.
  20. Kimberly3

    I have a question.

    You definitely need to call your doctor. They need to know you can't keep anything down because it's not normal. They will know how to best guide you. Good luck!
  21. Kimberly3

    Really need some help with protein

    I'm so sorry you are struggling. I have been using Unjury and love it, but it is milk based. They do have a chicken soup and Santa Fe chili. I liked the chicken not so much with the chili I know they sell some great products right here you may want to check out. Many here regularly order and enjoy and may be able to provide some feedback for you.
  22. 3 months will go really quick. I had to wait six months and that went quick believe it or not. It's great you are practicing chewing etc. I still don't chew right and eat too fast two months post op!
  23. Since your sober you know you need to take it one day at a time. Sobriety is huge in and of itself! Two weeks out I was only down 15lbs. Everyone is super supportive here. Keep coming back!
  24. OMG that's awesome! I will def check it out. This is probably be my last season as a member too. I will absolutely check out the podcast and would love to attend a viewing party. This was supposed to be our season I thought the same things his summer. Crazy how wrong things went. I don't blame Hall at all I think the Devils let him down first. ☹️
  25. Wow that's amazing! Inspirational to us all!