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    divag822 reacted to JRT Mom in My surgery is soon but I cannot stand the taste of protein shakes is there anything else I can drink to get proper protein?   
    Look into Isopure Zero Carb Protein Drinks. They are not thick and cloying like the shakes are, they are fruity and go down much easier. Plus one 20 oz bottle has 40 grams of Protein. No, I don't work for them--😁
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    divag822 got a reaction from PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    Yes! For the first 2-3 weeks my feet and my whole body was freezing. It’s been almost a month and I have resumed a normal response to the temperature. Sounds like a natural response.
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    divag822 reacted to MOHOJO19 in February Surgery ?   
    Down in the dumps. My surgery got postponed until tomorrow because my Iron is to low. So, it’s blood transfusion time.
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    divag822 reacted to DB in AZ in February Surgery ?   
    Okay today is day 8 of post op. It's getting easier everyday But still sore. And definitely a challenge to get the Protein and fluids throughout the day.But I really felt positive the last couple of days.Energy is returning and I'm getting back into the household routine.A couple of non scale victories already.On day 5 post op I was able to get off of 2 of my blood pressure medications.And yesterday I took a walk and it's longer than I have walked in probably about a year.This and the fact that I'm feeling pretty good really affirms that I made the right decision. Hope everybody else who had the February surgery so far is doing or will do as well as I am right now .

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    divag822 reacted to PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    Also on to pureeee. Which I’m very excited about!! The liquids were getting very boring
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    divag822 reacted to PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    Just left my post-op appointment & I’m 13 pounds down!! Woohoo
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    divag822 reacted to Xx1jpt5xx in February Surgery ?   
    So it day 2. They started me on drinking Water. Drank a 12oz bottle in about 2 hours. Starting my second bottle
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    divag822 got a reaction from Krimsonbutterflies in February Surgery ?   
    Hey Lisa. It is frustrating trying to find the balance between Water intake and especially Protein intake. I haven’t felt the confidence of doing both well. I just started my stage 2 with puréed foods and it’s easier to get the Proteins in now. I too am setting a stop watch on my phone for 30 min increments. It is a lot of work but I try to remember that when much is given, much is required. So, I digress and try to focus on reaching my weight loss goals of being healthy, coming off these medications and looking cute in a bathing suit. Lol. I just can’t wait to get past the stages of food and be able to eat normally and reasonably. I understand that my stomach suffered a major transition and it has to make adaptations to heal and become 100% functional again. I wish you luck and everyone else in this new journey. Right now, the road is rocky but I look forward to it smoothing out soon.
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    divag822 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Had my first "food". I had 2 tablespoons of egg beaters, scrambled. With a teeny pinch of lemon pepper. I took 15 minutes to eat it, mindfully, chewing. Now my stomach is singing...growling...not sure what to call it. No pain, and I did not feel "full" per se (2 TBL is equivalent to 2/3rds of an egg white.)
    I set my alarm for 30 minutes so I can go back to drinking Clear Liquids.
    I am obviously going to need some Protein Drinks today to meet my Protein goals.
    I am not doing a good job of separating my day into meals. I will see how today goes and try to set up a six "eating event" schedule tomorrow.
    This is a lot of work! lol. I am glad I have one more week off from my real job, just to try to get myself into a bit of a rhythm with all of this.
    Hope everyone out there is doing well! Love reading people's updates.

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    divag822 got a reaction from jaymmee in February Surgery ?   
    Yes. Crunch the pill before taking. Good luck.
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    divag822 reacted to jaymmee in February Surgery ?   
    I’m hoping tomorrow
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    divag822 reacted to Puffy-no-more in February Surgery ?   
    Ok makes sense.
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    divag822 reacted to jaymmee in February Surgery ?   
    Thank you! Yes I’ve been up and walking. It helps. I like the broth and apple juice mostly. Everything else is nasty to me.
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    divag822 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    The problem for me is drinking AMD now adding in Protein and walking are taking up all of my time lol. If you can sip fluids in your church it might be good to get out of the dang house
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    divag822 reacted to Puffy-no-more in February Surgery ?   
    It’s good to hear from you! I’m glad everything went well. Are you able to walk much to help with the gas?
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    divag822 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Good for you! You've got this!
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    divag822 reacted to Sammi_Katt in Best gas medicine   
    Honestly, walking. You can use gas-x and stuff, but it only helps with the stomach gas. The rest of the gas that's trapped throughout your body, you just need to keep moving. The more you move, the faster it breaks up.
    Also, I had someone pound on my back (gently, going up and down both sides of my spine from shoulder to hip) to help break it up, too.
    It sucks, but hang in there. You can get through it. ❤️
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    divag822 reacted to FluffyChix in Low carb diet suggestion   
    The bottom line is that this is a life long journey with a very short window of "quick" weight loss. And you only have one golden shot at it. Because revisions are not usually as "easy-ish" as the first time. So you do you, Boo.
    But I think for you to be so categoricaly mis-aligned with your doc/RD that it's going to make your journey difficult and the sad thing is you will likely give up going to your check-ups etc. Which could spell disaster for you long term and regain in your future. So like, why have it at all? Or why have it with them.
    There are docs/centers who espouse a WFPD for all their surgical patients. Look one of them up and make the transition now.
    I will also tell you that I DO have a bias. I am pro-low carb and pro-lower healthy fat for the quickest losses and maintenance is done by adding healthy fats rather than adding Protein or more fast acting carbs. I would have never gotten to my goal nor been maintaining had I been eating the grains and lots of fruit. I wouldn't. I have too many metabolic strikes against me.
    And not that it can't be done, but I think the life of a vegan or vegetarian WLS patient is very hard. The ones I know of in real life have either not gotten to goal ever or they have suffered big time regain.
    But I do know of a couple of women here who are very successful following a WFPD. But, they are also endurance athletes and as such, they're as much outliers as I am...
    I encourage you to look at other bariatric teams who are more closely aligned with your belief system. Studies show that long term success is directly linked to after care by a team of bari pros.
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    divag822 reacted to Sammi_Katt in MOOD SWINGS   
    I lost a coping mechanism. Binge eating was my skill I used to keep my emotions in check, and now that I no longer have the ability to do that, I am suddenly faced with EMOTIONS.
    It sucks, but I've been actively going to therapy and finding it very helpful. I'm learning new skills (creative wise, I'm knitting and doing things for fun that I never would have tried before) and just learning in general. Yes, I still have horrible mood swings sometimes, but it gets a little easier?
    You just gotta hang in there and do your best, and all the support you can get and give is even better.
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    divag822 got a reaction from lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Congratulations Lisa!!! So happy that all went well and you are at home recovering.
  21. Congrats!
    divag822 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Hello Everyone! I had my surgery yesterday; I was supposed to go in at 2, but the ORs were delayed and I did not go in until about 4:30; got to my room around 7:30. Surgery went without a hitch. Came out of anesthesia much more awake and lucid than I expected. Had some pretty heavy meds in the recovery room. They had me up and walking by 9 that night.
    As of last night I have been managing pain with Tylenol, and motrin if I need it.
    The gas was pretty bad, but not as agonizing as I feared. Walking really, really helped.
    To everyone's surprise, my surgeon let me go home at 2:30 today; I had a 90 mile drive home from Boston and if any of you are from around here you know that Boston traffic is awful, she said I looked good and we should get going and miss the traffic. I got home about 1/2 hour ago.
    The ride was a bit rough, and I am stiff and uncomfortable.
    The Water is CHALLENGING!!! They started me on Protein shakes....if anyone is intolerant of artificial sweeteners and is using one with stevia, bring your own. The ones they gave me at the hospital were so full of those sweeteners I was practically gagging.
    Have not really slept well in 2 nights; Hope I can get comfortable and get some actual sleep (for more than 1/2 hour) tonight.
    All in all far less agonizing than it could have been. I hope you all have equally easy times! I'm too tired to read through all the post from my February Surgery mates, I'll do that tomorrow.

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    divag822 got a reaction from niffer in February Surgery ?   
    I also heard that you should really take the time you have available not to overdo it because it was major surgery, you don’t want to sabotage the process ...major adjustments to a new journey with health and wellness. I personally think that if your incisions haven’t healed on the outside, there certainly are not healed in the inside. Good luck to everyone recovering. Protect your investment...and that is you ❤️
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    divag822 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Mine is tomorrow, too. My surgery is not until 2 in the afternoon. I feel like sleep is going to be pretty elusive...Best of luck to you! See you on the other side of this thing!
  24. Congrats!
    divag822 reacted to AKR Divr in February Surgery ?   
    Just got word on Friday that surgery is Tuesday, Feb 18 at 11:00 am.
    I am super excited but a little nervous about the clear liquid phase next Sunday and Monday.
    I think I'm gonna be a hangry hungry lady. Any suggestions to keep my mind off food would be great.
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    divag822 reacted to JettK in February Surgery ?   
    I don't work and stay busy at home; but speaking for myself, if I did work I'd feel perfectly fine going back tomorrow (surgery was Wed 5th) my real only restriction was not to lift over 10lbs
    I think staying busy helps so that's what I slowly plan to start tomorrow!