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Low carb diet suggestion

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Hi all,
I wanted to get some outside opinions.

Firstly, I will say I am following what my dietician has directed. They want me to do a 3 month supervised diet which is fine, but they want me to cut out almost all carbs.

I understand that getting the high Protein is important and I agree. But my main concern is their opinion on things like brown rice, oatmeal, bananas and telling me not to eat ANY of it (even in small amounts).I feel like after surgery I would definitely try re-introducing some of those foods in small amounts because I believe they are healthy.
I can tell my bariatric center is one of the ones that struggles to understand vegetarianism in detail, as everyone there pushes the protein and meat being easier (but no one has actually told me to eat meat or anything). It just seems strange to me that 3 whole months before surgery they only want me eating protein sources and vegetables,low carb fruits and no grains or anything at all. I have seen other surgeons in various places suggest different restrictions on diets and not all of them ban all carbs.

I am at 38bmi and I don’t need to lose much before the surgery so it isn’t like, a rapid weight loss diet or anything pre-surgery.

They sort of act like any carbs aren’t good for you. I understand immediately after surgery protein is top priority so getting in any carbs would be pretty difficult. It’s more-so that before and after permanently they are kind of saying to ban grains and things like that. But I know there are people eating a vegan diet etc and we’re able to re-introduce small amounts of carbs just fine.

I am completely willing to cut down on carbs a lot, but has anyone else run into this experience ? My goal is to figure out a diet that works for me as a lifestyle and provides me with nutrients- before and after surgery.

Just looking for some input from people who have gone through the surgery and how they handled this/what they are and if they agreed to long term elimination of most carbs.

Thanks for any help!

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The bottom line is that this is a life long journey with a very short window of "quick" weight loss. And you only have one golden shot at it. Because revisions are not usually as "easy-ish" as the first time. So you do you, Boo.

But I think for you to be so categoricaly mis-aligned with your doc/RD that it's going to make your journey difficult and the sad thing is you will likely give up going to your check-ups etc. Which could spell disaster for you long term and regain in your future. So like, why have it at all? Or why have it with them.

There are docs/centers who espouse a WFPD for all their surgical patients. Look one of them up and make the transition now.

I will also tell you that I DO have a bias. I am pro-low carb and pro-lower healthy fat for the quickest losses and maintenance is done by adding healthy fats rather than adding Protein or more fast acting carbs. I would have never gotten to my goal nor been maintaining had I been eating the grains and lots of fruit. I wouldn't. I have too many metabolic strikes against me.

And not that it can't be done, but I think the life of a vegan or vegetarian WLS patient is very hard. The ones I know of in real life have either not gotten to goal ever or they have suffered big time regain.

But I do know of a couple of women here who are very successful following a WFPD. But, they are also endurance athletes and as such, they're as much outliers as I am...

I encourage you to look at other bariatric teams who are more closely aligned with your belief system. Studies show that long term success is directly linked to after care by a team of bari pros.

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3 hours ago, FluffyChix said:

The bottom line is that this is a life long journey with a very short window of "quick" weight loss

Gotta give the Fluffy chicken the Thumbs up - This was covered perfectly but i will say - Being fat and obese was a lifestyle and you know have to GAME ON your way of living - Eat Right - Exorcise and enjoy being thin healthy and happy ..................

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@FluffyChix & @AJ Tylo are right & I especially agree with the suggestion to find a team (or at least a nutritionalist) who understands what a vegetarian lifestyle entails.

Carbs in foods like bread, Pasta, rice, cereals have low fibre, high GI and are digested quickly. That means you’re hungry again sooner & your blood sugar levels will swing.

Post WLS, carbs fill up your small tummy before you can consume the vital nutrients like Protein you need.

In saying that, I ate plain oatmeal for Breakfast, as an alternative to eggs, once I was into my 4th month post surgery (2/3 of my original weight loss goal lost) - 1 serve was = to 3 or 4 meals. Oatmeal has a lower GI than other carbs, is a whole grain, contains protein & soluble fibre. Steel cut are best as are less processed. Now in maintenance I eat multigrain crackers with hummus & avocado as a snack option.

There are plenty of low carb/ no carb options available you can enjoy once down the weight loss path. I love zucchini noodles & last night I had cauliflower & kale rice. You can eat them on your pre surgery Keto (no carb) diet.

Use this time pre surgery to reassess your eating habits and try new things. Look into keto diet plans for vegetarians to get you started.

It’s the start of a new life.

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most surgeons have their patients follow really low-carb diets, but some use a more balanced approach (mine did...). Although the thing about carbs causing weird spikes to your insulin and thus making you hungrier sooner is supposedly true (which is probably why a lot of them having you follow a low-carb lifestyle). Even though my surgeon didn't require that, I found I had to eat pretty much all Protein the first few months to get my daily requirement in, because I didn't have room for much else in my tiny stomach. I can eat a lot more now, though, so I do eat carbs - but the healthy variety.

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Thanks for all your input everyone, I will take it all into consideration going forward. I will also look into finding a nutritionist that understands vegetarianism and bariatric surgery to make things a bit easier. Thank you!

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That was my motto no carbs or very low I think for the first 2 months before surgery my carbs was always under 10g a day but I was on shakes only pretty much and I lost 66lbs even before surgery. It literally melted off me because of no carbs. No sugar. No fat at all.

As above if you want to take advantage of the #honeymoon# period the best way Is to go hard from day 1 but if you're happy with moderate weight loss then you decide your plan of action....

It is your body

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