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  1. Thanks! I just needed to hear from some others that it is mostly normal. Now I'm cruising along with food....just can't handle those calcium pills!
  2. I was moved to purees end of week 2. I noticed that my stomach cramps at anything not liquid. After 10-15 minutes of cramping, it stops and I just feel full for an hour (and much happier). Is this typical? Doesn't matter what the puree is! I have an extremely difficult time burping and I think air may play a role here. Second, I can drink liquids without ever getting full. 8-10 oz an hour...maybe even more. I definitely get full on 3oz puree, but Water or Protein Drink is simply this bottomless pit with no resistance. I accidentally gulped water after a walk out of habit, braced for the overflow, and found it went right on through anyway. Also typical?
  3. The day before surgery my wife baked homemade bread. It was torture! I chewed some up and spit it out. I've done it a few times post-op too. Brownies! Seriously, as long as you understand the misery that accompanies swallowing it, I don't see a problem doing it on occasion. Careful with the juices from it though!
  4. Actually, I meant to say my surgery date is two weeks from today! Thanks for the tips.
  5. Laparoscopic as long as everything goes as planned. Love the username!
  6. Title says it. I'm a relatively limber 300lbs. Right now, I'm building a new a bed. It's not going to be done before my operation. My mattress is sitting on a slats on the bedroom floor. I've never had an abdominal surgery before, so I don't know how much it will hurt me to have to get on hands and knees to get up. Do I need a different solution or is this just a possible annoyance? Thanks!