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    I am about two months out and it's still a struggle. I think I can do about 40 oz on a good day. I just keep the bottle with me and make a concerted effort to sip every single time I think about it. To be honest, 40- 50 oz was the same amount I was drinking pre surgery.
  2. GothGal

    Sleeved on 12-13-19

    The turkey neck will disappear in a few weeks. Sleeved 11/20 and I had the same issue. I was so worried! Stay hydrated and the skin will eventually tighten up. 😁
  3. GothGal

    november sleeve

    Hey everyone! Wednesday will be five weeks since my surgery. Things are going pretty well. Some days I have this huge appetite, other days, I don't feel like eating anything, so I guess it balances out. I've lost twenty pounds so far, which is great! Since I started this whole process, I've lost fifty pounds in total. (30 lobs pre op, 20 lbs post op). So I'm feeling pretty good. Moving in to regular foods now, but the most issue I'm having is getting my water in and remembering to chew, chew, chew my food. Glad to see everyone is doing so well!!
  4. GothGal


    Such great progress!! Congratulations!!
  5. GothGal

    Feeling exhausted

    Your surgery is so recent....yes, your body is still healing and that's why you're tired. I'm about three weeks out and still get tired sometimes. Rest, stay hydrated and keep doing what you're doing. Also, rest...😉
  6. GothGal

    I can gulp

    As for drinking and feeling restriction, I still have to sip. I was a water guzzler too, and three weeks post op, I still have to watch my sips or else....it will come back up. That happened once, and I never want that to happen again....
  7. GothGal

    I can gulp

    I went to two surgeons in my area and both of them refused to operate because my BMI was over 40. This was in NJ. I know the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY does larger patients, but I decided to have the WLS, to see if it relieved pressure on my hips. (I have bone on bone arthritis). I know it's not the same issue hip-wise as you have 😁 but I too was refused hip replacement because of my weight. Either way, I'm glad I had the surgery. No need to put excess weight on the new hip....when I get it. (I'm really hoping I don't need it tho.)
  8. GothGal

    Surgery went well

    Hurray for a successful surgery!
  9. GothGal

    hello everyone im back

    Oh! I am so glad to hear you're back home!!![emoji173]️[emoji173]️ Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. GothGal

    Soft solids

    Same! My doc also recommended Cream of Wheat, which was yuk, but it was the only thing I tolerated. But then the tiny cups of smooth baby oatmeal were bliss.
  11. GothGal


    "Nothing to take lightly."✓✓✓ No truer words have been spoken.
  12. GothGal


    Ducolax, in the little pill form, helped me. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. GothGal

    Soft solids

    Baby oatmeal with a touch of Splenda and a dash of cinnamon (if It doesn't irritate your tummy). Or cooked oatmeal spun in a blender or mini chopper with some milk or water until smooth. I've had much luck with canned chicken. The chicken has enough broth in the can that you can spin it in the blender until it's soft. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. GothGal


    No, I usually let them float around and dissolve to a certain point then I spit them out. I hate the end taste of them...they turn bitter to me. But once you move on in the diet, the dry mouth lessens. Until then, dry mouth and baaaaad breath.....I mean baaaad breath are your companions, unfortunately.
  15. GothGal


    Keep water by your bedside. When you wake up, take a sip and swish it around your mouth. I have the same issue. I keep water and sugarless mints handy.
  16. Started mushies on Thursday.  Had to remind myself to eat slowly.....you fill up fast!;

  17. GothGal

    What to have on hand post surgery

    I had a binder and a tiny but firm pillow (6"x 6" or so) to press against the incision that hurts the most. It's helpful for when you cough or laugh. A water container (no straws!) to sip from. Fluffy pillows to be the most comfortable. A grabber. Bending will be hard the first week or so.
  18. Stay focused and don't be afraid. My surgery was the first surgery I'd had ever!! Trust your surgeon and their team. This is the first time for you, but remember, they've done this tons of times! Good luck and see you on the other side. You've made an excellent decision for your health!!
  19. GothGal

    Surgery soon

    After the first two days, it'll become second nature. You can definitely do this!!😁
  20. The same thing happened to me. Wasn't thinking and lifted a gallon of water. It resolved for me after a day. Stitches were intact and no bleeding. But, pick up the phone and call your doctor if you feel iffy.
  21. I'm a side sleeper and I used a tiny pillow against the most painful incision and that worked out pretty well for me. Funny thing, though, when I was in the hospital, my surgeon put a local anesthetic in the place where they pulled out the stomach. Felt no pain there and was feeling like "wow, no pain, I'm home free!" When I got home, though, that incision let me know under no uncertain terms that "here's where your stomach came out, feel that?" Too funny.
  22. GothGal

    Newbie - BMI and insurance

    Agreed. Call your insurance. Have specific questions and write down both the answers, the time, the person you spoke too. If you feel insecure, call again. I did that with my surgery, just to make sure the bills will be covered. Don't be afraid to pester the insurance company because you don't want a huge surprise after surgery. Good luck!
  23. GothGal

    post VSG CO2 gas pain

    In a word, yes. You will get the gas pains. They gave me chewable GasX in the hospital, which probably cost my insurance company 10 dollars, but at that point I did not care.
  24. GothGal

    Thank You All! / When was your VSG Date

    Hi Everyone, Date of VSG: 11/20/19  Location: NJ Sex: Female Height: 5’7  High Weight: 302 Weight on Surgery Date: 276  Current Weight: 262 ( 6 days post-op) Goal Weight: 145 Pearls of Wisdom: 1) A small, firm pillow. Press it against that one main painful incision when you laugh, sneeze, cough or get up. Makes a huge difference in the pain. 2) Get up and walk in the hospital. It'll stretch out all those muscles and move the gas up and out. I had these little squeezing things on my lower legs while I slept also. They would inflate and deflate. 3) Keep your business to yourself. I debated on telling anyone about my surgery. I decided to keep it to my immediate family. Too many nay-sayers out there. 4) Follow your surgeon's directions to a T. I did not cheat on my pre op diet and I had very little gas after surgery. 5) Keep your mindset right. Take each day as it comes. Get your water in! 6) Rest when you come home from the hospital. I'm a mom of three teens, and I did not actually wear street clothes until the Sunday after my surgery. I let my husband handle everything, even though I felt okay. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!😁
  25. Try sniffing peppermint or sipping lukewarm mint tea. That may help a bit. I hope this issue resolves soon.