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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have the exact same skin type so I think I'll have similar results.
  2. I'm not concerned about the loose skin- I plan on getting a tummy tuck eventually after I have kids down the line- I believe I can hide that scar under the top part of the bikini. So just concerned with the stomach scars right now.
  3. For the single scar incision I was meant about Single incision Laparoscopic surgery- so there's only one smallish cut near or in your belly button. 🙂
  4. So after doing lots of research I believe I found a great doctor to do my VSG. Only problem is that he doesn't do single incision surgery. When I asked him about it, he stated the scars are tiny- and with single sleeve incisions you have one big scar at the belly button vs. 5 small ones so it's better to have the 5 small ones. The thing is that I have dark skin so I'm pretty sure I will have these scars for life and they won't fade well. I would really love to show off my body in a bikini after surgery but I'm thinking I won't want to with the scars. So I'm thinking about find a new surgeon who does a single incision-which I'm not happy about as I really like my surgeon. So my questions for you all are: 1) For those that got the single incision- do you really have "one giant scar" on your belly button- or is is not even noticeable? 2) For those that did the traditional multi-port- do you feel they are noticeable if you are in a swimsuit that shows off your stomach? If anyone has photos they can share like 2+ years out that would be great. When I see photos from a year or less, especially for multi-port it scares me because they are definitely noticeable. -Rachel