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  1. Mary Knits

    Can I have tomato soup?

    I'm at same stage. My plan says low sodium creamy soups without chunks are fine. The only two l.s. ones I've been able to find are tomato and butternut squash. Both contain fiber which I surely need right now, lol. Also I'm not drinking them in place of water - I started with 1/4 cup, slowly increased. I have about one cup total per day, which is the serving size.
  2. Mary Knits

    Four weeks post op RNY

    Think of it this way - over 21 days, you lost 17 pounds. That's almost one pound per day! On a conventional safe diet, you lose 1-2 pounds per WEEK, and you're hungry and crabby. So you're doing great.
  3. Mary Knits

    October Surgery Roll Call

    Sarah I have what I describe as the discomfort from having an abdominal surgery. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy in the summer and it felt just like this. Sort of a weird bloated “heavy” feeling, especially upon standing after sitting. No sharp pains and I’ve been very careful not to irritate the incision sites.
  4. Mary Knits

    October Surgery Roll Call

    I had it on the 29th!
  5. Mary Knits

    Incision glue

    I had a surgery that used it this past summer - it stays around forever, and by “forever” I mean weeks. Just leave it until it drys up and flakes off naturally as you’re toweling off, getting dressed etc. At a certain point only little bits were left and I felt confident picking them off, but not the parts over the incision.

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