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  1. Jenna_87

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    I had my sleeve done 10/7/19 and just found out I might be getting a bypass done. Acid reflux has been horrible, my hilated hernia came back even worse than before and i have severve esophagitis.
  2. Jenna_87

    Weightloss Stall

    Ok thanks! This is definitely hard to figure out when you think you're doing everything right but the weight just isn't coming off. Not eating enough or eating too much.
  3. Has anyone had a long weightloss stall? I'm talking months. It's been since January since I've lost any weight. Idk doesn't seem normal to me. I'm 6 months out and i thought i was still in the honeymoon phase.
  4. Jenna_87


    Thanks I did call my dr!
  5. Jenna_87


    Anyone experiencing right side pain 6 months post op?
  6. Jenna_87

    October Surgery Roll Call

    I have been having the same problem!!
  7. Jenna_87

    Protein Amount

    Ok good! I wasn't sure. Thank you!!
  8. I'm about 6 weeks out and just wondering if it's ok to have a whole protein shake at a time now for a meal? I've been just having 4oz at a time three times a day for my snacks. If anyone has any tips for me I'd love to hear from you🙂
  9. Jenna_87

    I want to see those October Sleevers!

    I had mine the 7th and it's going well. I was just wondering if anyone is having a weightloss stall? For the last 2 weeks I've only lost 2 pounds. To me I kinda thought I'd lose maybe a pound to 2 pounds a week? Idk. Just wondering if anyone else is going through this
  10. Jenna_87

    Protein coffee

    Ok thanks! I might try both ideas. I have both types of protein
  11. Anyone have any good ideas to get more protein in coffee? I've done the premier protein in expresso but i mean in the morning i just want a nice hot cup of coffee. For right now i can have 4oz of protein 3 times a day so i was going to try some whey protein first. I just love coffee mate creamer so this is gonna be a challenge. Any ideas welcomed!! Thanks in advance🙂
  12. Jenna_87

    October Surgery Roll Call

    October 7th 🙂🙂
  13. Jenna_87

    October sleevers?????

    My surgery was October 7th. My dr didn’t have my do a liquid diet before the surgery just phase one of south beach a week before.
  14. Jenna_87


    My doctor actually said i could sip on a cup of coffee the day I was leaving the hospital. He said that if I am a coffee drinker already then it should be ok. And it's just small sips.