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  1. Hello everyone. I finally had surgery this past Monday, 11/18. It took my surgeon a while to get the Lapband out of me because of all the scar tissue that had accumulated. I was supposed to come home yesterday, but I couldn't. I was in so much freaking pain and had so much nausea that I stayed until today. So I sat in my favorite recliner after getting home for about 20 minutes and well, I've been in bed ever since. I knew it was going to be painful, but dang this really hurts. I'm not hungry at all which is the point/purpose. I've lost two pounds so far, and I know that as the swelling, gas, and pain fades, I will continue to get smaller. Yeahhhhh, now I'm excited and happy!
  2. LadyVS

    The Greatest Gift

    I heard that. My doctor is in Webster as well. Interesting
  3. LadyVS

    november sleeve

    Yes, I did. It lasted up and until a couple of weeks ago.
  4. That's a good point. That is also something we "slow losers" should consider, the type of surgery each of us have had. After taking my time and literally reading every post on here, I'm going to say this for myself: When I first had wls in 2010, it was with the lapband. I am what you would call a "vet" as I have another login that followed my journey at that time. It took me 2 1/2 years to lose 99 pounds and it was established then by my doctor that I would be a "slow loser". I didn't like it, but I accepted it. Second time around, it was again established by my new doctor, "You are going to lose even more slowly than you did with the band." I didn't believe him, but here I am at almost two months postop and have only lost 14 pounds. I initially lost 10 pounds during the preop diet but after surgery, I gained it back. Not trying to but by simply following my doctor's orders. He said that he doesn't even consider the first month and to keep following my plan. Well, I was only two pounds down at my month weigh in by just following his plan and it was VERY DISCOURAGING. So I took it upon myself to do something different and it's working. I am a slow loser, IT'S NOT A MYTH contrary to other's opinions. I am happy that I am losing and NOT GAINING. It just gets very discouraging that you are losing weight slowly rather than quickly. It's totally a mind thing. I lost a LOT OF INCHES in the first month and I posted that in my topic in the revision section. When I first saw this topic this morning, it made me very happy to see someone else felt defeated at times like myself. I had no idea that I would be reading about all this other stuff, but hey it's all good. I have learned new information that's for sure. I lose weight at a significantly slower rate than the average person and I realize now, I AM OKAY WITH THAT!!! Good day all.
  5. Our surgery days are literally a day apart. I weighed in at 200.8 before surgery and have only lost 14 pounds, and you have lost 27. That is exactly what the OP was talking about. I know we aren't suppose to compare, but we are all suppose to being doing essentially the same things. Yes, out body build and genes are different, but still IT'S FREAKING DISCOURAGING when I am working so hard at this. It makes you feel like you don't know wtf you're doing even though you do because heck, you have done this ish before especially if you are a revision person like myself. Anyway, congrats on the 27 pound lost and many more to come in the near future.🙂
  6. I started weight watchers and a membership with 24 hour fitness for the new year. It has taken a week but I am finally seeing results. I am so happy the scale is finally moving because I am not eating a lot at all and since my surgery, my tastes for certain foods have changed. My first goal weight is 190 and I can't believe I'm almost there. I just wish this arthritis wasn't so bad because I would love to do more. For now I ride a bicycle, and then I sit in the steam room. Then I finish by relaxing in the whirl pool. So far so good.😀
  7. Glad to hear you are doing well. I was banded for 8 years and I just had mine removed 4 weeks ago and had the sleeve done all in the same surgery. I too had a lot of scar tissue. I don't miss that band at all. It is so nice eating and not getting stuck anymore. Good luck to your future weight loss.
  8. LadyVS

    Weight Loss Post-op

    You're welcome and same to you.
  9. LadyVS

    Non scale and scale victory!!!

    Awesome feeling isn't it? Congratulations!
  10. LadyVS

    Weight Loss Post-op

    I'm actually going through the same thing as well. My doctor's scale is showing that at 4 weeks postop I'm just 2 pounds down when I have actually lost 11. My doctor told me that his scale has other components added in that he assesses so to keep going by what my scale says in the morning when I weigh. He noticed the difference anyway especially in my face 😊 that made me feel really good. Keep following your plan and all shall be well.
  11. LadyVS

    8 weeks post-op

    Awesome and congratulations!!!!!😊
  12. LadyVS

    Blood pressure

    That has been my issue this year, my blood pressure being really high. Anyway, a few days after surgery it was still high and I figured it was because I was still experiencing pain from the surgery. Well I had a check up the third week after surgery and my BP was fine. Just give it some time and you should be ok.
  13. LadyVS

    Foods you can no longer tolerate

    SUGAR!!!!!! I cannot stand sweet tea anymore or too much sugar in my coffee. I use only one small spoonful instead of three like I used too. I also can't tolerate the fried skin on chicken. I had purchased some for my family because we had been gone all day and I did not feel like cooking. I got me a leg and after biting into it, I had to take the skin off because it was too greasy. This was from the same place we ate at all the time prior to my surgery. So I boil and grill my chicken now. As much as I love bread, I can't eat it like I used to. Only a small piece every once in a while. I really don't have the taste for it anymore. I love eggs and never had a problem eating them. I eat them almost every day for breakfast. They are my main source of protein in the morning.
  14. LadyVS

    Feeling exhausted

    I did the same thing too 5 days postop. Lol I was by myself and leaned on the basket plus sat in the shoe department for 15 minutes before I could go on. My daughter asked me good if I wanted her to go to the store but nooooo, I told her. I need to walk I was so exhausted and in pain I popped my tylenol 4 and went to sleep after I got home. I let my girls bring the groceries in and put them up. You did good but I would continue to take it slow. That was a lesson learned for me.
  15. I will be 4 weeks out on Monday 12/16 with the 18th being the official one month postop day. I'm still experiencing some discomfort on my right side where my sleeve was done. Sometimes there is mild pain. Even though I take my vitamin and drink karma water, I still get tired quickly. My 4 week postop appointment is Tuesday so I can't wait to see what the doctor has to say. I am down three bra sizes and can wear at least one pair of my size 10 pants. I haven't tried any others yet but it's progress nonetheless.
  16. After reading RickyM's post, I now have a better visual and understanding as to what needs to be done. I'm simply offering prayers for you that all shall and will be well. #blessingstoyou
  17. LadyVS

    today's NSV...

    AWESOME!!!!!! That's what I'm working hard to get back in, my closet full of 8s.
  18. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. I too am barely eating and I walk on my treadmill every day. I know from having the Lapband surgery 9 years ago, that losing slow is what my body does. They weight stays off. Even though I did gain weight, it wasn't everything that I lost. While I have been discouraged by the scale, I realized this morning that I need to stop looking at it because my body is shaping back up but differently.
  19. LadyVS

    today's NSV...

    I thought I wasn't losing any weight either because the scale is NOT MOVING!!!!! Well I went to the closet to figure out what I could wear to church and low and behold I was able to get these hips in a pair of size 10s. I couldn't believe it, and a new bra I recently bought size 38DD was too big to wear. I'm back in my 34DDs. Woohoo!!!!! I'm losing inches smh
  20. LadyVS

    Eating Meat

    I'm not a fan of cottage cheese either, but I buy the cottage doubles with the fruit you can mix with it. They only have 9 grams of protein so I add a half a cup of protein powder to give me that extra that I need.

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